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this is the first secret
today I'm showing you one of my secrets and at the end of my article there a surprise for you guys
my way to support and resistance
we can't deny the importance of support and resistance in our trading life
and here in this article I'm showing you a very critical zones and simply it will help you so much
with your trading technique.
simply i'll show you how to predict the next support and resistance zones that the price will make a step on it.
i use a few equations to perform on the last candle ( week candle - month candle )
and it gives me the next ( week - month ) levels .
1 - pick any candle from the chart (week - month).
2- get the ( high - low - close ) values then put these values in the next equations.
3 - draw the lines in the chart by the given values from equations .
4 - see what happens in the (week - month ) after the candle you picked.
sell zone
Sell Zone1 = 1.1 * (high - low) / 4.0 + close =
Sell Zone2 = 1.1 * (high - low) / 6.0 + close =
buy zone
BuyZone1 = close - 1.1 * (high - low) / 6.0 =
BuyZone2 = close - 1.1 * (high - low) / 4.0 =
constant value
constantBZ = BuyZone2 - BuyZone1 =
ConstantSZ = SellZone2 - Se
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Mado avatar
Mado 13 Feb.

i'm sorry for annoying bud but their is no uploading tool here so i have to upload it on a website you can login with your facebook account and download it or text me on private and solve this problem :) , sorry again.

flyer415 avatar
flyer415 14 Feb.


I apologize.  You were kind enough to provide it.  I was excited about testing. I should not be so childish.  The tool looks interesting.

Mado avatar
Mado 16 Feb.

Never mind my friend i hope that you test itt and i would hear from you

Natalia_Kisenko avatar

Very interesting

Airmike avatar
Airmike 22 Feb.


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For years I read about trading strategies, different types of charts, indicators and other tools of technical analysis. Every day there is new indicator or strategy somewhere on internet and due to human nature traders think that if strategy or indicator is complicated, and if they don't understand what does it show, it has to be something great that will for sure make profit. Process of using such indicators of strategies in probably 99% of cases ends up in one of these two scenarios:

First scenario:

  • Trader finds cool new strategy or indicator;
  • Since it looks nice with all the nice colors, and it seems complicated, and guy that invented it put screenshots
    of few profitable trades, trader decides to use it;
  • After first 5 trades using this indicator/strategy there is one profitable trade and four bad ones so trader
    concludes that this indicator/strategy doesn't work and stops using it;
  • Trader continues searching another Holy Grail strategy that will make millions in 10 days.
Second scenario:
  • Trader finds cool new strategy or indicator;
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gonzalo avatar
gonzalo 21 Oct.

that's not true , whenever you increase your R:R , your ratio of winning trades will also decrease dramatically , just try to backtest your strategy of 100SL and 300TP and you will realize you ratio of winning trades won't be even 20%.... so you will lose all your money anyway in the long run

kokky avatar
kokky 21 Oct.

True, percentage of wining trades decreases with bigger RRR, but stays slightly above minimal requirement for profit. Because it is only slightly above, I have to use large SL and TP so spread participate in trade as low as possible. For instance if SL is 10 pips, spread of 1 pip participate in trade with 10%, but if SL is 100 pips, 1 pip spread participate with only 1%.

I understand what you want to say, and it would be true if markets is driven by pure mathematics, but it is actually driven with human emotion and that gives us just enough edge to be able to take small profit.

Airmike avatar
Airmike 23 Oct.

nice article , i wish you good luck

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Make room people,there is a new star on the block. Maybe you have heard of the Dukascopy Social Trading Contest already ,but for those who didn't and don't know exactly what is going on i wrote this article presenting the general idea of the contest, rules, prizes, tips and some secrets that will come in handy when you will deal with the same situations like I did in my first month attending contest.Social Trading is a brand new contest running for 2 months now and even though is a great contest with considerable prizes the number of participants is reduced compared to other contests ,although this one does not require trading skills or programming skills at all. Here it's all about signal trading. The only thing that needs done here is register the contest, chose your signal providers and at the end of the month you can be one of the 10 lucky winners The prizes are as follows: 1st - 500 $; 2nd -400 $; 3rd - 300$ ; 4th - 200$ ; 5,6...10th - 100 $ . Sounds appealing ,doesn't it?. "To good to true...hmm of course there is a catch,there is always one,i will explain that a bit later."Now ,first things first: Step 1: REGISTRATIONYou need to register to the contest and after you rece…
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Metal_Mind avatar
Metal_Mind 20 Oct.

Dear jezz i am glad to see that you liked my article and read .
This article needs an update , but i will tell you some new things that i found out. Regarding providers there is one thing that i didn't wrote about and it is important.

You can check the dukascopy grand prix page to subscribe to providers but there you won't find the top ones which are trading for a long time. You should now that many of these traders have real accounts now and they may not have the time to have a very good performance and check their demo trading accounts. So you should also check traders contest page .

Metal_Mind avatar
Metal_Mind 20 Oct.

There you will find all traders from the month you are attending and you can see their performance. The key to succes is to chose your providers by the criteria of pips expert and not chose by looking at their balance.

You should aim to be subscribed to some traders that are medium or long term traders. I say this because these traders usualy don't trade large volumes, you can subscribe with a biiger share of your account to each one of them , and of course you won't see very high fulctutions of your equity at every 10 pips for you /or against you.

