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1. Abstract
Some people likes to trade gaps because of this there are big probabilities of collect few amount of pips.
But the risk to approach it must be strategic and could be different to each situation.
Gaps often signal continuation with the direction of the open and close of that trading day.
But sometimes could be a sing of weakness if the GAP is filled in less that two trading sessions.
I found a particular situation on DAI, a Germany stock and I decided to go short on it.
In this article, I will tell you how the trade goes and the way as a suggestion to approach it.
2. Development
2.1 Open trade on DAI
I found this on my daily monitor, what I am looking is pattern formation such as Doji candles, inside bars, engulfing and so on.
This stock did some gaps the previous daily sessions and formed a bearish pin bar. At this level did few touches and
At this same level around 73$ per contract, the stock did few touches in the past and for me, this was a confirmation of a strong resistance.
this was a confirmation of a strong resistance.
The most incredible thing was to look an open GAP about of 240 pips.
That is crazy, I never saw a gap like this.
The next. was create a range to …
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Good. I like trading in Gaps too.

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Good article

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Target 1 reached.

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very useful

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1. Abstract.
There are patterns who are uncommon or we can see it rarely. A trader well prepared his value is by two.
Is very important to keep track on note or print paper with this kind of patterns because a day we can see it.
So, this article I want to talk about of formations at the point of exhaustion.
That is when sellers or buyers were very excited and make a push high.
The price action then makes a consolidation or more like a break above or below of a key level.
1.1 The Broadening pattern.
Represents exhaustion by buyers or sellers and often means that a reversal is going to happen soon.
This pattern is forming by support and resistance levels, but the lines are not horizontal.
The price makes higher highs and lower lows so the angle of the line that connect the points is more like a 30 degree up and down. This kind of formations appears at the bottom of a downtrend or the top of an uptrend.
1.2 The Narrowing pattern
Represents an extended bullish or bearish move.
The price makes lower highs and higher lows and the connections of this points make two trend lines inverted. the opposite the opposite formation of broadening. This continuation pattern means a breakout soon is …
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very well done!

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simi 24 Jan.

Good job :)

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good article

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good work

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Known to forex trading is the big risk associated with the large fluctuation especially when using high leverage with the instrument being traded. But what if there's a way of catching the earliest stage of a reversal and the beginning of a large trend follows. Day, swing, or position traders alike all benefit from patiently waiting for the right time before placing entries, picking the least risky and the most rewarding trade.
Stop losses are pending buy or sell orders conveniently (obviously) placed close to previous swing highs or lows. Big players buy pending sell order of one trader, to sell to pending buys order of another trader, effectively providing liquidity. As a consequence, the clever wins while the unsuspecting retail trader loses. Some small players put the blame on their brokers, accusing them of stops hunting. On the other hand, large players insist on the premiss of doing their job by providing liquidity. But who's ultimately aiming to make big money? Everyone of course, small and large players alike. It just so happens institutional traders hire experience persons and use sophisticated systems while some or most retail traders, sorry to mention, seem to not know…
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Armands 25 Sep.

''The ever expanding crescent'' or in simple words - expanding triangle is a type of an accumulation which is often followed by some descent moves.

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well done

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it is true that the beginner will first need to learn to understand the market, and then to work with it))

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Хорошая статья

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Хорошая статья.

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