Each trader has its own trader style and it is recommended to stick with it nevertheless of some difficulties or loses, taking place in the trading process. Trading profits rises from selling, when the charts are high and buying, when it is low, taking into account forecasts and analysis. To become good trader there is necessary to know quite a bit, including but not limited with:ú Trading systems;ú Trading strategies;ú Trading styles;ú Mistakes, which better to avoid;ú Forex signals;ú and much more. This article is devoted to some of the most popular Trading Styles, which characterize trader and determines his own strategy.
1. POSITIONING TRADING: It means long term trading and describes traders, who have quite serious and grounded approach to trading for a long timeframe, relying on fundamental and technical analysis, which will result in final decision. Traders of positioning trading do not pay attention on monthly and weekly price charts and little fluctuations on the market, which could not be significant for their trading decisions. This style is not for emotional and excitable people, who can be impressed with the unexpected rise of the market or easily swayed with people,…
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