Hello everyone, i have been trading from past 8 years. I have come across so many indicators, strategies and analysis. But what ever i tried with those indicators and strategies ended up with huge losses after some period or interval of time. Because each strategy work in a specific market conditions only. And when market condition changes that strategy fails. You have to be flexible to survive in any market condition. But its never "The end" until u "Give up". So finally, i have the system or the strategy that work in any situation, But it has its own rules, If you follow the complete set of rules, you ll never end up in loss on weekly basis. This is a kind of Hedge technique and things we need are.
1.) Vision: You should be able to predict which side market may move ahead.
2.) Money Management
3.) Patience
If you are able to look at a chart and identify when the market is "Trending", Then you can enter in the direction you like.
Example: I bought 0.10 volume of GBPUSD at 1.4150 and my TP for GBPUSD will be 1.4200 and SL 1.4047. Here i am taking TP as 50 Pips and SL as 100 Pips, i added 3 pips extra into SL because i counted the spread as well (SL= 100 + spread of the pair). …
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