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Forex indicators are mathematical functions based on the evaluation of the difference between bidding and price. While analyzing charts, a trader can predict whether a current trend will be the same or change somehow and thus create his own most profitable trading strategy. By using divergence indicators, traders may effectively reveal higher and lower momentum, and therefore the possible trend continuation or reversal. Effectively using the forex divergence trading system may be one of the best tools to forecast the situation and to achieve the best trading results.
1. What is divergence
2.Types of divergence
3. Indicators to use for Divergence Trading
4. Rules for Determining Divergence
5.Divergence Trading – Some important points
It is an age-old concept that was developed by Charles Dow and mentioned in his Dow Tenets. The most important of all is when Dow found out that when there was a divergence between the two, it presented a possible change in the markets. For example, when the Dow Industrials made new highs and when the transportation index failed to make a high it indicated that there was some discrepancy. This formed the basis …
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fx211pips 19 July

great article, divergence is a powerful tool

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tangell 20 July

nice job/ good luck

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Good article!

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well done

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Leonko 14 Aug.

It's very informative to me, thanks for job

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Traders emerges and vanishes with couple of months and they go back to their normal work saying trading isn’t for me. Initially they thought Trading is like playing kids game by watching YouTube videos, reading some old/outdated techniques but reality is two edged sword it will cut you from both side. After some years some traders will come back by collecting their hard earned money to take revenge but as usual they will cut and lose never come back to Trading again in their life.
Dukascopy observed above scenarios and their built University (Dukascopy Contest) for people like us who don’t have knowledge and investment on Trading but Why so many Contests?

Trader Contest:

Trading is like one Country and trading contest is like president of that nation, he is the one who drive the country but at the same we need other ministers (Other contests) as well to make a country successful in long way. He needs idea of respective minster to make power/critical decision ( ex: Gold market is going down, what it implies and how its co-related to country like USA and how to get profit from it) in critical time to make it country very successful.
Signal Provider Grand Pri
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vladik98 30 June


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Vlad73 30 June

very good

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McWallt 1 July

cool !

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very good

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We are in the Forex market to make money but all of us know it's easier said than done. The most important factor which ultimately makes or breaks the trading career is the trading framework using which we carry out the trades. Success in trading comes if the technique we are using to undertake any trade is sound. If we have faith in the framework we are using the most of the decisions will be rational and we will be less prone to take decision based on the emotional impulses.
Now that I have tested some success in Forex market I tried to look back on the things I have done right and things I have done wrong. In process I realized if we use multiple things to validate our single trade then probability of trade going right can rise to as much as 75% to 80%. Here I will be providing information on how we can use the various forums of Dukascopy Forex community to our advantage. The tools such as Visual J forex platform, trade feed of trader contest and Signal provider contest, views of fellow traders on important fundamental events listed for the day; can together help us in deciding which trade to choose and when to keep out of market.
Let us now look at how we can use each platform …
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Wovch 10 June

very good

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Vlad73 12 June

well done

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great article!

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anna_n 19 June

ur articles always nice! hope to see new one this month

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CCI Indicator
The CCI indicator is known as the Commodity Channel Index and this is an indicatorthat is developed by Donald Lambert.I will not bother you with the calculation of this indicator because your trading platform can automatically help you to calculate and plot out the indicator. What I am going to share with you today is what exactly this indicator can do for you and how you can integrate it to your trading plan.For this CCI indicator, it will come with +100 and-100 levels. Most of the time, this indicator will move in between the +100 and-100 levels and it will exceed the levels for about 20 to 25% of the time.Here is what you can use the CCI for:
1) As a buy and sell signal – Whenever you see the CCI moving above the +100 level,you are in fact in a period of strong uptrend and this is the time you can enter a LONG trade. Once the CCI moves back to the +100 level, you should then exit your trade.However when you see the CCI moving below the -100 level, you are in a strong downtrend period and you can enter a SHORT trade. Similar to the above LONGtrade, you should exit your trade once the CCI move up to the -100 level.
From the picture above, you can see that the mark…
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gargantua 21 Apr.

good article

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Firstly :One Day Freelance Outsourcing Was Very Popular Online Earning Method But Now Forex is More Popular Than Freelance Outsourcing ,because Now Forex Trading Open for All Country and Initial Deposit is Very low .So Now Many People From any Place In The World ,Start Forex trading By using internet.
Secondly : Forex Education Factor-Forex Trading is very easy Online Earning Method ,any body Can start Forex Trading From Home without higher education or Contact with any Person but it is very hard For Regular Money Earning From Forex market ,so We need First Learn About Forex Trading and Forex Market.Forex market is Biggest Financial Market and it is also Most Volatile ,so Our Forex Education will be Helpful For our Successful Trading career In Forex Market.
Thirdly: Demo Practice Absent -Forex Education Is The First Requirement For novice Trader But secondly We need Increase our trading experience by Demo Trading practice,Most Of The New Trader start Forex Trading Without enough Demo Trading practice ,so They can not understand trading idea ,trading mistake.We Know Demo Trading is The Key Of Trading Success ,so More Demo Trading practice is The Chance of More Trading success.
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bdpips 21 Oct.


