Hi Pip Warriors,
I am going to share my own trading journey, mistakes and lessons learnt from mistakes in this article. I am working as salaried employee and have big dream of becoming millionaire in short time so my friend suggested to invested in share market because they told me you can make thousands very easily by working 1 to 2 hours in a day so I thought instead working 1 or 2 hours, I will work for full time and become millionaire in couple of months. Finally decided to quit the job but didn’t had investment so borrowed 500K Indian rupees from bank and started full time as stock trader without knowing anything.
Why I want to become Millionaire?
Want to change the life style of people live in my village. Initially thought of becoming government servant and serve the community but it’s not possible due to high corruption. Then thought of joining politics which is not suitable for me because I am not kind of person who used to tell lies, giving false/fake promises to people and break their heart so decided to make good money in trading and to give investment for the people for small/medium/large scale industries.
Finally I have a dream to construct and live like below Mans…
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In this article USDJPY will be analyzed both fundamentally and technically and as known nothing is impossible in Forex so different scenarios will be drawn to express about the most probable scenarios with the USDJPY.
What is affected the move of USD/JPY nowadays:
Fundamental analysis
USD/JPY is affected now by two different policies by both Bank of Japan (BOJ) and United States Federal Reserve (FED) and also affected strongly by BOJ quantitative easing which strongly hit Japanese Yen, finally Yen and other currencies is affected due to strong growth in US in the last months which make US$ to be favored.
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Natalia_Kisenko 2016年02月10日

weel done! it seems now is scenario #3

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khalidamassi 2016年02月10日

Yeah, natallia we r now exactly in scenario #3 with big target ....

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I wish you, the option that is waiting!

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The beginning of this year was remarkable in a way that never before have stock exchanges around the world, commodities, and currencies like the NZD and AUD taken such a dive in the first weeks of January.
All of this happened due to the growing concerns on the Chinese economy and its impact on global economic growth, demand for commodities, and the transactions carried out with its largest trading partners.
In this article I will explain the interdependencies between China and the rest of the world, be it in commodities or currencies. The data is for the year 2014 as we still do not have official annual data for year 2015. There are a lot of numbers in this article, but this is the only way to communicate the importance of this country to the global economy.

Gross Domestic Product

It is the most populated country in the world with a population of 1.37 billion (further “B"), which makes up 19% of the total world population. Therefore, every one out of five people on this planet is Chinese!
China is the second largest economy in the world (the first one is USA) with a GDP for 2014 standing at USD 10.3 trillion (USD further as “$” and trillion further as “T"). You c…
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Airmike 2016年01月29日

nice fundamental research

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fx211pips 2016年01月29日

Airmike, thank you for your comment.

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alias1980 2016年01月29日

very informative , thank you!

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WallStreet6 2016年01月29日

nice overview of the Chinese economy

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fx211pips 2016年01月29日

Alias1980, WallStreet6 thank you for these inspiring comments.

The media is going ‘crazy’ over the Chinese stock market shaving off trillions in a couple of weeks. The Chinese government meddling in the markets to save it is being compared to burning a ‘holy book’ - in that it shouldn’t have done it.
What were those communists thinking? No one ever intervenes in a free market, not even the president of the land of the free in 2008 on an interview with CNN. (Irony Intended)
Here is a video.
Listen carefully for the following:
Look. I obviously have made a decision to make sure the economy doesn't collapse. I have abandoned free market principles to save the free-market system.

This is what happened to the market after “abandoning free market principles in order to save the free market” – in the US and China.
From the above it is clear China is simply replicating what the United States did to its stock market.
The Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges are not of great interest to me. My real interest lies in the dinosaurs that lived through the 1929 stock market crash. These dinosaurs are doing great right now! Or are they?
While history repeats itself, only a few are attuned to signs of it repeating itself – the rest of us live in the moment and trus…
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pipx 2015年07月28日

driven Thank you and yes, the governments’ interference in free markets will eventually lead to disaster. George W. Bush saying “I have abandoned free market principles to save the free-market system.”  was the start of interference by the government which will not stop anytime soon. Just as China did, instead of letting the markets correct themselves they will keep pumping in more money.

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lelipuzik 2015年07月29日

wow! really interesting

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Milian 2015年07月30日

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No more than 2 weeks ago I've made an analysis over Ukraine crisis and what does it means to the market, if you wish you can read my blog post here: Olympics and Stock Market Correlation. Cycle of War
I've also draw a parallel between: "1980 Moscow Olympic game, Russia invaded Afghanistan. 2014 Sochi Olympic game, Ukraine next? I seepatterns everywhere" I have to say that I'm just amazed by the accuracy of my prediction and how things have unfolded.
Also another remark was that we have to keep an eye over the currency market as this geopolitical event will trigger massive outflows from Ukraine’s currency Hryvnia, and since than we hit historic new lows almost each day as the Hryvnia was in a free fall (see Figure 1).
Another remark I've made was about what tactics Russia will engage in:"It seems Russia has learned from the 1980's boycott and that's the reason why they didn't demand action in Ukraine before the Olympics." basically I was saying that any Russian intervention will only take place after the Olympics. I'll have to say again that I'm very impress by the accuracy of my predictions and my thinking. I've…
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Daytrader21 2014年03月22日

Airmike I'm aware of that phone call but to be honest with you, right now there is a lot of manipulations and sabotage from both sides  trying to create more confusion among people. This is always about government who want more and more power and to retain that power at all cost.

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Daytrader21 2014年03月22日

jezz I've made here an update, 1 week ago, where I give as a conservative target $1433 but we only got $1391. Right now the move seems overdone, draw a trend line from the last swing low$1182 connecting all the lows and you will see we're retesting that TL, if that TL doesn't hold down we go. I'm not expecting much to happen right now, play both sides: http://www.dukascopy.com/tradercontest/?action=post-read&post_id=14500

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Airmike 2014年03月22日

[email protected] it is definitely good point. Manipulation is part of this problem. But I guess that tape is real and comes from Russian Intelligence agency. I am not an expert but I see some fraction with strong interest to keep Ukraine in "dark pool". Away from Russia and close to EU. EU doesn't know whats going on there anyway and that's the chance to keep power for business. My apology to guys and girls from Ukraine if I am wrong, but my country was in same situation 25 years ago and I remember  type of the people who took advantage from this situation after revolution.

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Daytrader21 2014年03月22日

Airmike There was never a question the tape not being true, it was already confirmed by the Estonian foreign ministry but at the same time they can be totally clueless about what has really happened there. No matter what side Ukraine will choose to be, the Ukraine's economy will enter in deep recession which ultimately will affect all the people, they are the one who will pay the bills for this mess. I have the same desire as you, and I want Ukraine closer to EU rather than Russia. Wars doesn't start out of the blue there is a strong correlation with the sheer economics turning down

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jezz 2014年03月23日

Now I'm thinking of the EU picture. As EU exports are huge to Russia, how will this affect the economy, that is the market that is interesting to us, in the following months. Threats to Russia seem like poking a sleeping bear (the animal, not the market), and that is a golden one