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Make room people,there is a new star on the block. Maybe you have heard of the Dukascopy Social Trading Contest already ,but for those who didn't and don't know exactly what is going on i wrote this article presenting the general idea of the contest, rules, prizes, tips and some secrets that will come in handy when you will deal with the same situations like I did in my first month attending contest.Social Trading is a brand new contest running for 2 months now and even though is a great contest with considerable prizes the number of participants is reduced compared to other contests ,although this one does not require trading skills or programming skills at all. Here it's all about signal trading. The only thing that needs done here is register the contest, chose your signal providers and at the end of the month you can be one of the 10 lucky winners The prizes are as follows: 1st - 500 $; 2nd -400 $; 3rd - 300$ ; 4th - 200$ ; 5,6...10th - 100 $ . Sounds appealing ,doesn't it?. "To good to true...hmm of course there is a catch,there is always one,i will explain that a bit later."Now ,first things first: Step 1: REGISTRATIONYou need to register to the contest and after you rece…
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Dear jezz i am glad to see that you liked my article and read .
This article needs an update , but i will tell you some new things that i found out. Regarding providers there is one thing that i didn't wrote about and it is important.

You can check the dukascopy grand prix page to subscribe to providers but there you won't find the top ones which are trading for a long time. You should now that many of these traders have real accounts now and they may not have the time to have a very good performance and check their demo trading accounts. So you should also check traders contest page .

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There you will find all traders from the month you are attending and you can see their performance. The key to succes is to chose your providers by the criteria of pips expert and not chose by looking at their balance.

You should aim to be subscribed to some traders that are medium or long term traders. I say this because these traders usualy don't trade large volumes, you can subscribe with a biiger share of your account to each one of them , and of course you won't see very high fulctutions of your equity at every 10 pips for you /or against you.

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So how to chose these traders if it is at the begining of the month??? Well wait 1 day , and you will see there will be some which will distinguish themselvs. There are traders who make 100% return of their account in the first day. You my friend don't want to be subscribed to them .They may outperform but at first mistake they may lose all and so do you. You should check traders by pips expert and chose those with the more pips won in that day and cross that by checking their trading history. Doing all this you will have filtered the majority of you future loses.!!!!!!

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The rest is active managment & control of your subscribed share and providers as explained very well in my article.

Good Luck , Hope this help , and if you have any questions regarding social or any other i will be glad to help.!!!!!!

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jezz 20 Ott

just add another text with this text you wrote and name it 'part 2' :). thank you for this elaborated response

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Introduction Stochastic Oscillator is a highly useful indicator. This indicator shows the relationship of the current closing price to its price range over a period of time. The indicator was developed in the late 1950s by George C. Lane, the president of Investment Educators Inc. The purpose of the Stochastic Oscillator – to identify price trends and reversals by tracking the position of closing prices within the recent series of highs and lows. Stochastic is constructed on the basis of the following regularity of the market price behaviour: at the uptrend, closing prices tend to the top of the price range, and at the downtrend – to the bottom, respectively. Stochastic was originally designed for market trading in a flat state; thus, it, like other types of Oscillators, functions quite well in the absence of any trend. Trend movements use the difference between the trend of the price chart and the indicator as a signal of a possible adjustment or reversal. Stochastic Formula Stochastic Oscillator consists of two lines – fast, %K, and slow, %D, and is displayed in a separate window under the price chart. Since the indicator is calculated as a percentage, with a fluctuations range…
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vega2552 19 Mar


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egidijus 27 Mar

Good article! I like the Stochastic oscillator.

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Efegen 28 Mar

I read it again it gave me plentifull ideas.thanks:)

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I have to confess that I'm not a big fan of stochastics, as I have comments in previous articles from other members, in my opinion it used to be very useful back when it was created (70s I think?), but not so much anymore. Anyway, this article explains very well its capabilities :)

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Delossan 31 Mar

I do never base a trade on indicators but stochastics helps. +

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Hello everyone. This is my first post so let me introduce myself first and I will outline the structure of my articles.I have been trading demo successfully for a while, then I decided to open a real account with my personal saving. Unfortunately, I lost all of my saving after a couple of weeks. Reasons for my loss are simple: I did not learn enough and I was too confident. I then came back to trade on the demo account however I take it more serious, read more books and did my homework, aka analysis, more carefully. It took me awhile to not losing in the FX market and now I am on my journey to seek for profits. I just knew about this contest a couple of months ago and I thought it was a great opportunity to share and learn. Therefore I signed up for this contest and I want to write about my own story to help you better understand the market and later on make profits for your self. I was thinking about the structure of my article and I decided to come up with this idea: I will divide my article into 3 parts. The first part of my article is for FX 101 in which I will explain basics of the Fx market, the mechanism of  the market and the relationship between FX and other markets. The r…
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Very informative article! Nice work! Thanks for your post!

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Thanks your post. it is very important

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ritesh 20 Gen

keep more coming dude...your rank chart shows accumulation ;)

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