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good strategy for trading

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Yuliya_N 24 Oct.

Well done!

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FXRabbit 25 Oct.

Well written!

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ak10 25 Oct.


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1.Performance and pips evaluation In actual contest rules is setup of these parameters clear. But there is a small chance how to get better evaluation in contest and don’t risk too much. In trading contest you can follow global market trend and minimize risk from drawdown when you trade just very small lot size and then you simply waiting for hundreds of pips. If you right, then you can get first place in pips expert category without risk in few days and then you can concentrate to build performance with small targets and huge lot size. Problem in contest is, that you can be wrong many times in beginning and you have still chance to be trader with best evaluation in contest. Problem in real trading is, that investors who subscribe signals are not interested about contest, his expectations are different. Risk of thousands pips in beginning of the month is bad solution for them because they set up lot size of trades as same value for every trade. Solution: In my opinion is better to set up evaluation based on relation between lot size and pips from position (negative and positive as well). Example Every single trade can multiply by multiplicator depends of volume of every single trad…
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Agreed, win/loss % is one of the most misleading stats out there.
Personally, I don't know why it matters whether a trader averaged 1 pip per trade or 100 pips per trade so long as he is producing good risk-adjusted returns; other than that I am with you on this.

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pacho74 7 May

good idea +1

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@ Airmike, in one of the other articles, you have commented that "DFC team know about this "easy setups" how to win..........they are asking for feedback how to do It". Where are the DFC team asking for feedback about changing contest rules???

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Airmike 8 May

alltrade- you can see this request on Nick_T blog. Nick is project manager of DFC . so you can find this things on his blog

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good work +++

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This article was created as response to DFC development team. DFC team asking for some feedback from traders. So this is my small piece. Reason why I put these ideas to article contest is simple. Just very few people can see these things on my blog, and I would like to share my view with others. So I will bring my idea to public discussion and we will see what will happen. I dont want to rewrite all ideas to new article, because I want to let you see my suggestions exactly same way, how I answered to DFC development team.I will remind you key point from previous article. I wrote this response, because I would like to eliminate gap between demo game trading and real live trading, which is more interesting for investors in trading network. CONTEST RULESWe have some contest rules, which make contest just like a game. I want to try replace them by something more relevant. 1. Only 1 position could be opened at any instrument (if there is already an entry order, there is no possibility to open a market order and vice versa). It is very important to do not averaging loses. But in real trading, most of the richest trades in the world are building positions from beginning with small amount …
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great, I likes it ++

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Skif 28 May

good idea very Like +++++

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clau 28 May

I summary the possibility of partial take of profit

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Great read. Well worth the read.

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Panzer 31 May

Good luck with this article in the contest +1

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As you can see, lot of changes and features coming out there. Guys from development team starts new project, and we are part of it as a signal providers. For this reason let me introduce one of the youngest part of financial services.Network trading is a model of trading, where traders, signal providers (SP) are connected with investors, which would like to participate on trading skills and trading strategies. All of these participants are creating trading network. SPs on the one side and investors on the other side. And somewhere in the middle is network provider.Benefits for all:SPs have interest to share best signals for investors, and benefit from service fee.Investors need best trading signals for funds allocation, which can brings income.Network providers have fees based on commission from brokerage seems like win-win-win situation for all of them. But many times in real world, things are not how they look like. And I would like to talk about responsibilities of all participants. First think what I have to say is, that I have been discovering this type of financial services about few years. To be honest, there was not much to do, when whole industry exists just 7 yea…
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alltrade 18 Apr.

It's a nice idea where broker brings together talented traders & investors & everybody benefits but any smart investor isn't going to invest just like that, they would like to see solid risk-adjusted performance & about that, I've already made my feelings known on Trader Contest forum -

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Airmike 18 Apr.

alltrade - U see just brokers part, I would like to say, trading networks are not only broker based business, its just marginal part. This is not theory, proper trading networks already exists, with hundreds of millions funding. its alternative investment same as investing to hedgefunds. and yes, you are right about risk-adjusted performance. this is key point which make differences between poor trading networks and leaders in this bussines. other thing is that some of these trading networks are hiding, because they are not interested about retail funds.

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SpecialFX 30 Apr.

So if I understood correctly, the investors would fund the traders, and it would all be done in a centralized way via the network provider, which is the broker? :) I guess there would need to be extensive track records, etc

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Airmike 30 Apr.

no thats misunderstanding. traders have own accounts, with own funds, investors have own accounts with funds. SP means signal provider, so traders are providers of signals. These signals are visible in real time in SP profiles. if investor see good performance, good risk management, then he can participate on this signals. he can subscribe full automatic service for signal execution.

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