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Humans have really strong tendency to sell assets which brought them profit and avoid to sell those which has shown loss. This reaction is called disposition effect and has major impact on most of trader’s trades. To explain this situation, scientists said that, in general, we avoid grief caused by losing transaction and we are aiming to reach pride caused by wining one. The main question is: Does closing early profitable transaction and keep increasing loss make reasonable trading?

Defining the problem

Every trader should check if he or she undergoes a disposition effect. Identifying problem may help optimizing trader’s outcome.
There are three questions you have to answer and if you answered yes to one of these questions you probably ended up trapped in disposition effect, keeping open losing positions when loss is only increasing in time:
1. If the price will return from the loss to break even point I am going to sell this position.
2. Loss is so big at the moment so I won’t close position because rebuilding capital will take too much time.
3. I will keep losing position because loss is so big it cannot go any bigger further.
How to prevent yourself from bei
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good job!

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Mattie 1 Sep.

Spend more time managing your winners than losers. Stop loss orders work for losing trades and GTC orders work well to capture profit when you do not have time to stare at the tape action all day.

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I mention about using martingale method in trading forex. Several people from Dukascopy community asked me how and some contradicting using martingale. In this article I will cover using martingale in a smart way to increase your profit in forex.
Using martingale in forex is based in probability theory. The more equity you have the more chances to cover your losses and be in profit.

Wikipedia: “In probability theory, a martingale is a sequence of random variables (i.e., a stochastic process) for which, at a particular time in the realized sequence, the expectation of the next value in the sequence is equal to the present observed value even given knowledge of all prior observed values.”

Martingale is popular in gambling games and widely used in games. In modern casinos they change rules to avoid martingale system. They put limits on minimum and maximum amount to bet; also they put two green fields to the roulette wheel. “The Martingale system is a system of investing in which the dollar value of investments continually increases after losses, or the position size increases with a lowering portfolio size. The Martingale system was introduced by French mathematic
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rashadali   I liked the article, very well written. But I did not understand one thing. Image attached.

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killer195175_reborn  that should be 4$ bet. mistype. We bet $2 earlier and lost and we double next time.

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Great Job

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One biggest mistake for many new traders is starting to trade Forex without a solid Forex trading strategy.The Forex market is really attractive because it operates 24 hrs a day and you can trade when the market is going up or when the market is going down and in the eagerness to make money, or prove themselves they dive headlong into trading.Does that mean the beginner Forex traders cant make money?Yes, you can make money trading Forex…and its if you are a beginner trader and you get into Forex trading and start making money right away, you should be very careful to let ego overcome you.You can make a fortune trading currencies in the short term but soon this will lead to a bad psychology and trading discipline problems and you’ll end up blowing up your forex trading account.Good trading discipline, psychology and humility are only achieved through experience.To be successful in Forex trading, you need a strategy/plan in place which you must follow.Creating or finding a Forex trading strategy is very important as this addresses the following:Reason for taking the trade:
why buy or sell?
And what currency pair?
Timing of the trade: why buy now?
should you buy or sell after economi…
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1. Abstract
I have found some possible trade ideas to have in mind this week and maybe to the next one by patterns on few currency pairs.
And today's article I want to give to you this possible opportunities.
As always do not take this information without any validation and forecast by your own risk management.
Before the end of the current year I will make a review about the results produced by this advanced patterns.
The suggested approach could be risk 50 pips as stop loss and the entry / exit at key levels or support / resistance areas.
2. Development
The best is to follow the same process again, and again to improve results in the long time.
So, based on this goal. I will explain each of them with a picture to understand best what the price did after the signal.
The main goal is not to get a 100% correct pattern or signal, more like how good you can manage the trades and risk.
3. Conclusion.

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very well written!

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Good technical analysis of the different pairs!

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very good technical analysis

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1. Abstract.

