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Hi pip makers/friends, I am new-bee to the Dukascopy’s community and always very curious to find out the new-thing or updates. I was really shocked when i saw the fun contests in the trading platform, felt very happy.
Dukascopy have different contest like miss Dukascopy contest, poker contest, extreme contest, valentines contest, ho ho contest, which are not correlated to each other. It’s look like a complete food with variety of dishes.
I had a little disappointment because except poker I didn’t feel fun in any other contest and thinking why Dukascopy kept the fun contest? These are not funny enough. I don’t know may be Dukascopy heard my wish and saw one announcement in the community about the new contest called 911 CONTEST .
The first thought came to my mind when I saw the 911 contest name, is it emergency helpline number? no it's not.
After reading the rules i was saying to myself like don’t predict the entire movie story based on just watching trailer because the actual picture didn’t yet start .
CONTEST AIM: Reward the user of the community members for their active participation.
When i saw the contest aim what’s special in these already they have dukats competition every qua…
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Yonggi7 12 Apr.

C'est extra! Félicitations pour la présentation!

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AAAnya 12 Apr.

Interesting point of view!

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Nattysha 27 Apr.

Классный новый конкурс 911!

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Hello my dear readers and fellow community members,
This particular article is a comprehensive comparison between the Trader and a Poker player.
What is poker?
Well for those who don’t know, it is the game of cards and it has many variants but No Limit Hold'em is the most popular and is available on Dukascopy website to play in the Dukascopy Poker page.
For the rules of the game and how to play one may refer to the link here.
What is Trading?
Well those who have joined the Dukascopy community, they need not be told what is Forex trading. But those who are guests here, they may learn Forex trading in the link provided here.
Now that you know what is Poker and the currency trading, let us try to relate the both of them.
Both the Forex trader and the poker player has to go through a lot of emotional turmoil during the action. But one has certain advantages over the other.
  1. In Forex, you have a potential to make much more money.
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AngleRMS 20 Feb.

nice article

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Very good Article :). I think the poker blinds are not the Forex spread, because you have to pay it even you don't play when you are in the table.

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RahmanSL 21 Feb.

Yes, both are very similar

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Yulia10 22 Feb.

good job

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yascom 27 Feb.

Good article!

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Un bon trader est une trader détendu , zen . Aspirant à faire un des métiers les plus exigeant du monde, le futur trader doit apprendre à gérer le stress généré par son activité.
Le stress étant un problème complexe, sa solution doit être aussi complexe , agir à plusieurs niveaux et utiliser une approche systémique.
Voici une propositions de quelques solutions

Au niveaux de la base :

Une vie épanouie : des relations sociales , des hobbies , une vie en dehors du trading permet d’oublier le stress du trading de limiter son action à un laps de temps limité.

Une bonne alimentation :

Une cause majeur et sous estimée du stress et de bien d’autre problèmes majeur de santé, surtout en cas de carence même minime de minéraux et de vitamines.
La logique pour une bonne alimentation se résume à Élimination, Introduction
Élimination : éliminer les élément nocif à savoir les fritures, les gras trans, l’excès de viande et d’alcool, l’excès de sel et de sucre.
Introduire : légumes (surtout les légumes feuilles) , grain complet , oméga 3, tisanes (romarin, sauge, camomille)
Un sommeil réparateur : la qualité et la durée du sommeil est un facteur majeur de réduction du stress et d’aug…
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al_dcdemo 26 Feb.

Great stuff - very well done!

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FXNOAD 22 Nov.

Good work

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  • Introduction
In my view relax mind in trading is very important for success in trading. Trading is not the type of work where you work more and you will get more profits. In this article I will point to the causes of "burnout" of the trader, the impact of market stress and subjective (sometimes inadequate) response from the trader; causes of fatigue, overtrading, tilt, inability to admit a mistake, violation of own trading rules etc. I will mainly focus on how a trader can be relaxed while trading the market.
As a trader, you must be familiar with the situation: you took position with indicator signal. The price starts to go in your favor - but then something strange happens. The price slips your against your entry point and rushes sharply in the opposite direction. If you don’t put stop-loss, immediately a thought appear: "well, maybe the price will come back?". You are now riveted to the terminal, sweating, your heart palpate. Price meanwhile goes to your pain threshold and you curse everything in the world. And then, lo and behold, in half an hour (half day) price shot to original position. There comes a sense of calm.
Let's look at this situation statistically. What happens if …
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md1fk1 25 Aug.

Traders, Relax

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Maxim3 25 Aug.

nice article :) I vote for relax :)

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Cremelady 29 Aug.

good one

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taxiake14 29 Aug.

Very good articel you had write!

