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TREND IS YOUR FRIEND we all know this,
But when I see an UPTREND or DOWNTREND that has already started how should I enter in the trend with least possible risk and maximum reward?
Risk and reward is the essence of money management. For a good money management you must manage your trades efficiently.
In this article I will show you how I manage my trades.
When you see a reversal of downtrend in the daily chart and you are a swing trader and you want to capture the swing then it is better to zoom the chart to 4 hour or 1 hour to enter a trade. when you see a pull back then open the lower time frame and draw the trend line joining lower highs against the major trend. When the candle breaks this trend line and closes on the other side that is the time when you have to enter the trend and keep the stop below the swing low by a difference of 5 pips.
In the charts above you can very well see that there is a change in daily trend so I opened 1H chart and during a pullback joined the highs of the hourly chart and I got a falling trend line. Remember that the main trend is UP. When I see a candle closing above the trend line drawn on 1H
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galjasen 6 Dec.

good work

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Teo 12 Dec.

Good luck !

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Ok, trend is your friend as well as mine :-)

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a good strategy with a detailed description ... thanks for the work))

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One of the most popular reversal candlestick patterns is definitely a Shooting Star pattern.
Characteristics of the Shooting Star Pattern
The Shooting Star candlestick formation is bearish reversal candlestick pattern which usually results in creation of the top, at the end of an uptrend. So, what elements need to be there in order for this pattern to be created ? It needs to have a very long upward wick, however the opening and closing price have to be roughly the same. Ideally, the wick, or also called a shadow, will be at least twice the length of the body.
Picture 1. Shooting star candlestick pattern (Source:
There are different types of the shooting star, but the closer it is to this basic textbook description the better. The candle can also be green but the effect is greater if we have a bearish candle. One of the key reasons why this pattern is so effective its because the
bears were able to reject the bulls completely plus the bears were able to push prices even more by closing below the opening price. There are two very important additional elements to be noted here:
1) the volume plays a big role here. The greater the volume it is at the highs…
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zarina 31 July

Спасибо за полезную информацию !

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The Double Top and Double Bottom are reversal patterns. Both patterns are very popular as investors are looking for a new trend, since the current trend is showing signs of a reversal. These chart patterns often create a chart what looks like a "W" (for a double bottom) or an "M" (double top).
The Double Top:
Characteristics of this pattern are that we have an attempt to break above the previous high, but the horizontal resistance holds the price and a new trend begins. As a result, we have two consecutive peaks, which are more or less equal. Recently, we had a very good example of double top pattern in NZD/USD (Picture 1). As you can see, the first element of the Double Top is that the price creates a first top. Then, it falls down and starts creating another move up. The point where the prices reverses to support after the first fall and starts ascending to create another top. The support is important for the final stage where we can measure the TP level.
In the second part, the price starts to move back up towards the resistance. IF the price stalls at the previous resistance and sells off, we have only two elements of the Double Top pattern in place and we still need a confirm…
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amerfx86 7 June

Very good chance to catch good price on double top or bottom

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good article

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Chart Patterns: Head and Shoulders pattern
It doesn't really matter if you're a pro trader or a beginner in trading business when it comes to popularity of Head and Shoulders (H&S) patterns. It doesn't really matter if you are familiar with many chart patterns, because recognizing H&S pattern is a must for all traders, no matter to which level they belong to. It represents one of the most reliable and respected reversal chart patterns out there. As the name says, the H&S looks like a head with two shoulders on both sides. In case the price reverses from bearish to bullish, that is called Inverse Head and Shoulders pattern, where the head acts as a bottom. It is very important to reaffirm that the H&S pattern is reversal and not a continuation pattern.
Structure of the H&S
There are four main elements of the H&S pattern: a head, two shoulders and a neckline. Once the price breaks below the neckline, which should act as a support, that translates into a confirmation of the H&S pattern (Picture 1). As it can be clearly seen on the weekly chart of USD/JPY, the price has a head (top), two shoulders which, in this care, are not perfectly symmetrical and a neckline. Once the price breaks …
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varunk80 30 May

keep it up, basics are good to start.

