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Hello community members, I am here again with my new article. Which is “Demo trading vs Real trading”. What makes it different? And how you may go wrong and face losses if you don’t make a proper strategy for your survival in real trading. Trading looks very easy to anyone who gets involve in it. You start to dream that you are going to be rich really soon. And without going through adequate practice and without proper testing of the trading system you jump into the big sea to catch big fishes. This happens with almost every trader (including me). I have gone through it. And that big fish caught me and ate me.
Prepare yourself rather than dreaming being rich

So, let’s talk about demo trading first. Because that comes first when you think about forex trading. Everyone have traded in demo even if it is for one day only. There are hundreds of broker around the world, which provide access to the forex world. They provide different leverages, spread, cashback, loyalty programs, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus to attract clients from all over the world. Even for a small trader they can provide a demo account with huge amount and high leverage. First thing to drag you into this big sea. Y…
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MariaSokol 27 July

Like it!!

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al_dcdemo 27 July

A great article!

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Very good article

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dukfxx 31 July

good article

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bogos 3 Aug.


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Ironically, being a slave of trading performance puts people with that mindset in a downhill movement. It’s a paradox of the financial world that in order to succeed and have the things that attracted you to the idea of having it all in the first place, you have to be humble and forget about being better than the other guy, or richer. Speaking of paradoxes, there’s something called the Omnipotence Paradox which can be very humbling once you give it some time and thought. Can an omnipotent being create a stone that’s heavy enough so this same being can’t lift it from the ground? If he can create the stone, that implies he won’t be able to lift it, and therefore he won’t be omnipotent anymore. If he can’t create it, then it’s the same principle, he’s not omnipotent. The lesson here is: there are no absolutes, especially in trading. In other words, trading is not perfect and it will never be, so stop looking for perfect answers. The Holy Grail Paradox All of this conversation and pursuit of the Holy Grail is very amusing sometimes. If you ask a professional trader at the top of his game (I did) he’ll tell you the Holy Grail is hard work. If you’re looking for some magic signal or…
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eagl 6 Oct.

Good stuff. It may sound cliche but ultimately what works in trading comes really comes from within. True deserving hard work in trading is about research, development, testing and thinking about preserving your capital. A lot of traders fool themselves by looking at the market day after day and the market fools them in turn by letting them win twelve times in a row. Subsequently we all know what happens to that poor chap when the market turns bad against him.

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Emotional Intelligence also applies here.I agree with the fact that numbers don't lie and a 50% Win/Loss Ratio with a reward/risk of 3:1 can make one successful. Regarding the Ego, it makes our lives hard not just trading

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Unfortunately, your article will probably not get much attention, because it is all text and a bit philosophical, but there is a lot of stuff here that people should pay attention to. I was reading and nodding in agreement all the time :)

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Likerty 30 Oct.

First part of the article was really sensational just later fell in to usual and already heard things, but still it is one of the best articles on the matter taht I read here in DUkas contests!

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Brokerage firms between illusion and realityGood afternoon, all the better to love and satisfactoryMorning lights and good things ..-  When we look back together beginning in the field of forex We all know that there are many steps Which hoped to learn at first, to Only recently that the majority of paying attention to this veinAnd a series of errors, duplicate And then learning has passed some of these errors .- Yet fully aware that the novice The importance of capital management After a certain time of tradingAnd then some of the losses that wipe out the profits realized Based on unconscious Is the case with many brokerage firmsWhere pay attention only when a problem occurs with broker As for the withdrawal of moneyOr in some conditions Existing in the contract which you signed With the company without being read ..- When it comes to brokerage firms, the words are frequently And long, There are those who renounce  the company (...)There are those who accuse the company (..) Fraud and theft To another of the stories and topicsYou are aware of them And passed on all of us, whether novice or a professional in this market ..- What I saw my point of view and unfortunately it Often the…
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Its important to choose a good broker first +1

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Abdoo 11 July

@litsat / yep you are right

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Abdoo 11 July

@Edziukas12345 / yes that is the first step

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good keep it up

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Abdoo 29 July

@madihazulfiqar : Thanks

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            I recently read an articles in the previous contest how all these participants found their way to become profitable traders how good they are in traiding.All the guys were giving advices on how to become a profitable in our trading. The truth is none of us is a profitable by now if you are consistent in making money you are not going to waste your time participating in any contest you would be watching the market and trading.My opinion is that all the contests such as trader,article and strategy contest are bad for us because we put our efforts in all those three but trading.Trader contest is building bad habits such as a over leveraging our position in order to win everybody is trying to build their accounts from 100 000 to 500 000 or even more, how by trading big you risk everything in 1-2 trades on the other hand you have one month so you need to get yourself in trading because you do not have time you need to put some trades in order to win even though chart is telling you to wait there you go you just build overtrading habit, what else I have a scalping strategy and every time I miss 5-10 pips or more because of pop up window where I have to put explanation why …
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scramble avatar
scramble 7 June

And brokers don't spend time or even money in trying to get your money. Web is full of contests that you could win also with the most stupid EA in the world if you are lucky. Dukas traders contest is something different from this. good luck !

pichou avatar
pichou 8 June

well you know that you need a lot of cash to open an account with this broker.

As to the matter of who is and who is not a good broker i would like to say that trading is not like calculus. One cannot be as good at trading as one could be at calculus. Forex trading is not a simple math formula and if it were there would be too many unknown for it to ever become truly formulaic. Trading is not mathematics. Trading is like trying to tame a wild horse a lot of the time. Or like trying to predict where the wind will blow..

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jlongo 8 June

This is a controversial article if we take it just on the words, but the author make some valid points, not applicable to everyone, but certainly to someone. Unfortunatly the author appears not to be anger, but disapointed with Dukascopy Contests or with contestants. The Contests, specially the trader contest, can be a great learn path, but for this you can't think in win, but on LEARN and use it as a DEMO account and in this case you can add more fun as you can interact with other contestants. To win in this contest, you only can do that if you take to much risks you don't take on real accou

thescalper avatar
thescalper 10 June

Luke you have totally or partially lost your way. It is how you take this contest and use for enhancement of skills. Dukas has provided a platform for all of us with prize as incentive to it. You seems to have no interaction with fellow traders. You can learn a lot before jumping it live and who has asked to you change you leverage. Leverage in reality should be used depending upon the probability of your success. Finally it is up to you.

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lkubanek 13 June

I think that you should do differrent things than trading men...

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