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Currency markets have inherent levels on which selling or buying activity persists. Identifying such levels allows based on historic performance allows to sell or, respectively, buy from such specific levels. However, selling levels can be broken through once many attempts to test the level have been made and the amount of selling from the level decreases with time. Conversely, the same can apply to buying levels.
Reaction patterns on such levels reflect the amount of “firepower” on such levels. As the “firepower” dwindles, so will the possibility of recurrent selling/buying from such levels.
Selling/buying levels are not pip-precise. On the contrary, they have a certain leeway of 10-20 pip depending on the currency and only in very unique cases are actually pip-precise. Movement beyond the buying/selling level and return back are sometimes called “false breakouts”.
The key to understanding the movements towards the key buying/selling levels is the trading volume which leads towards the “significance levels”. If the volume leading towards the significance level is increasing and is significant, then there is a higher chance that the level will be broken, even if not immediately,…
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Well, it's December and we all like to sit down a bit and enjoy a warm cup of tea these days. So I decided to write a few words about success in forex trading and things that are related to that. It's my first article so I expect some feedback from you.
Before I start explaining why it's hard to succeed in forex I must remind you that every trader should see financial trading just like every other type of business. I always looked at different things in a bigger picture, because it helps you understand how stuff work in general. We live in a world where literally everything is about trading. You can buy/sell services, a product, maybe knowledge or your time. Same goes with forex and other forms of trading.
Let me give you an example:
I started a company. First, I buy some basic materials from which I will make a product and then sell it. Then I would want to find a market and get to know it. If my product has a lot of buyers that means a lot of profit. You sure spotted some similarities here that are connected to forex. A currency pair like EUR/USD could be for example HAIRDRESSING EQUIPMENT/SERVICE. So basically you buy the equipment and you have the »material« to work with and of…
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