Metal_Mind avatar
Metal_Mind 20 Oct.

So how to chose these traders if it is at the begining of the month??? Well wait 1 day , and you will see there will be some which will distinguish themselvs. There are traders who make 100% return of their account in the first day. You my friend don't want to be subscribed to them .They may outperform but at first mistake they may lose all and so do you. You should check traders by pips expert and chose those with the more pips won in that day and cross that by checking their trading history. Doing all this you will have filtered the majority of you future loses.!!!!!!

Metal_Mind avatar
Metal_Mind 20 Oct.

The rest is active managment & control of your subscribed share and providers as explained very well in my article.

Good Luck , Hope this help , and if you have any questions regarding social or any other i will be glad to help.!!!!!!

jezz avatar
jezz 20 Oct.

just add another text with this text you wrote and name it 'part 2' :). thank you for this elaborated response

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In this article I'll try to explain difference between Dealing Desk, STP and ECN brokers how they work? and how to choose one according to your need.With the rise of forex popularity, hundreds of brokers entered the market wich made the competition thoughter for honest brokers and from other side made forex business reputation as almost scams by number of custumers that been cheated and made to loose by malicious brokers and advertisement., in this articles will show more details on how to choose your broker to trust your money and have sucessful trading.*Different types of brokers:* Dealing Desk :     Brokers that offer "Cents account" or a "Mini account" with a fixed spread are routing the customer order to a dealing desk instead of real marketand are always is a counter-party of your trades.This means that all small orders placed by traders (usually those which are below 0.1 lot) cannot be sent directly to the liquidity providers, simply because they won't be When you BUY, your brokers SELL and when you SELL - your broker BUY. which create a (virtual) market that is not connected to the real market, that is the reason behind infamous requote in MetaTrader and sometim…
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Likerty avatar
Likerty 13 July

Today there is a lot of ECN brokers

Likerty avatar
Likerty 13 July

but what I really would like to see is more brokers that offers usdollar index for charting and true interbank data feed!

mbarbuska avatar
mbarbuska 19 July

good written :)

JayJ avatar
JayJ 22 July

Nice article, good luck +1

Fx18 avatar
Fx18 11 July

Well explained. Finally, I understand the differences. Thank you!

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The Beginning
Dream to become a forex trader? Do you have a stable computer and
internet connection? Do you have the latest trading system that guarantees
profits with little or no work? Are you ready to make millions and fire your
boss? If all ticks means you are great but are you really making money? OR well
that is easy tasks. Be honest all traders will start with that thought in the
beginning and think they are the smartest among their influences. In fact, many
are still struggling to make their fortune works in the forex market.
To make my story short, I blew my first live account in just
nearly 2 weeks with $10,000 gone with the wind. And that was my hardly earn of
1 year saving worth. I felt like a gambler at that time but luckily my wife was
not angry to me but with complains and disappointment in her face. My problem
was not using a stop loss in all my trades and opening several positions in
which I hit my first margin call ever. Of course I started to blame my broker
then high news the useless $5,000 - $10,000+ forex courses or even a cheap
robot/indicators/trading system from clickbank or plimus and just many as anything
you could probably think of. To be a pretended wis…
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foewenpo avatar
foewenpo 9 Feb.

@Jlongo - It is good if you have not blow any account especially in live. If you read my experience article above and learn well plus a wise man, I believe you can success if your passion is there.

foewenpo avatar
foewenpo 9 Feb.

@Doctortyby - I have my own trading plan, strategies and my own analysis by now. Of course keep an eye to everything important aspect during trading is essential. Thanks for the reminder.

ritesh avatar
ritesh 26 Feb.

this is something nice to read.

Bluedragon avatar
Bluedragon 29 Feb.

good luck ;)+1

Bluedragon avatar
Bluedragon 29 Feb.

good article ;) +1

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Is there
one? Believe me - there is!
But it’s not like the Holy Grail
or just any old "super" indicator system either.  Nope, not even
EAs (Expert Advisors) or trading robots. But there is definitely a distinction
that separates a consistently successful trader from the unsuccessful
You have just taken your first
step into the world of trading and you are optimistic that you have stumbled
onto a surefire vehicle to retire within a year or two as a multi-millionaire.
And you had typed your resignation letter to throw at your boss at the first
indication that you had arrived in the professional arena of trading. Cool!
 You sign up with a broker and start with a demo
or practice account. You are thinking in your mind - watch out boss!
So you start trading with an easy to follow system of 5 and 10 EMA crossover
system. Each time there is a crossover, fire the engine and place a trade.
Ouch! It’s so easy, you could almost kick yourself for not knowing this easy
way of money making. Why do people still work 9 to 5? Why work at all? You feel
so fortunate to know about the trading world.
 Due to beginners' luck you
get 6 straight wins and you are in an euphoria. But truth be tol…
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ritesh avatar
ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

AdrianWS avatar
AdrianWS 26 Dec.

great article, loved reading it very useful. merry xmas +1

fzavier avatar
fzavier 27 Dec.

thanks ritesh, same to you

fzavier avatar
fzavier 27 Dec.

thanks adrianWS, great to hear you liked it

fzavier avatar
fzavier 29 Dec.

It seems the article submission has been frozen this week. Unable to upload. Guess will upload for January 2012 then.

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