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Factors that are an obstacle to achieve more profits in Forex

If you're a trader gainers in the foreign exchange market congratulations to you thou fall under 5% of winners all over the world. But you must keep in mind that even if you make a profit, it passes a period of time you settle your earnings ratios can not achieve more. This was due to psychological factors limiting further gains, we review the most prominent together.
Early exit from the order:
Most of the traders in the currency market do early out of the deal and does not wait for the arrival of the pair to the specified target him and who cum advance. This was due to the psychological state of the trader. For example, if you enter into a deal to sell the pair Eurodollar with goal setting 50-point, if the pair fell 20 points only, you trader, may be affected by psychological your condition may prefer to get out of the deal without obvious reasons, or even the existence of reflexive signals before reaching the target set.
On the other side, we find that the psychological traders may prompt them to move the stop-loss at the reflection of the deal and approached the hit stop-loss point, which would result in the end to …
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appreciate it!

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wind87 7 Mar.

Well done

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great job)))

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good job

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Dennis Gartman has been involved in the stock market for over three decades. He has also traded the foreign exchange and money market instruments. He is very familiar with trading Treasury bonds, Treasury notes and futures contracts.
To say Dennis Gartman is an experienced trader would be a gross understatement. For a man who has traded for so long, and has gained a wealth of experience; he has some basic trading rules and tips which have helped him in his trading journey.
Rule #1
Never add to a losing position. It is usually hard to admit when a trade goes wrong, but this happens quite a lot. And there is a tendency to add to that losing trade in the hopes that the market trend will reverse, Gartman advises against this. A better option is to close out the position and re-group, or let the trade close on its own without investing more in a bad trading decision.
Rule #2
Trade like a mercenary guerrilla; this means been sensitive to the general trading climate, and be ready to change strategy as the trading climate changes.
For example, if we were long on the EURUSD, and we start to notice unfavorable news releases which could have a negative impact on the EUR, and cause a decl…
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Gartman is the supreme counter indicator that has ever existed, just fade him and you'll be a Billionaire:)

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Margoshka 17 Sep.


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nice article

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Is trading Forex really easy ? Absolutely no, Forex advertisements often make indications that forex trading is easy and profits can be done easily from your home and specifically from your bed, these advertisement betrayed a lot of people who then lost thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, entering Forex market needs long time preparations, as example, you can succeed in your bachelor degree if you did not study and pass your tests.
(Source: )
Why Forex trading is not easy ?
Forex advertisement claimed that Forex trading is very easy due to some considerations which will be discussed below:
Claim #1: You can profit easily if you know direction just up or down, if you know direction of currency up then you will easily make profits.
How to respond about this claim: Knowing direction is gibberish words, what is the meaning of knowing direction, as example, US$ is expected to move up, but against any other currency, sure, not against all, if against all to any time or to any number of pips, it is not easy to say direction is up or down. The problem that most advertisements wanted to prove that trading is easy by explaining ho…
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good work

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Very Correct

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This is a very touchy subject for many traders, because the primary reason why people go into the currency markets as an investment strategy is to make money. A business that does not yield positive returns is generally something people do not wish to associate with.
We all know the FX siren song, how trillions of United States dollars flow through the currency markets on a daily basis, and how it is easy to get a small chunk of that pie as a retail trader. This is very true, but where some traders get it wrong is when they expect to make money all the time.
The fact of the matter is that, there will be good and bad days. And the bad days can be very lousy, and can make a trader really doubt his ability to make profitable transactions.
But the bad days should never overshadow the good ones. When I say overshadow, I am not referring to our feelings or emotions.
No! I am referring to the monetary profit or losses of those good and bad days. This article is aimed at creating a right trading mindset to losing in the currency markets.
The first thing we should realize is that as people going about our daily businesses, we are always exposed to risk. On an average day, there are…
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Yes, agree with people! Good job

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Poker is a very interesting game; that involves a lot of strategy and discipline. It teaches you how to calculate the odds of success and loss of a poker hand. When you believe the odds are in your favor, you bet some more and increase the stakes. A round of a poker game starts with a player getting two cards (your hand), every other player on the table also get two cards each. Over time five other cards are revealed on the table; the best combination of a player’s hand and the five cards on the table wins the pot (the reward money after the bet).
This is just a rudimentary description of how poker is played. It is a lot more complex, and has some many variations.
Is the game in any way related to trading the currency markets?
Can we learn a thing or two from the game of cards to make our trading better?
Can any card game strategy be profitable in the currency market?

This article will strive to answer all the above questions, and give a practical insight on how to approach the currency markets from a card player’s perspective.
To answer our first question, the basic similarity between a game of poker and trading the currency market is the uncertainty of the outcome. No p…
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fullmoon 17 Dec.

It's all about the "edge" which exists in many card games - It's very hard to find such a sustainable statistical edge in trading. I traded options when there was an edge, it does not exist anymore.

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P3tr4 17 Dec.

A sustainable statistical edge may be hard to find, that is why a trader has to be open-minded and ready to adapt.

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CD1V1 17 Dec.

there are traders who are profitable in 10 months out of 12, with consistent profit. They have an edge, that is why.

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CD1V1 24 Dec.

Congrats, i see you win first place in November article contest. good luck.

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fr33m4n 25 Dec.

