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Hello community members, I am here again with my new article. Which is “Demo trading vs Real trading”. What makes it different? And how you may go wrong and face losses if you don’t make a proper strategy for your survival in real trading. Trading looks very easy to anyone who gets involve in it. You start to dream that you are going to be rich really soon. And without going through adequate practice and without proper testing of the trading system you jump into the big sea to catch big fishes. This happens with almost every trader (including me). I have gone through it. And that big fish caught me and ate me.
Prepare yourself rather than dreaming being rich

So, let’s talk about demo trading first. Because that comes first when you think about forex trading. Everyone have traded in demo even if it is for one day only. There are hundreds of broker around the world, which provide access to the forex world. They provide different leverages, spread, cashback, loyalty programs, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus to attract clients from all over the world. Even for a small trader they can provide a demo account with huge amount and high leverage. First thing to drag you into this big sea. Y…
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MariaSokol 27 July

Like it!!

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al_dcdemo 27 July

A great article!

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Very good article

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dukfxx 31 July

good article

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bogos 3 Aug.


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SpecialFX 18 Sep.

You could also have included some losing trades, because studying negative trades is very interesting as well, and sometimes a better learning tool :)

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alifari 24 Sep.

well done

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captain 27 Sep.

Thank you for sharing

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Lordy_zita 28 Sep.

@SpecialFX It better to share success and let every one learn from his own losses.

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Lordy_zita 28 Sep.

Thanks for commenting. Have a nice day

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