Inside candles seems to be very popular strategy in order to approach the Forex Market.
I was looking few setups the last week and I found that most of them are very good in terms of profitability.
The bad thing is that it takes longer.... because the suggested readings are made on four hour charts and above.
Today I will describe some of possibles formations that can derive on profitable trades for this week.
The rules for the pending orders are based on two candles, when the new candle open the pending order with the primary trend will be placed. If not, the pair remain in a list to watch after two days.
2. Development.
If the price make a inside candle then a pending order to go short could be the option.
The primary trend is to the downside and the price maybe reach the 0.74 area.
If the market makes a inside candle on the 4H chart at the 1.33 / 1.335 area, a pending order to go short is my plan.

If the price makes a inside candle at support a long entry could be a good idea.
My plan is place a limit order to try a good spot at bounce, this is risky because I don't know how deep the to…
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Educational article

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  • Introduction
Yes, you heard it right. I am ready to lose in forex trading. To put it in perspective I have to have big heart to accept losses in forex trading. I have accepted that I cannot be correct all the time with my trades. And if I have to select between risk and reward, I will select risk first. That is how much I will lose if my trade goes in not the way I would have liked. So I am ready to lose a little and want to limit my risk on every trade. I think it is first and foremost thing to know the risk on my trades beforehand.
I cannot move price of any pair even by 1 pips. I simply don’t have that moving power. So what do I do? I also want to make money. So I will do what others are doing and making money. The good news is that I can see what others are doing. And I can see that on my charts in terms of technical analysis and price action. Others are also seeing the same chart and taking positions and collectively they move the price. So if I can do what others are doing, I will make money as others are making.
  • An Example
I will trade what I see on my chart. The recent example I will give of 12-14th 2017 July AUD/USD charts. I could see AUD/USD broke above 0.7630 convinc…
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very good!

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it is very important topic in trading.. be ready to lose in forex

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Сегодня хотел бы рассказать о том как можно самостотельно организовать процесс анализа трейдером своей торговли.
Статистика поможет взглянуть на себя со стороны и оценить свои действия, найти сильные и слабые стороны.
Я не использую ни платные, ни бесплатные сервисы, представленные на просторах интернета.
На сегодняшний день я использую информацию, предоставляемую платформой. Конечно необходимо провести определенную настройку обработки занесенных данных с помощью функционала Microsoft Excel.
Первым шагом меня интересовало то, насколько эффективно я торгую тем или иным инструментом.
Для чего я свел в одну таблицу данные о количестве прибыльных и убыточных сделок и общем результате в разрезе каждого инструмента и месяца.
Однако, перед этим мне потребовалось привести информацию о совершенных сделках в удобоваримый для Excel формат.
Все закрытые трейды я вношу в отдельную таблицу в таком виде:
Далее, используя функции выборочного вычисления «СЧЕТЕСЛИМН» и «СУММЕСЛИМН» рассчитываются соответствующие показатели.
Таблично это выглядит так:
Так как, я пробую различные стили и стратегии торговли , меняются длинна STOP-LOSS и TAKE-PROFIT. Для анализа влияния на итоговый результат при…
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Hello, my dear fellow community members and my dear readers.
Today I am going to talk about the greed and fear. I am sure that most of you are already aware of these two emotions.
  • FEAR
Many of us, in fact, all of us have a fear when we are trading in the markets - the fear of losing. But why does this fear arise? when we say that we have no fear of anyone then how come that we have a fear while trading when there is no one around us? Well, the answer to this question is- this is the fear of losing, the fear of losing the money. In today's world money is the most valuable asset. Losing money seems to be losing the very important asset in your life. When we have this feeling of losing something which is very important and dear to have, we tend to be afraid of it. We have a fear in mind. This is what happens in the markets. We don't want to lose the money, but the decision that we made is going against us and we may lose money in the process. This fear shadows our mind and we tend to take wrong decisions in the market resulting in the loss of the capital.
Greed is another most important factor or the emotion. It is something that we all have encountered. Greed comes into bein…
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It was interesting to read about the ghosts haunting traders

