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Hello everyone! My name is Harry from Indonesia. This is my first article, hope it can gives a little value for everyone. Every trader wants to be a consistently profitable trader. In order to achieve that, we try to improve our trading system to fit our personality, risk profile and also increase our winning chance. Maybe this Super Trend indicator can be alternative tool to profitable trade.
After googling around, searching for Super Trend calculation, I found that Super Trend indicator using 4 variables : High, Low, ATR, and coefficient. The basic formula is :
Basic Upper band : (High + Low) / 2 + ATR x Coefficient
Basic Lower band : (High + Low) / 2 – ATR x Coefficient
Using Super Trend indicator is simple. You can clearly take position by seeing this chart. You can use it on any time frame. Example below using 1H chart.
Open Buy when price cross and close above the upper band
Close Buy when price cross and close below the lower band
Open Sell when price cross and close below the lower band
Close Sell when price cross and close above the upper band
There is no perfect system or indicator. …
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vikyllya 13 June


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FXNOAD 14 June

Very nice

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hargun 14 June

thank you :)

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Yonggi7 14 June

Yes It's really important !!!!! I wanted to know that also!! How to use indicators is very importnat in Trading!!!!

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Yonggi7 14 June

Congratulations my friend!

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If ideas mattered, we would all be rich and thin’. I heard that quote once and it stuck with me. Think about all the overweight people around you constantly struggling to control their weight. Don’t these people know how to lose weight? Eat less then you consume. Get off that couch and workout. It’s not rocket science. Yet they don’t do it. Ideas or knowledge are not the problem here. Discipline is.
There are no Secrets
When I first started trading I read all the books I could find on the topic. I backtested all these different systems trying to find my ‘holy grail’. Yet I was losing money. I kept jumping from system to system or trying to improve a perfectly good trading strategy.
Several years and many mistakes later I started to develop the skill that is (in my opinion) the key to being a profitable trader. That skill isn’t programming or backtesting in a futile search for the perfect system. I didn’t figure out a new revolutionary way to look at the market. I developed discipline.
DALBAR Studies Show Investor Underperformance
Take a look at our next picture. This is from the famous DALBAR studies. It compares the returns of the typical investor versus the respective benc…
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mcquak 13 Sep.

Great article, thanks for the information and effort!

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very nice

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brilliant 17 Sep.

very good

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CLACCD 18 Sep.

Great work

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olya2517 22 Sep.

very good

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Traders spend a lot of time and energy trying to find the Perfect System. They argue that they will struck it rich once they find THE SYSTEM or if they’re discretionary, once they refine their trading enough. It has long been my assertion that risk control and diversification are much more important then the trading system itself.
I've argued that you don't have to be a genius trader in order to make money in the markets. In fact you can make money with remarkably simple trading systems. In this article we'll go over one system that has only 1 entry/exit trading rule. Yes you read that right, ONE. Here's a little preview of the results for this system.
Toward the end of the article I present a four-year backtest of this system on the four most liquid currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and AUD/USD. Here is the simplest system on this entire website.
Ten-Month Moving Average System
There is only 1 entry/exit rule. If price closes above the 10-month simple moving average, you buy. If price falls below the 10-month moving average, you sell. This is a Stop and Reverse System (SAR). Once your long gets the exit signal (price below 10 SMA) you close the position and initiate a n…
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faisal777 25 Aug.

good work

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bibo 5 Sep.

thanks for sharing with us

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TInna 8 Sep.

great article! keep it up)

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very good article )

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I have participated actively in the strategy contest for the last 25 months, and I have been unable to win a cash prize. I have carefully examined the performance of all the strategies I have used over this period, and I believe I have been able to narrow down the reasons for my unsuccessful months;
It may not be surprising to note that this is one of the reasons several traders are also unsuccessful; not sticking to one particular strategy in the strategy contest. I have used a different strategy for almost every month out of the 25 months of my participation; this has greatly narrowed the probability of me winning any prize.
Looking at this from a mathematical perspective, if we were looking for “tails” from a coin toss, and we tossed the coin 25 times; there is a possibility, no matter how slim it is that we would get a “tail” from one of those 25 tosses.
Not getting a tail after 25 coin tosses would mean the coin is either not well-balanced, or the person tossing the coin is extremely unlucky.
So a well-thought-out strategy would also be successful as long as that strategy is employed consistently in the strategy contest. It does not mean the strategy would wi…
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KATRIN_90 25 Nov.

good job))

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well done! keep going! :)

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well done

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спасибо за полезную информацию)

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Creating an automated trading strategy can be very demanding, a trader might have the basic trading idea, but putting that idea into a code is a whole new adventure all together. Before a trader can code a system or strategy, some advanced knowledge of the coding
language is required. The trader has to know the right syntax for creating the code. Automated trading strategies are very convenient because of one main reason; they are automated. They can run and execute trades without any supervision.
The Visual Jforex (VJF) strategy design tool is one that has greatly helped in the area of creating an automated system or strategy. It reminds me of The Ironman movie; I’m a fan of science fiction movies. In the movie, Tony Stark is seen as a great mechanical engineer. What hit me was his design lab; on his touch-sensitive computer screen, he basically just had to move the components around to create his projects. He designed and built whole engines simply by putting the various parts together on his screen, what he didn’t like he simply dragged out. My star of the movie was his Artificial Intelligent assistant, Javis (one has to watch the film to
appreciate the dynamics).

