Hi friends, I know you all are waiting for my next article so here I am writing my own experience rather than others.
When I was studying in Engineering Bachelor Degree there was intra engineering college debate competition for young entrepreneurs and topic was “What will I do if I get TEN MILLION RUPEES”.
There were 27 participates and when i got up there were 4 participates left and entire debate all was looking like bike without petrol and they called 24th participant and i thought of sleeping once again but i couldn’t because one funny thing happened the 24th participant also slept and they had to call him four times to wake him up then finally he got up and everybody were laughing at him including me. He came to stage and said to judges it’s no big deal to make TEN MILLION to TWENTY MILLION the main issue in is how to get that TEN MILLION rupees first for invest, If you want the answer select me for the next round. By his answer entire auditorium was shocked and once again he started his work very nicely (sleeping).
Unfortunately judges selected that guy for the next round and while he coming to stage him starting saying I know you are all waiting for my answer. …
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