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good one

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1- Trading as a performance activity
It is important to consider trading as a performance activity that requires the same level of discipline and commitment as chess, professional sport or military training.
As Steenberger asserts, a trader should acknowledge the need for a "high ratio of time spent in practice/rehearsal relative to actual performance." Generally speaking, a trader should spend more time analyzing economic fundamentals or refining entries with historical data, than executing trades. They should also spend significant time testing strategies before taking them onto a live account.
Steenberger outlines further similarities with performance activities, such as the need for "rapid and comprehensive feedback to allow performers to learn from their practice/rehearsal and incorporate changes in future performances".
There is also a need for "a teacher who guides rehearsals by creating demands sufficient to challenge the performer, but not so overwhelming as to create frustration and failure."
A trader can fill these voids by immersing themselves in a vibrant community in which to exchange ideas, and interact with successful and struggling traders who are undertaking the…
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Needless to say a trader's job is thankless and routine.
A trader hardly gets the chance to smile or laugh as his compulsions are too many.
No other job can be as stressful as trading as it also involves
parting away with your money! From societal point of view parting away with
your money is unacceptable. Nothing can be more painful than parting
away with your money.
We hear every now and then that traders are
people with great adiction! The addiction of sticking to their computer screen
round the clock!!! Since trading involves money, Trader has no choice but to
monitor his positions constantly. Since forex is a 24 hour market, a trader
being in front of his monitor round the clock has become a common phenomenon.
Now let's prove that we are not only computer geeks but also have plenty of humor
in our bag....
We say “well begun is half done”. Hence let's
start the year cheerfully…with lot of enthusiasm…with lot of laughter. …lot of
smile on our face. To achieve this objective I have come up with some "out
of the box” strategies ....
 I will resume my article "de-stressing
the stressful trader "from next week...
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ha ha! very funny. this is really a stress breaking article. keep up such works.

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Bideira 2 Jan.

Nice article:)

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ritesh 3 Jan.

Awesome article. These strategies always work ;) +1

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kkforex 13 Jan.

Hahaha...good read 1+

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Tinktank 21 Jan.

Very nice. This article can relieve stress by itself. Keep it coming.

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Last week we have seen the break up of energy and also
we have talked about its efficiency in short. We will be looking at the broader
picture in this article. When we say “body produces energy”, the question
arises as to whether whole of this energy is produced within the body or
is there any external factor involved in the process?. When I say, 70% of the
energy is produced by the energy wheels, one may ask as to whether these wheels
produce the energy internally?.  Now let’s unfold the mechanism behind
this energy supply chain one by one.
Internal energy:
Food and liquid fall under this category as
intake of food and liquids produce energy within the body In the form of
protein, vitamin, glocuse etc……here the energy production takes place  within the body.
External Energy:
1. Breathing: Since we get
oxygen from the outside atmosphere we treat it as an external energy.
2. Cosmic energy – The Source of limitless
supply....Space is involved in flooding the atmosphere with an abundant energy each and every second. This energy is called as “Cosmic energy”. This energy is not only powerful, but can be used to achieve whatever we want. Now let’s look at how cosmic energy is being suppl…
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skytrader 19 Dec.

thanx fot the good wishes. same to you! stay healthy. nice artcile! +1

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VJAY 19 Dec.

Nice article ....

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balasoft80 19 Dec.

Very nice !!!

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krishere 20 Dec.

good in its own way... like it... and wish you the same...

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ritesh 22 Dec.

Yes, wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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Introduction:  Every Trader wish to have a sound health ,body and psyche so that he can lead a successful trading, personal and social life. However the physical and mental stress arising out of trading activity is so high that, most of the traders struggle to balance their life in reality. Trading by nature is a stressful job. If there is any industry in which the decisions have to be taken at the speed of light, it is the trading industry. One has to be extra cautious to ensure that he is a consistent winner. In Forex market ....the acute competition, wide variety of instruments available for trading, availability of mass number of indicators, compulsion to be ahead of others, the money involved, the high volatality,changing dynamics of supply and demand.....all these create  immense pressure on the trader both physically and mentally. Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE Corporation once said “Behind every change, there is an opportunity”. Extending this statement we can say “Behind every opportunity, there is a stress”. It is essential that a successful trader is also a successful family man and a successful social person. He has to ensure that in pursuit of…
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MyiDEA 18 Dec.

Article contest good for learning...good wishes for this competition...

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skytrader 19 Dec.

+1, so true... the most important capital is your inner stability. well written!

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iskandar 24 May

I foresee a highly structured articles being produced. That is very well written.

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Forsmin 27 May

Great article. I wish you become the first this month. Good luck

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i like your article, you combine aspects of life with caracteristics of trader. you have to be sucsesful in you espiritual life for being sucsesful as a trder

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