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In this article, it has been collected a series of information about the NZD/USD pair and a description of a trading strategy with the scope of indicate a pair forecast at 21:00 GMT 30/09/2015 . In accordance with a traditional approach to explaining exchange rate changes, the studies focus on the
  1. The role of the China and the FED played in fundamental analysis
  2. A selection of indicators that support the technical analysis.
  3. A trading strategy
The data and the chart comes from the Dukascop…
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Mariia 27 Sep.

very useful Durden

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wonderful job

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Love the detailed description! Very well done.

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TRAD3R 1 Oct.

surely useful , thanks :)

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great! Ur job is great!

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There's so many different strategies,
trade systems everywhere. You can see great reports, that show 100%
win ratio. So the question arises – is it really so easy to trade?
I do not think that it's easy. I think that one has to know how to
identify good reports from bad ones. So in this article I am writing
about what profitable trading means. And how to understand reports.
time period to use
the longer time period in a report we see, the better report it is.
Long time period we need because market changes all the time. Market
conditions change too. Market can be ranging for example for months,
but very fast it can change to a strong trend. It means that range
trading strategies will fail. Break outs trading strategies will fail
at ranging market. Good strategy has to be profitable or break even
all the time. For example if we study ranging market strategy, it has
to be profitable at ranging market conditions and at least at break
even at trending market.Below are my Strategy contest balance and rank charts from Dukascopy web page. I have to mention that my strategy is profitable when market is in ranging state.Above chart shows that equity rises gradually, but ther…
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schnitzel avatar
schnitzel 29 June

Unfortunately in the Dukascopy app it is not possible to back test for a person longer than one year. Or did I miss this?

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Miha25 29 June

good luck with this article and keep doing the good job +1

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Cesar 30 June

Good article!

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olchik0012 19 Oct.


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xiaozuwei 27 June

this biggest mirage in MT4 is that backtests are mostly based on interpolation data, which is far from real if your strategy is heavily based on tick feed.

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