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We all have seen people in Dukascopy community who has won more than 30k-40k dollar in contests. Some of us felt jealous thinking how smart, lucky or hard working they are. I talked to some of them and let me tell you that not all of them were able to withdraw that money. Winning money in this contest is not the final thing. You should trade enough, 2.5 million (contract size) turnovers to be able to withdraw 100$. Naturally you ask why they are losing this money and how not to lose them? I will try to answer to this question in my article. It will reflect my method which I use for trading my contest money. It is successful for now
1st rule: Respect your contest money
Most of the people look at contest money not as real money but just a tool or chance for gambling. They don’t care about them as they would do for their own real money. It is like karma. The less you will respect the far it will run from you. They more you will respect it, the closer it will come to you.
So respect the contest money you win. Think about it as if it is your own money, last penny that would bring you more money.
2nd rule: Understand risk factor and bypassing it
People tend to risk. There are differ…
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What an interesting article! Good job!

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с экономической точки зрения интересная статья

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What is Risk Management ?
Risk Management is The Analysis and identification For Make Decision of uncertain Investment at Forex Market ,By Using Risk Management We can Control Our Investment Risk and Control Our Profit ,So Risk Management not only Important But also Require For our every Entry.By using Risk Management We can Control Our Live Trading Risk At Forex Market For Safety of Our Trading Fund But Without Risk Management We Are Here Like Gambler ,Our Trading Behave to Market Unjustified,So We Face Lose,Always Remember ,Risk Management reduce Our Trading risk .
Why Risk management?
The main objective Of Risk Management are Below :
Minimize Trading Risk.
For Protect Our Trading Account and Make Money Long Time.
Identify Future Trading risk .
Identify Future Trading Problem.
For Long Term Trading plan.
To Ensure That Risks are identified .
Improved Our Trading Portfolio .
For Stable Trading Career At Forex Market .
Risk Management Process Method
Risk Management Apply For Minimize Trading risk ,Risk Management identify Trading risk and Predict Future impact of all of our Trading.
First_We Should Be Review Our Previous Trading record And Analysis What Type Problem was found and W…
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Thanks for your article, there is many useful information, really good strategy and detail explanation. Well done! Go ahead! :)

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I think there is no high risk limit. but it should be calculated carefully and accepted.

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Scalping is hard. It takes a lot of time, it can be emotionally draining and extremely stressful. And if you’re not careful with your risk control scalping can ruin your trading account. But there’s a time and place for every trading style and sometimes scalping should be your system of choice.
You Need Rules!
Scalping requires a quick mind and fast fingers. You need to have rules for both entries and exits, as well as for your risk management (more on this below). These rules need to be clear, simple and easy to follow. There must be no room for second-guessing yourself or thinking too much. In scalping, there’s just no time to analyse the charts to death and you can’t work out a plan after you enter.
Setting Up Our Charts
Time to setup our charts. My one minute system uses three indicators, two moving averages and one oscillator. For the Moving Average click on ‘Add Indicator’ in your J-forex platform, then open the ‘Overlap Studies’ folder and pick ‘MA - Moving Average’ from the list. The default values here are Simple Moving Average applied to the closing price, so you only need to change the initial value from 30 to 25. Now repeat the same process and add a second SMA with a v…
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miriam1313 Enju OlgaBLR Thank you ladies!

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As always, I'm open to any questions you guys might have.

