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Your investment sum, the investment period, and the risk that you will face ... Before you choose a financial instrument, you need to consider these three factors. Choosing the most appropriate financial instrument for the various fluctuations in financial markets, experience and revenue expectations is your first step in the investment world. When directing your individual investment, you can always use asset management professionals to identify the most appropriate financial instrument for your investment approach.
Forex (FX)
In comparison with other financial markets, the FOREX market has many advantages. Opportunity to trade through lending, lack of speculative transactions, ability to trade 24/7 on a weekly basis make the FOREX market attractive for market participants. Among those traded in this market include currency pairs, commodities, difference agreements, stock and stock indices. FOREX is included in a highly profitable financial instrument group.
Commodities (CMDTs)
Along with covering energy products such as commodities, precious metals, metals such as silver, copper and steel, agricultural products such as wheat and corn, petroleum gas, many financial instruments suc…
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Napoli 27 Oct.


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FXRabbit 30 Oct.

Well written article!

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Sebine 13 Nov.

good job !

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From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to the ticks of automatic trading on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations - commonly known as NASDAQ and even the buzzing of the blue chip stocks of Deutscher Aktienindex (DAX) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one thing is evident that the major stock markets around the globe has seen a major rally and setting new record highs in the first quarter of 2017.
While argumentatively, all along many persisting bearish factors were and are still present to halt and possibly even more strongly favour the short positions taken in stocks and a major decline of stock market indexes around the globe. Just to list a few of such reasons are:-
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Way to go!

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Pipsalibur 28 Apr.

That's what i call a great article!,FXRabbit keep them coming......

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galjasen 29 Apr.

Очень фундаментально и технически информативная статья. Спасибо, что собрали для нас!

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Very informative article)

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anashape 19 May

it was interesting to read!

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Diversify Everything!
When most traders hear the words diversify, they think of adding more instruments to their portfolio, more and different stocks, bonds from different countries etc. But diversification goes a lot further then this and can take on many forms. Ever thought about adding bitcoin or other non-traditional financial instruments? How about trading a losing system? Even that can make you money in the long run. In this article we’ll go over just some of the ways you can diversify and the benefits of this process.
1. Diversify Across Different Forex Pairs
Let’s start with the lower hanging fruit first. If you have a profitable trading system, test it on other forex pairs. If the system is solid, it will work similarly on other currencies as well. Let’s take a look at a simple trend following system in the Euro. The picture below shows the daily EUR/USD chart with applied 50 and 200 period simple moving averages. The 50 SMA is in red, while the 200 SMA is blue.
When the 50 SMA closes below the 200 SMA, this is called the ‘Death Cross’’. It’s generally considered a bearish trading signal, meaning more losses are likely to follow. The Euro gave out this signal in the su…
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хорошая работа)

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nice article!

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очень хорошо написано!

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Great article!

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Having a good system is only half the battle. Knowing when and how to use it is the second and arguably more important part. Some strategies work better during ranges while others excel in trending markets. In my previous article I shared 3 very simple systems to trade range-bound markets. You can read more about them HERE .
As most seasoned forex traders know, the currency market usually enters into a lull during the summer. This period is also called the summer dull-drums.
All 3 of these systems performed great in the EUR/USD this summer. In this article I will provide an update. Let's see how the 3 systems performed from July 1st to August 20th.
Three Wins for the Bollinger Bands System
The Bollinger Bands system already scored three sizeable wins! Here are the ground rules for the system:
1. We go long when prices hit the lower Bollinger Band
2. We exit when the price touches the middle between the BBands, the 20 SMA
3. Alternatively, we place our stoploss below the most recent swing low
For shorts:
1. We go short when the price hits the upper Bollinger Band
2. We exit at a touch of the 20 simple moving average in the middle
3. Alternatively, we define our risk by pl…
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Margoshka 28 Aug.


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Very insightful! Haven't used systems, but that's what I presume that they're not universal for long term use. And it's important to distinguish which system to use when.

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Wonderful job! And good thoughts!!!! Well done, friend)!

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anna_n 3 Sep.


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great article!

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Dear Traders,
I haven't been very active in the community recently and today I decided that it is time to begin sharing some of the successful trading strategies I'm using with my first article.
The Bollinger Bands indicator always fascinated me and I've been lucky to meet John Bollinger several times in person during trade shows and seminars. He has a deep knowledge about the markets and is a very funny and humorous guy. If I had to describe him with one word: simply genius! Depending on how old you are and since when you're using computers you probably can imagine how things were when he invented the Bollinger Bands. Some decades ago we had no Excel or sophisticated trading platforms and the process of calculating the bands was a very work intensive task. To simplify things, we can also see the Bollinger Bands as a statistical model with a moving average (middle channel), a line above two standard deviations apart (upper channel) and a line below also two standard deviations apart (lower channel).
There are numerous ways one can use the Bollinger Bands for trading the markets. Today, I like to show you the my Bollinger Band strategy I'm using in trending
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garisan 21 Dec.

Very interesting. I want to ask how do you set your stops as you never know how many bars will take to reach them and because of the dynamic nature of the BB you'll never know at what level they will be. Thanks.

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fullmoon 22 Dec.

@garisan, thanks for your good comment. You are totally right about the dynamic nature of the bands.

I do not adjust the stop to widening bands, since that would damange the risk/reward ratio. Normally, you are just fine to keep the initial stop. If you like, you can adjust it closer to your entry as the market moves and as the respective band goes in your direction. But never move it away, because your account risk gets higher than initially planned.

With targets I adjust it according to the bands though - I guess I explain the whole trade management in a separate article.

garisan avatar
garisan 22 Dec.

