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1. OverviewThere are a lot of theories in FOREX market. You can use various indicators, trade signals, copy others trades, etc. But in every such a case you will use some theory, which will be used by many others. Of course it is great job to choose relevant method and apply it during right conditions. But can you create your own theory? This question arises sooner or later after spending some years in FOREX market.2. Movements prediction method descriptionWhen creating theory for predictions some kind of statistical method could be used. I will assume that if some pair is in the middle of its highs and lows (lets assume analyzing only 10 past years) from statistical point of view it is unlikely that during coming 2-3 years such pair will break highs or lows. Of course it is from statistical point of view as in real world different matters could occur and ruin statistical predictions. But there is no 100% accurate predictions in any case.For this analysis monthly charts will be used.Further on from statistical point of view if we will take shorter period lets say 2 years and look at highs and lows for this period and if rate is somewhere in the middle again once again from statisti…
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marius24 21 Aug.

a new idea in this article..good job :)

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rokasltu 28 Aug.

First test of strategy had a result of >+150 pips, you can check it Next month I will trade in Trader contest using this strategy!

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apsu 28 Aug.

Good article!

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good one



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Approaches to the formation of
the central bank interest rates on operations as a reduction in inflation and
the sustainability of the national currency.         
In terms of a single interest rate policy of the state has its own unique
structure. The main instruments of the central bank's interest rate policy are
the basic refinancing rate and interest rates on bank transactions in the
financial market. The refinancing rate during the evolution of the monetary
system was more indicative measure, giving the economy a reference value of
national currency in the medium term. Although, of course, one can not deny the
fact that the refinancing rate has a significant influence on the level of
interest in the economy.
Interest rates on central bank operations in the financial market (hereinafter
- the rate of Operations) - online tool for interest rate policy. For him the
bank conducts transactions in the financial market, carry out refinancing and
withdrawal of liquidity from banks, thereby forming a rate of return on various
financial market segments.
The central bank in the conduct of interest rate policy adheres to certain
principles and approaches focused on specific goals, has a ma…
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Intresting article +1

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ritesh 26 Feb.

where can i buy that I love Fx mugs, maybe Dukascopy provides them to all winners as goodies..nice article +1

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