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Below is a scalping method that I have been using for the previous months to help me clear volume and make continuous profit in the long run
Session: Asian or Euro session
Time frame: 1mins
MACD: 12,26,1
Stochastic: 5, 3, 2
EMA 1: 5 to the close
EMA 2: 5 to the open
The EMA 1 and EMA 2 will be our main trend indicators and the MACD will be to confirm the direction of the trend.
The Stochastic indicator will be the basis of our trade entry. However if you may leave it out if you are well vast with support and resistance for trading.
The chart will look like this after setup:
For a Buy Trade:
When the EMA 1 has crossed EMA 2. The MACD has closed higher than the previous time interval. The Stochastic crosses up from the 20 line and is not over bought
Buy Signal: The signal candle/ bar closes higher (bullish candle is formed). Stop Loss is the low of the previous candle or 20 pips but 20 pip minimum
Buy Chart

For a Sell Trade: When the EMA 1 has crossed EMA 2. The MACD has closed lower than the previous time interval. The Stochastic crosses down from the 80 line and is not over sold
Sell Signal:
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Sebine 28 Feb.

Interesting article!

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good luck

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very good!

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Last month I wrote an article about one currency master trading setup. Now I want to share how to trade with it. We will be able to trade in different timeframes with different styles.
As I described in my earlier article we will need to follow three different charts: Daily, 4 Hour and 1 Hour. I made small changes so this setup will be better for trading.
ADX: 13 – will be signaling trend strength and weakness
MACD: 13- will signal momentum
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
RSI: 13 – will be used to check sell and buy zones, also overbought and oversold zones.
MACD: 13- will signal momentum and sell and buy zone.
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
Stochastic: 13 – Will be used for enter and exit signals.
MACD: 13- will signal momentum and sell and buy zone.
Volume - Standard
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
We are huntin for opportunity first in Daily, then in 4H and then in 1H charts. We…
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Но  помни, что техника и все, что касается разных технических моментов - это только вспомогательные инструменты. Главное, правильный взгляд на сам рынок в конкретный момент времени!) Рынок очень хитер)

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great job!

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Well done!!!!

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Mepcuk 23 Feb.


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good option for the trend

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Слышали об индикаторе Stochastic? Уверен, что да. Весьма полезный инструмент в толковых руках. В этой статье я расскажу о "стохастическом поглощении" и его применении в торговле на валютном рынке Форекс. В статье также будут отображены все возможные фильтры, которые помогут более продуктивно использовать данный метод торговли. Данный термин придумал я сам, поэтому статья уникальна по своей сути.
Рабочее пространство
Первым делом начнем с настройки рабочего стола. Нам потребуются четыре стандартных индикатора. Список индикаторов с настройками:
  • Скользящая средняя. Период 200. Красный цвет.
  • Скользящая средняя. Период 50. Синий цвет.
  • Stochastic. Период 5,3,3. Цвета синий и красный.
  • Stochastic. Период 21,3,3. Цвета зеленый и красный.

Так это должно все выглядеть на графике.
Работаем только на временных интервалах от четырех часов и выше. Ловим только чистый рынок, шум нам не нужен.

Как и в любой торговой стратегии у нас есть фильтры. В роли них выступают две скользящие средние с периодами 50 и 200.
Если скользящая с периодом 50 находится ниже скользящей с периодом 200, то движение нисходящее и мы будем искать вход только на продажу. Если же скользящая с периодом 50 ок…
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Хорошая статья!)

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mohmmed11 27 Feb.


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klintons 3 Mar.

Labs darbs

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The GBP.IDX also known as the UK100 is an index that tracks the best 100 performing stocks from the London Stock Exchange. The GBR.IDX is one of the ways a person can trade UK stocks without buying a single at once. The GBP.IDX is my most preferred trading index because it forms a trend that lasts more than 6 days, with a nice trading strategy you can make more than 90% of the trades.In this article i will describe a method i have found profitable over my 6months of trading the index.
The Strategy
This Strategy is aimed for day traders and scalpers. It takes note of the overbought and oversold regions to give you an early warning of the trend. The strategy involves four parts.
1.Spotting the Trend
Open the GBP.IDX 30minutes chart and identify the high highs and lower lows
CHART 1: GBP.IDX 30 MIN chart showing lower lows and lower highs in a downtrend
2. Filter the trend
  • Switch to a five minute frame
  • Go to the indicators and add the 200 EMA
  • In a downtrend the price is below the 200 EMA

3. Finding trading Opportunities
  • Switch to a five minute frame
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k_morocco 26 Oct.

Hello, very good article
i like very much your use of stochstic for spoting the end of the correction , and the use of ma 200 to spot the trend

good luck

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mqdwt 28 Oct.

good job

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Bidza 28 Oct.

