As a man and a human
being I accept that I have flaws. Those can be seen in my trading as
in other parts of life.
I have a tendency
to be impatient. Instead of waiting for a particular pattern to form
completely I sometime take it before it finishes forming. I sometime
t a good entry but I also get reversed on more time that I care to
admit. The question really is how do you correct your mistakes. Well
I happen to have the answer and I think its time I myself followed my
own advice. Knowledge is useless if you have it but don't incorporate
it in your life.
SO here is my answer.
Write down the flaw and come up with at-least one way to correct it.
In other words its time common sense became COMMON.
From now on if its
not complete am not in it PERIOD. So easy a caveman can do it.
Always have a reason to
take a trade. A stop and a Take profit. Always have a confirmation
signal and watch out for the fundamentals
and the overall direction
on the underline market. Watch out for the S&P it has a lot of
pull not only i…
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