Ok, that would be great, thank you.

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lstbsb 6 Jan.

Hi mate, thanks for the text.
At your first analysis (EURUSD chart with a 15 minute time frame from November 18th ), you´ve determined the stop loss being the same as the profit one, in absolute values. Dont you think that by risk management, the stop loss point should not be the same value as the take profit one? Normally,shouldn´t we step back in operations in which the stop loss is, for example, 20 pips, and the take profit one, also 20 pips? I say this in real trades, not in simmulations. Cheers !

fullmoon avatar
fullmoon 6 Jan.

@lstbsb thanks for your comment. You can alter the strategy as you wish as any traded strategy must fit the personality. If the bands are at 40/40 distance for TP/SL you can also do 20/20 or 20/40. I personally like the 1:1 ratio since I can keep focusing on having a higher win ratio than 50%. I will explain my stop strategy in the current months article.

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Hello dear community members !
I want to discuss about the latest public debate that concerns all community trading :High Frequency Trading or short ( HFT ). Have you heard before about HFT and the impact it has on the market ?I hope so ...Ok , in this article i want to discuss about :
  • What is HFT ?
  • Who are the big flash boys ?
  • It is good or bad for society ?
  • It is fair or not that someone has the power to be the first in every single order ?
  • What we should to do get protected from them ?

High speed trading is a hot topic nowdays and a huge money maker… They are calling with different words such as “The New Normal “, “The Crazy Race of Humans vs Machines” , “The Algos Battle “ recently I ‘ve heard even “The Fast and the Furios “metaphor…Definitions differ, but at its most basic, high-frequency trading implies speed .High Frequency Trading ( HFT ) is a computer complicated algorithem that makes trades in the most shortest timeframe ever : in a fraction of one second, wining and losing millions of money in a blink of an eye…This technological environment has been successful for market makers and HFT trading firms scalping the market in milliseconds for making us belive that a…
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I don't think HFT is a problem for forex at the moment.

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Erialda 5 June

Thank you all for your kind comments and support , happy trading to all of you and best of luck :)))

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Really cool article.thanks!!

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ssg786 11 Mar.

pls suggest me five stocks in which bid price is greater than ask price in nyse
so that i can exploit this arbitrage opportunity

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ssg786 11 Mar.

pls tell me five stocks in nyse with negative bid ask spread

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Fundamental Analysis:There are 3 Analytical Processes used to determine a trade; Technical - Or using Charts and Probability.Price Action - Or looking at volume and Supply and Demand to see where price is headed.Fundamental - Looking at a Companies/Countries Economic indicators to determine the valuation of a company or a countries currency.Most "retailers" are told from the beginning not to trade 30 minutes around news events as there is heightened volatility and large swings. For me the reason is that Most people Don't have access to the Fastest, most accurate news services like a Bloomberg terminal.However in recent years, And more importantly since 2008, the markets are in the public domain more than ever. Because of this there is greater interest in economic releases and there are FREE services out there that can provide news within 30 seconds of the actual release.Now you might say that 30 seconds is too late to trade on the actual number - whether it be GDP numbers or NFP print -  but the Risk Appetite changes for the rest of the day unless anything is there to change it and so the move is likely to continue.For Example: Here is AUDUSD from Friday the 3rd February, where at …
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doctortyby 11 Feb.

What about the Negative news in the Greek Bailout?...GBP/USD has fallen about 90 Pips after that news release.+1for Your Fundamental Analysis Article.Play Fair

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AdrianWS 12 Feb.

Yeah pretty much all risk appetite assets fell on that news. Greece is just messing up with all markets at the moment. Kind of frustrating but also adds some nice volatilty.

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AdrianWS 12 Feb.

News update - Greece just passed an austerity bill and we saw the EURUSD rise 40 pips near instantly. Some see this as the turning point for greeces return to a normal economy, however with many underlying fiscal problems not to mention 500% 1yr yield.

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Ltjere 15 Feb.

Nice, very useful.

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Bluedragon 29 Feb.

good luck +1 ;)

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Dow Theory ow Theory is a form of Technical Analysis derived from the works of Charles H. Dow, the founder of the wall street journal and Dow Jones Company (now most famously heard of in Dow Jones Industrial Average - The index of the 30 of the largest companies on the NYSE and acts as a benchmark for the world.)It has been around for about 100 years and has been proven to be succesfulDow theory is mainly comprised of different sections which all combine into one trend for the market.Market Movements :The market at any one time is in one of three modes - Primary, Secondary or intra-day.Primary - Primary represents the overall, longer trend which depending can last from many months, to years or even decades. This will either be a "bull" or "bear" market or when a market is rising in price or falling respectively.Once a trend has been established it is in effect until the trend changes, however the longevity of this move is hard - even impossible - to determine.Success, according to some is seen in identifying the primary trend and trading with it.Secondary - These movements of the market are counter primary trend and move against the market for some time but are not changes just m…
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AdrianWS 27 Jan.

@Quattro - Would you mind gsharing what Currency oair and time frame you are looking at so I can have a look and see if it fits. Thanks.

masterfxtrader avatar

Adrian, I do to someextent agree with Quattro here, I find thi abit outdated and useless, dont get me wrong its a good article and very informative but not really useful anymore in my opinion.

Quattrotrader avatar

Adrian I was looking at pairs Like AUDUSD and EURAUD if that helps.

AdrianWS avatar
AdrianWS 28 Jan.

I think I can see where you are coming from but I think you must be using too small of a time frame, try to go weekly or even monthly and try again, Hope this helps.

Quattrotrader avatar

Ok thanks.

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