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Introduction:Forex Trading is not miracle Earning Method,Now it is very popular and real earning method for any person ,But Earning not easy ,So Here 90% Trader lose money and only 10% Trader get Profit .Most Of The Trader Lose Money Because lack of Perfect Trading strategy ,Here I present excellent Strategy for regular Profit Of Your Trading Portfolio ,Only one trade Per Day ,Not More Than One.
Prepare For Trading at Broker :First Step You Need Prepare For start live Trading at Your Desire Broker ,I recommend Dukascopy or Dukascopy EU,It is Safe and regulated Broker .We can access Forex Market By Using Dukascopy Extreme Platform and It has Low Spread ,also low Commission.Minimum 100USD require For Start live Trading at Dukascopy EU
Dukascopy has Also World famous Liquidity Provider ,Like HSBC ,BNP Paribas .So Dukascopy Our First Choice For Live Trading.
Risk Management Plan : First We Must Be set up Our Risk management system ,Risk Management Not Only Important But Also Essential For Our Every entry .Risk Management at Dukascopy Example
Broker_Name: Dukascopy Or Dukascopy EU
Time_frame:15 minute
Maximum_Trading Risk Per Day
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Good lesson for Forex Newbies and Wannabes ...also additional ammo for Forex Traders too :))

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Introduce Statement: Online Forex Trading Now not only Popular But also Very attractive work For us.we can Trade easily from Our home by Our personal computer or laptop and our smartphone like android I phone etc.No doubt Forex trading is very easy online work but earning not easy it is very hard & tough earning method but not impossible ,our good trading plan,our trading strategy will be helpful for our trading success.
Basic Forex Education:Before Start Live trading or Demo trading ,We need First Learn Basic issue of Forex Trading,we can improved our trading Knowledge ,our trading capability By Forex education.First time Novice trader don't Know ,What is Forex Market? How Forex Market work? Who gives us profit? What is take Profit ?what is stop lose?What is money Management? we can learn Many more by learning Forex education.So basic Forex education is The very important for us First time
Essential Forex Trading Tools:Forex Trading is online based trading ,so we need Stable internet connection,Desktop or laptop or smartphone.
Select Forex Broker :Forex Broker is very important part of Your Trading success ,many market maker Forex broker create more slip page for against Your trad…
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According to the words of Joyce Meyer “Change is always tough. Even for those who see themselves as agents of change, the process of starting a new thing can cause times of disorientation, uncertainty and insecurity.” This is a statement that sums up the mood ahead of the US presidential elections.
On the 8th of November 2016 the Americans take to the polls to elect a new president, thereby ushering in a new era. With a change in administration guaranteed, the uncertainty in future policy direction will serve to increase the US dollar volatility in the short term.
This article looks at the risks to the USD ahead of the presidential elections in the United States. The article represents the opinion of the author and is not a comprehensive analysis of all the scenarios but broadly summarizes the bigger picture.
Major candidates and the electoral system.
The race to the White house will be a tight battle between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who also served in the U.S. Senate and the First Lady of the United States will lead the Democrats bid to retain the presidency with her running mate being Tim Paine. …
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hillary has about a year left. Google hillary's handler! :)

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I believe that the key to successful trading is to feel comfortable in taking the loss.
We know that because the markets are largely efficient, complete predictability will never be achieved. This makes trading more like punch in baseball, where it is possible to achieve a high degree of success, even making frequent mistakes.
Losing traders often try to measure the degree of perfection of their trade. They equate a good day with a profitable trading day. No! A good trading day - is one in which you have followed his well-calibrated trading plan with an appropriate concentration and discipline. Good trading days, after a certain time, will bring profits. But the uncertainty in the markets means that even the best trading plans can go awry. In the short term, you can not control your profitability. You can control whether or not you have a good trading days, which will bring profits in the long run - if you are properly investigated their strategies.
A more realistic trader understands that there is a degree of uncertainty in the market and that the losses are simply the cost of doing this kind of business. The goal is to limit these losses, as efficiently as possible, rather tha…
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на практике соблюдать не просто, так как многое зависит от эмоционального состояния.

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"Более реалистичный трейдер понимает" -А я, пожалуй, точно нереалистичный)((

космонавт) стремишься к далеким планетам где еще никто не был)

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