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I am no way near a professional programmer or a financial engineer, but I have a dream of becoming a Quant. I am still learning JForex having started doing so this year and wish to share bits of reusable code that make using JForex and VJForex easier for beginners. As I stated, this is going to be moderately basic stuff suited for beginners so “quants” can skip this.
All functions discussed, are available to download here:
OnCandle as Your Start Point
Most strategies in the contest use the onCandle method to start their strategies, but not all utilize the following two fail-safes.
  1. Matching candle instrument to default instrument
  2. Comparing default period to candle period

Checking if the candle instrument is the same as the current default instrument is necessary for situations where a strategy loops through currency pairs looking for qualifying signals or to create a trading currency basket.
Example of Different OnCandle Period and Instruments
The example below checks first for the 20-day Average True Range (ATR) values of 4 pairs before assigning the instrument to trade. Note: It uses the daily candle while a different part of the strategy uses 1-minute candle.
The above two chec…
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When most people discover the forex market for the first time, one of the things that come with this discovery is the “magical” phenomenon called “Expert Advisors” or “Forex Robots”. In truth, there is nothing magical about expert advisors; they are simply computer programs that have the ability to execute trades without the need for human intervention.
For traders using a Meta-Trader platform, these programs are called expert advisors, while the more general name for them is forex robots. Although over time, most forex brokers have provided platform tools that can be used in the easy development of forex robots on their platforms.
An example of such is the Visual Jforex strategy builder used in the Dukascopy community.
Some people refer to this type of trading as Algorithmic Algo trading, mechanical trading or automated trading using forex robots. With this type of trading, a specific set of entry and exit trading rules are coded into computer software; and this allows the software or program to execute trades automatically via a computer.
There are four main reasons why most people would opt to use a forex robot, rather than employ a human trader.
The Absence of Emotions
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Likerty 20 Feb.

good extensive explanation!

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Robots will take over.. eventually..

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This question above can be subset of broader and evergreen question “Can Robots or Intelligent Systems really replace humans?” However I will take analogy from some intelligent systems to arrive at the conclusion if trading robots can really replace Real Traders.
I will present my logic, benefits and drawbacks for you to take decision. It is based on some facts to help me arrive at conclusion and maybe my biased views but I think it will help in taking rational and informed decision. And maybe it will help in achieving the desired trading results. I cannot put a straight forward conclusion to the Robot Question and so it is my view based on some intelligent systems and may or may not subscribe to individual’s preferences.
Pros of trading with Robots
At the first sight Trading Robots give the feeling that they can earn real income and profits for you. And Unlike humans, robots can trade without sleep and rest - working tirelessly even for a week or for longer durations. One does not need to think a lot about gone trading chances or wasting time entering an order manually while the market moves again to other side making less favorable profitable position. Robots as …
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MobNaga 25 Jan.

Manual is more profitable. But robot is more romantic:)

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Now a day, the technology is taking over in many aspects of everyone’s life. Obviously the financial field cannot escape this reality. And due to aggressive marketing in the forex, many “robots and combo: R&C” (R&C = robots, social trading, autocopy trading, cyborg trading, trading signals, etc.) are commercialized to everyone in the forex market, and it seems that they are replacing significantly the manual trading. Is the robotized trading more effective than the manual one? Can we use the R&C effectively in order to be profitable? Because one thing we need to understand is that the robots will never replace humans in the forex trading market, the same way that the technology cannot replace completely the mean essence of everything: the human being.
In the forex, robots are software codified to takes trading decisions: open/close positions, send trading signals, generate trading alerts, etc. The introduction of robots in the forex divides the trading world in 2 realities reflected in the forex statistics: a) around more than 95 to 99% of the forex R&C are not profitable; b) around 80 to 95% of human trading manually are not profitable. Then, it is a fact …
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