Great insight in this article.

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mcquak 28 Oct.

trend trading is always the best, thanks for the article

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very good

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Having a good system is only half the battle. Knowing when and how to use it is the second and arguably more important part. Some strategies work better during ranges while others excel in trending markets. In my previous article I shared 3 very simple systems to trade range-bound markets. You can read more about them HERE .
As most seasoned forex traders know, the currency market usually enters into a lull during the summer. This period is also called the summer dull-drums.
All 3 of these systems performed great in the EUR/USD this summer. In this article I will provide an update. Let's see how the 3 systems performed from July 1st to August 20th.
Three Wins for the Bollinger Bands System
The Bollinger Bands system already scored three sizeable wins! Here are the ground rules for the system:
1. We go long when prices hit the lower Bollinger Band
2. We exit when the price touches the middle between the BBands, the 20 SMA
3. Alternatively, we place our stoploss below the most recent swing low
For shorts:
1. We go short when the price hits the upper Bollinger Band
2. We exit at a touch of the 20 simple moving average in the middle
3. Alternatively, we define our risk by pl…
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Margoshka 28 Aug.


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Very insightful! Haven't used systems, but that's what I presume that they're not universal for long term use. And it's important to distinguish which system to use when.

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Wonderful job! And good thoughts!!!! Well done, friend)!

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anna_n 3 Sep.


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great article!

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EURUSD First Chart Weekly; Second Chart Daily: Last Bar: 22-02-2013. EU almost closed unchanged on Friday after testing 1.3250 resistance level and 1.3150 support level. ON DAILY CHART:An ascending bullish trendline had been broken (on 21-02-2013), however, after the break the pair had respected the support level and other cluster of supports (100 SMA, 50% fib level, 15 EMA on weekly and monthly chart). EU is capped by a descending bearish trendline. This month had been bearish for EU so far, however, we have 1 more week to go before the month ends.The last 6 month has been bullish for EU. There is still a strong bullish momentum on weekly chart, however, that momentum is limited because there are not enough buyers left (The cycle on the monthly chart is high and is turning down). ON THE WEEKLY CHARTThere has been a validated inverse head and shoulder pattern on weekly chart and the pair is now trying to put in the first tradable wave low. If it breaks above 1.37110 it is likely it would go up to the projected head and shoulder target (1.42400). Switching back to daily chart, If the descending trendline that is capping this pair as bearish is broken, we may see EU trade higher to t…
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SpecialFX 26 Feb.

"Italian elections this week (Feb 25) should move this market." They sure are moving the market. When events like this happen all technical setups lose all importance, good article though :)

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 28 Feb.

Italian ellections indeed have moved the market this week... well not quite... moreover the Speculators have profited on the fundamentals and the lack of a clear coalition between the parties. Monday was a speculation day, and no technical levels did hold or were respected especially on JPY pairs, record amplitude bearish daily candle in those pairs. And from Tuesday till Today the money stayed out of the market so the technical levels still didn't matter... only some SLs from the Order Flow Book were triggered and provided confirmation. PS: 5 Years in FX and you still use MACD and Stochs? :)

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Hello Friends...We have always read that "Trend is your Friend", all we need to do to rake in those Pips is to stay with the Trend...... But how do we know what is the direction of the present trend & if it is trending at all?Largely speaking there are two methods to know about the trend of markets,Moving AveragesTrend LinesMoving Averages        Moving Averages is one of the oldest and simplest form of Technical Analysis and are very good for Trend Identification and often also act as floating support and Resistance. The best example of this is the 200 Day Simple Moving Average, which in a broader sense can also be termed as the holy grail for trend identification. In most of the cases this also acts as a very good Support & Resistance.          The 200-SMA acts fabulously in the lower time frames also, but as is tended to be in most of the strategies using Moving Averages, the lower the Time Frame the higher the Whip-Saws.Trend Lines           Trend-Lines are lines drawn on the price chart connecting various highs and lows of the prices to get an understanding of the direction of the price or trend.Above is the Daily Chart of EURUSD pair. The green line is the 200 Day Simple Movi…
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mielec 19 Dec.

This does not mean that they are not useful because there are still exist some channels or trends but the price goes through the straight lines with considerable deviations giving a lot of misleading the signal :)

krishere avatar
krishere 20 Dec.

mielec that is why I have suggested to wait for the crossover in Stochastics in the OB or OS to filter out the noise....

And you can never always be right, thats the reason we have Stop-Losses in place.... :)

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radha 21 Dec.

I am new to forex and think this is quite simple... thanx :)

live4trading avatar

Not good enough... should use more new systems and indicators...

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Bideira 22 Dec.

Article it's good! I dont use Stoch or any oter oscilator, they are good in ranges, but can kill you in trends.

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