The Speed Resistance Lines constitute a method that combines the retraction percentage of a move with trendlines. They have the advantage to take into account the growth rate of prices, adapting to new levels they are formed. In order to explain how to get these lines, I will consider two cases: a rise in prices, which leads to the Bullish Speed Lines and a fall in prices, which leads to the Bearish Speed Lines.
- To obtain a Bullish Speed Line, you must do the following:
  1. Identify the maximum point and the minimum point of a bullish move;
  2. Then when the peak is reached, draw a vertical line between this point and the level of the identified minimum;
  3. This vertical line will be divided into 3 equal parts;
  4. Then are drawn three trendlines, which depart from the minimum point and passes through the maximum, another passes through the 2/3 level and the last goes through the 1/3 leve;
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