Why it is not fashionable and prestigious to be a trader on Forex market?

In this article, I want to talk about the following questions:
Why the Forex market and trading in it has such a bad reputation?
Why to be a FX trader is not fashionable, not prestigious?
Why traders do not like to talk about their work?
Why, if you will ask them about their activities, they will answer: "I work in finance", "I work in the financial markets," or something similar?
Why traders are shy of the fact, what they trade in the Forex market?
Why nobody talks about it proudly?
So many why!
I heard this from so many people, many of my friends are traders. I am a trader in the Forex market, and I know this. Let's try to clarify this issue.
Trader can lose money.

Often you can read the article or see the video on the topic: "Why is it so dangerous trade in the Forex market? Why is it better to trade stocks? ". Or "Do you really want to trade currency? – Trading Futures on currency on the exchange! Do not trade on the SPOT market!"
The reason for such statements is, in the first place, that existed before, and there is still very large numbers of Forex companies, which work for dishonest sche…
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