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The first step in the article I would like to remind that the volatility of the currency pair to a large extent affect the amount of profit earned by the trader in one trading session, for this reason, if you want a good idea to raise this figure, then trading is necessary to select the most volatile currency pairs.
In this article I will discuss just such currency pairs, in addition to which it is trading sessions carried out the greatest movement of the cost.
Asian trading session if you are a more preferable that works GMT 01:00 - 08:00, then you should know that this session is not very active, and the trend is for this reason price movements in it are more relaxed than at any other time . At this time, for trading, I would recommend to use the following currency pairs:
GBR / JPY - average volatility equal to 110 points, this is a fairly high figure, given that the market is not the flat state rarely occur. It is for this reason that, from time to time, the movement of the value of the instrument is not more than 300 points, and there are times that the range of movement of the trend does not leave the limits of 20-30 points.
GBR / CHF - it is the second dynamic pair of curren…
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The years I have spent trading I have dedicated on the most widely used indicators. Specifically they are the momentum indicators – RSI (relative strength index), CCI (Commodity channel index) and the moving averages of any kind. Lately I have involved the use of volumes to identify the volatility and this article is on my latest research on the connection between volume and volatility. For most professionals who have traded long time this can seem obvious but maybe you can also find something new.
Traded volume highly depends on the opened markets session. Highest volume is during New York and European opened sessions - when they overlap. Usually this is the time when the volatility is at its maximum for the day.
Figure 1
According to the figure which is the latest EUR/USD setup we can see 3 things.
1)After breaking the support RSI and CCI are no more valid instruments for use.
2)The big volumes were extremely bearish
3) After waiting enough with a good setup for involving again RSI and CCI we can use the 70%RSI and some specific use of CCI for our next good shorting.
This is only an example. Usually we must have good statistics and of course this pattern will never repeat ag…
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