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There are lot of similarities between sports and Trading. In this article I am will talk about various sports persons, who are legend in their respective careers. A legend is not merely determined by ascent to the peak of their chosen trade but by their tenacity and enthusiasm of same level of superlative performance to stay at the peak despite various challengers over long term.
Sounds familiar to a trader, I bet it does. How many of us have many outbursts of best performances followed by major losing streaks. We all know if we can allow us to trade at our best let’s say 10 years and be consistent performers, we can be legendary traders. There is one aspect sports persons area of expertise is ‘Sports Psychology’. And I will try to analyze those aspects in this article.
So let’s began with the legends.
1. Michael Schumacher

The name needs no introduction, Michael Schumacher is one such extraordinary legend, who reigns in the privileged extremely competitive and alluring world of Formula One (F1) auto racing. He has broken the most world records for most wins and most championship points in F1. Schumacher holds the records for most world championship titles(7), The most Grand P…
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Hi pip makers, welcome to new month.
I was planning to write article about this topic in my first article but in those days I had very less knowledge/information about Dukascopy but now I have better knowledge/information compare to earlier days so I thought it's the perfect time to write and share my experience with you guys.
As a trader to find a genuine broker is like a building foundation for a beautiful house, it’s very important and difficult step in trading. Blindly can’t trust someone’s advice or advisement in the internet. Why I am telling about brokers means most of the retail trader lost their hard earned money and hope because of fake broker and their dirty scams.
I know it’s not so easy for the beginner to find a better and regulated broker. If you Google by typing how to find good broker, you will get so much options but problem is, it’s huge and misleading information so I just want to share my personal experience as a beginner.
Here some tips to choose a right broker.

1. Just check does it regulated by government, if it’s not then just forget that broker name and don’t even think about that broker in your dream as well.
2. Read and understand all their conditi…
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Hello Community Members,
This time I have decided to write second part of my previous article, which was how to find a profitable indicator. After experiments I have found three of them and I am sharing with you all. As we know, technical analysis is purely done on price action method or with combination of indicators.
I feel everybody wants to be a successful trader, don't you?
My story is like this. At first instance I was successful to withdraw 50 USD out of 400 USD. But after that my account balance went down to 210 USD. Then I added another money to it and balance become 710 USD. Then went long in EUR/USD, which went into loss nearly 100 pips down from my buying price. But I decided to continue with the position as that time EUR/USD was trading near support. EUR/USD bounced back and so my account. After that I have turned 710 USD to almost 1200 USD in one weeks time. Again it went into loss and balance become 950 USD. So process went on as account was in surplus I am successful in withdrawing 750 USD from account and still my live account balance is 300 USD remaining. Now I am planning to grow it to 1000 USD. Nexr month I will participate in trader contest and hope there also …
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Hello again, all members of DFC, I hope you have a Good 2012 full of Green Pips!
My article for this month is based on a Scalping Strategy I used to use in MT4 with a group of friends and now decided to make a tool for Jforex, but the main idea is, with the help of those who want to be here in the community, to create a strategy to compete in Jforex Strategy Contest!
This tool is based on an indicator and price movements in 1 Hour Chart. With the Tool I used in MT4 I only entered the market in the last 15 minutes to the closing of the 1 Hour Candle, but here on the platform of Dukas I just enter in the last 5 minutes, if the setup gives me the signal for SELL or BUY.
Strategy Description:
In 1 Hour Chart  in any major currency pair (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF) apply the MA Indicator, as you can see in next image:MA Type SMMA, with Time Period : 1 and Price: Tipical Price(HLC/3).
This SMMA is for viewing only proposes, because the developed TOOL  give us the desired values.
Run the TOOL (strategy), I developed using some code found in Dukascopy Forum, and improved for my trading needs. This TOOL give us the setup for entry on Market. So, when the current price is greater th…
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looks nice bro,,i shal b grateful if u email me at [email protected]

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Thank you!

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Olá Linuux! A tua estratégia parece-me interessante. Caso ainda estejas disponível para dar acesso ao ficheiro agradeço o seu envio para [email protected] Votos de bons negócios. Até breve!

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      This is a continuation from my
first part of this article which I published last week. We had covered until
the part where I explained how traders are wired before they even began
trading. Having seen how ALL traders are wired either for success or failure
from the beginning it is easy to see why a good 95% fail. It has nothing to do
with the trader’s intelligence or his ability to read the market. The first
step in the rewiring process is to admit that we as a trader cannot control the
outcome of our interactions with the market. The market is not obliged to
“reward’ us for doing A when B happens therefore C is the assured result. No
such thing. You can go wrong while doing all the right things and likewise you
can go right while doing all the wrong things, which is even worse because this
will reinforce all the negative habits. So how can you win in this game of
uncertainty?  How exactly do you “rewire
for success”? How to be a consistently successful trader?
The answer is trading psychology,
you need to master it. This is how you rewire yourself and arm yourself for
success. This is how you bring your twin evil emotions of “greed” and “fear’
under control instead of them c…
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thanks ritesh....

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fzavier 26 Jan.

This is how the magic of compounding works. When you are winning you’re risking more in dollar amount and thereby making your winners bigger and bigger. But when you start losing your risked dollar amount gets lesser and lesser while you still stick to the same 2% risked. This is the beauty of it, simple and effective. Many people think they know about compounding but actually they don’t. You will be amazed at what you can do to your account when you start implementing this amazing method. This is why it’s said compounding is the 8th wonder of the world.

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fzavier 26 Jan.

I hope my explanation has made your understanding of this wonderful method of compounding a bit clearer. If you need more examples or more in-depth explanation I will be more than happy to oblige.

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fzavier 26 Jan.

Anyone else having a problem in understanding this method please comment here. You will be glad you came across this simple but overlooked method. You can test it and demo it and I am very sure you will be happy and thrilled with what it can do for your account.

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fzavier 26 Jan.

This topic is very wide and I am only able to squeeze it as much as I am able to confine it within the acceptable word limits by Dukascopy so I am sure many of your will have more questions. Feel free to ask my regarding any aspect of what I had written so that I can explain to you more clearly with examples etc if need be. If my writings has helped even one losing trader around to become successful I will be happy.

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Is there
one? Believe me - there is!
But it’s not like the Holy Grail
or just any old "super" indicator system either.  Nope, not even
EAs (Expert Advisors) or trading robots. But there is definitely a distinction
that separates a consistently successful trader from the unsuccessful
You have just taken your first
step into the world of trading and you are optimistic that you have stumbled
onto a surefire vehicle to retire within a year or two as a multi-millionaire.
And you had typed your resignation letter to throw at your boss at the first
indication that you had arrived in the professional arena of trading. Cool!
 You sign up with a broker and start with a demo
or practice account. You are thinking in your mind - watch out boss!
So you start trading with an easy to follow system of 5 and 10 EMA crossover
system. Each time there is a crossover, fire the engine and place a trade.
Ouch! It’s so easy, you could almost kick yourself for not knowing this easy
way of money making. Why do people still work 9 to 5? Why work at all? You feel
so fortunate to know about the trading world.
 Due to beginners' luck you
get 6 straight wins and you are in an euphoria. But truth be tol…
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Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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It seems the article submission has been frozen this week. Unable to upload. Guess will upload for January 2012 then.

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