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Very good article!

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gryphonB 2 Aug.

Exactly the start point I wanted. But the story is all in the pictures, and the pictures are like looking down the wrong end of a telescope, while drunk, while juggling babies. The whole point of popup graphics is to enable a higher resolution, not the same resolution. I have no chance of figuring out the trailing stop part from this article. 

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Sundown 9 Aug.

thanks for the article, very very useful and clear.  for the guys complaining about the pop up graphics: I have no problems at all at seeing the pictures when you click on them, it's a bit fuzzy but clearly readable.

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Saetech1 15 Apr.

Great Article and really helpful

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resolution of photos is about the same as on most of the I've got the wrong glasses on.

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Welcome you all to the
third edition of SBRS. 
Please find the first 2
editions of the article in the link provided below.
Trading the SBRS - Part- I
Trading the SBRS -Part -II
Coming back to the current week - as discussed earlier.. We will discussing on the 2 subjects namely.1. Stop and
reversals and 2. Adding to the winners under this strategy. Let me take the chart
of AUD/JPY mentioned in my previous edition of article.Trade 1: At point "B”, bar
no.2 triggers our short order, “A" being the stop loss point. In
this trade, the price moves good distance to fetch an R: R of 1:1.5. Then bar
no.5 is a counter setup against Trade 1. Once bar no. 5 is closed we
trail stop for the trade 1 to point "D" as well we keep a pending
long order at the same place. Bar no.7 triggers both stop as well as pending long
Result: Trade no.1 closed and trade no. 2 is opened. 
Trade 2: Now this trade also runs in the direction of our trade for a few distance.
However before reaching our first milestone of 1:1 RR, we get another counter
setup against trade no.2 through bar no.8 which gets rejected at "E".
Once the bar no. 8 is closed, we trail our stop for the trade no.2 as well keep
a pending sh…
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Is there anything more about SBRS ?

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Introduction:Hello. All Members Dukascopy I hope you like the article and i wish to put the comments and likes in my articleI give you a powerful way to make a lot of pips in just short time and also You can get a large number of points per day or per order buy or sell.And the strength of the way in its simplicity and ease of trading and The distance from the complexAnd We have named: Three-way Because it contains 3 indicatorsComponents of strategy:The Strategy contains only one indicator which is Moving Average 200 only But with three different settings.1-Moving Average 200 Smoothed  Close (Red) 2-Moving Average 200 Smoothed  High (Blue)  3-Moving Average 200 Smoothed  Low (Green) To be the final form of the strategy three-way like thatTime frame:All frames suitable But the more you grow frame You need to grow stop loss and the profit.Method of Trading:1-In the case of buy:When the price is between the three lines moving inside them Put orders on hold over the blue line + 15 pipsOr can control the price to break  the Blue Line And rises By +15 pips And we begin to enter Buy2-.In the case of sell: When the price is between the three lines moving inside them Put orders on hold…
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x4x 30 Mar.

GBP/USD i make 60pips today whit som loss but in final i make the profit

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x4x 30 Mar.

Thanks for this strategy my friend and i will flow you in next month good luck

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moha 30 Mar.

good luck / look can i try to devlop this strategy in expert i want to use for nex month anwser me please

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x4x 31 Mar.

Very nice keep it up and good luck+1

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x4x 31 Mar.

if you have any new idea in this strategy contact whit me so good luck you are the best !:;

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                                                         Unheard Asian Trading Strategy              Hi,
this is Robert aka trezx  (my
contest page can be found javascript:nicTemp().
If you take a look at my trades starting with November, you’ll see that I
rarely loose.  Why is that? Because
I don’t do what other traders do; I sell when everybody buys, and I buy when
everybody sells. Pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.
don’t brag like other people do, saying that they were winners I don’t know
when and you should listen to what they have to say; you mostly win here
because of scalping.
hate scalping, I hate staying in front of the computer 24h with a caffeine IV
in my veins.
setup occurs about 2-3 times a week on a pair so it will be a modest income.
             Let’s get crackin’ with the first slide: 
green background represents the Asian market open, purple is London and blue
New York)
seems to be a pattern here, repeating time after time.
pattern is this:  If late New
York  takes the market short and
Asia opens at resistance (on the 1H) then look for 15m short. The entry should
be taken between 7 …
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trezx 4 Jan.

@doctortyby about 80% success ratio if you have patience, which i don't.

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alifari 5 Jan.

Good strategy +1

corneliu avatar
corneliu 6 Jan.

interesting :) good luck +1 :))

ovidiu_gnt avatar
ovidiu_gnt 13 Jan.

Good luck !

Jinch avatar
Jinch 29 Jan.

Hi Trezx - this is a perfect reading time for me but I just don’t understand this strategy and how your explanation fits with the screenshots. Any chance you could add another example with notes?

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