Hello Friends,
I have decided to open a discussion about forex trading whether it is an art which you have in your DNA.or skill which can be acquired by sheer practice.
This month I have completed one year on Dukascopy Community and it has been a good year for me. As per my experience I think forex trading is an art as well as it can be learned by some intense practice. This month I have participated in trader contest also and my equity is at 194000. I am participating in trader contest for more practice and to gain confidence. From the experience I come to know sometimes you cannot rely only on knowledge and you will need to act quickly as you get opportunity. Sometimes for the sake of fear you cannot open a trade as you have got stop losses triggered in a row. This affects psychology and for many days you remains in fear till the winning streak starts. Because of fear you close a position early when it is profit and you miss a large profit. Some people remain unaffected by the circumstances whatever happens for them trading is an art. But for some requires an intense practice to gain skills and to gain confidence.
Why trading cannot be a profession?
Trading does not guarantee a …
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