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Sennna88 30 May

thanks a lot both of you

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levaz 30 May

This is a good article that accurately covers the concept of H&S setup.  The illustrations reflect the entry and exit plan.  Thanks for sharing.

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Golosov 30 May

Repetition of the mother of learning.....For me.

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Sennna88 30 May

Thanks a lot! Entry is the most important part of the  H&S setup trading levaz

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You know that moment when it feels as if a light bulb suddenly goes on in your head, and you have that idea that looks like the solution to a very long-lasting problem? Well, I experienced such a moment very recently.
It all started with my preparation for the January strategy contest (2016), when I had to settle on a design for the strategy I would use for the contest. I am very fascinated with creating trading strategies, especially those that can run automatically. In a bid to start the New year on a high note, I opted to design an impressive strategy; something that would hopefully be profitable, and a strategy that would be able to dynamically close positions when the market trend changed.
I did some research, found a similar strategy from some months back, and modified it to suit my trading plan, with entry and exit rules included. The template I was working with was a rather complicated strategy, so I had to be careful as I took it apart and modified it to suit my plan. It took y several hours, literally to get this done, and I felt a great sense of accomplishment when it was finished. I was almost certain that I would be winning a truckload of cash prizes using my well-tho…
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decent material

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Sveetlana 15 Jan.

it's very good artikle!

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Thanks for informative article)))) Good job

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Most of the traders have traded Pin bars at some point, or at least learned about them in past, but it is still grey area for many traders. Well It shouldn't be. Pin bars should be included in any traders system or at least some part of it as they are great trading tool. I love trading Pin bars - they are easy to spot and most importantly very profitable.
I assume that the reader has some basic understanding of Japanese candlesticks as I will not re-visit the basic definition of candlesticks. I will just show how I trade Pin bars what process I use to identify them easily. For the purpose of clarity this is the definitions I use:
  • Most important of all - don't look for pin bars - pin bars are easy to spot - the will jump out of the chart like a sore thumb. If you have to think about it - “Is it a pin bar or not?” - most likely its not a pin bar.
  • Pin bars are Reversal patterns - that means there must be a trend before them - even if it is for short period of time
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Price action must be read in between the lines – nothing is black and white, just - many, many shades of grey. Risk-to-reward conditionality at certain parts of the range produces technical levels (see my older article Riding the Price Action Part 2: Risk to Reward). Volume flow around these levels creates constantly changing liquidity conditions and very specific price action dynamics.
Liquidity gaps. As price moves, it consumes volumes on its path. And until it stays inside most recently created range and keeps moving inside, volumes in this range gets thinner every time range gets crossed. And, as volumes get thinner, technical levels inside this range becomes less relevant - market participants, who traded these technicals, are already in and maybe – already out.
That’s where popular saying “Buy the double bottom and sell the triple one” came from. Every second approach to the same technical spot makes it weaker - one of the most important principles of liquidity dynamics in the financial markets.
Figure 1.0. Volumes deteriorate while price maintains the range.
Liquidity gaps also appear outside of the range – in between non-essential micro technical levels. Often, liqui
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Mani 15 May

nice article

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nice work

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                                                            Simple 4h/daily Reversal Strategy
          This strategy is mostly for
beginners, but also for traders who consider they need other elements
for strengthening their trading style. It will be divided into parts
due to the length of it.
              No matter what kind of
trader you are, I invite you to post. Good, bad, by communicating we
can clear up problems.
              How does the system
work? We open up positions between the upper and lower bollinger
band. We go with the trend from 4h/daily and we don't exit the
position until we have a clear reversal signal which we'll ultimately
         What's a reversal
signal? Well, the candlestick reversal patterns, (evening/morning
star, harami, engulfing etc) fibonacci ratios and extensions, classic
reversals like head and shoulders, triangle, wedge, gartley patterns
and also price analysis using gann.
              So what do we need to do in
order to enter/exit a transaction?
overbought/oversold conditions. If there is none we just adjust
SL. If there is one, we start looking at the charts for more info.
Start looking for
divergences on diffe…
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alifari 18 Jan.

Nice Article +1

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