CD1V1 she has won many prizes from article contest, but this is the first time she takes first place. Congratulations P3tr4. You are making nigerians proud. )))

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Hello dear community members,
It was long time I was willing to write a good article about trading, with the intention to bring you some useful trading stuff, that could really help you to increase your profits in the market. For that purpose, I did a long research that took me a lot of time, trying to offer you the best materials I was able to found.
After collecting, selecting and synthetizing all that, I summarized in 18 points what I considered as most useful as follows:
1. Trading’s industry is a world of big conflict of interest. It is one of the less regulated business fields, being the aspirant trader its most vulnerable element.
2. The world of the retail traders is the most disadvantaged place – despite their good intentions, it is a well-known fact that on the long run, more than 95% of them end losing their money.
3. More than 95% of the aspirant traders are losers, simply because more than 95% of the information they have in their brains about trading’s world is false and toxic. 4. The point is that a novice trader has no possibility to differentiate what information is true and useful and which information is toxic and wrong. 5. It is possible to ir
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vadeguay 23 Feb.

Nice article. So when the trading doctor finds that your infection level is severe, does he then refer you to a Trading hospital? Are there any detox clinics in Ucraine? :)

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SC4X 28 Feb.

Yes, this is good. Whilst your english is slightly incorrect (not that I am being negative of that and of course recognise that I do not speak/write in your language) - you have articulated the information very well and most notably have highlighted a quite a number of cutting issues; both within the industry and with the psychological. Your analogies for these are also great. I invite that you take this article / it's bullet points to the next level. ---- All the best.

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SC4X  Thank you very much, I appreciate your opinion! Have a great weekend :)

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Asylum 3 Oct.

Thanks for be good research work you do.

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Best Choices to Handle with Loser Forex Positions
After minutes of opening position in Forex, the position will either be profitable or loser, you will see your equity increase or decrease according to position. opening a trade in the market of Forex is very easy and simple but sometimes the pair move against your trade or Simply your position make looses instead of profits and this is great test for your profession and strategy.

From profitable to loser trade:

Generally, any one open a trade it may go against his/her favor and then it would decrease the equity of account. Losses may deepen if your stop loss is set far from entry or according to your exit strategy. Sometimes, the trade may convert from profitable to loser or the opposite in minutes or seconds especially at the time of strong data.
Loser positions adverse effects :
When a trade begin to make losses our adrenaline work and adversely affects our physiological and emotional behavior and this an enemy for any trade, but all of this depends on trading profession and experience, below the common adverse effect of a loser trade position:
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Very Insightful - I will use your suggestions.

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Well done!

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Every trader should read that ! Thank you so much ! Excellent. :) :)

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A brilliant article. Inspiring and nicely written, really good examples!

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SERIES 1 No. 1
The four Pillars of a Trader By Gino Roverssi

It all began one normal day whenI saw an advertisement about forex “Learnto easily 500 USD a Day” Clearly, it captured my attention right away. Atthat time in the second year of an Economics degree. I was Young (18 years old) and reckless sothe “Easy” part was a done deal for me. The advertisement also came with an invite to a ‘Seminar “about this Gold Mine called the Foreign Exchange Market or FOREX for the most of us. It was the beginning of one of the wildest,intellectually hardest and emotionally painfully thing I have ever done in my life.

Minutes became fifteen, fifteenbecame sixty…. Following the default settings of the time frame tab on most trading stations I realize my life was just another timeframe in this huge complex clock

I do not have a ton of experiencein FX, however I’m 25 now and that’s about 7 years in this crazy journey. During this 7 years I learned many things, Iread a lot of books and read a lot of posts in many forums and also wrote a few around but nothing was so clear, simple and consistent as it is now. The four pillars of a trader, describe the m…
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gino32 16 July

Btw I really liked your strategy, if you want to discuss improvements to it. Feel free to pm!  I also use the EMA 200 in my daily basis trading. The thing with the EMA 200, first IS NOT a random number usually it means something if you use days it will mean a year, if you use 4h it could mean almost a month and so on. Second, retail always use ema 200 as S/R that provide liquidity to the moves. 3rd Most trends begin with a break of the ema 200 then go up/down, reverse to the ema 200 and break again..its a very dynamic way to check the status of the market.

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FXdream 16 July

good article

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Jignesh 18 July

interesting concept.  I like the statement about screen time over books, and getting a feel for the market.  Also like how you incorporate the Mind & Body. The quote at end is very nice, who is it by?

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gino32 18 July

Tnx, its by me. you can use it if you want to! Next month i will upload a great article about intermarket and an indicator i made. Im sure youll like it!

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gino32 21 July

its seems like my downtrend is slowing down, hope accumulation process begin soon and then mark up to the first five! :P

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I won 8th place in the Dukascopy January Trading Contest. In terms of performance I ended the month in fifth place, with a final equity of 574,131 $ up from a starting equity of 100,000 $. In percentage terms, this is a gain of 474%. In terms of pips, I ended the month at +1433 pips. You can look at my stats at THIS LINK or just click on my profile and pick January 2013.So how did I do it?I didn't invent anything special. I didn't code a new indicator, I didn't invent a new system to trade the markets. I just used a tried and tested method that has been traded in the markets for decades."Reminiscences of a Stock Operator"It all started few years ago, when I first started to get interested in forex trading. "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" was one of the first trading books I read. The book portrays the life of Jesse Livermore, also know as "The Boy Plunger" or "The Great Bear of Wall Street", a stock trading legend. The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929 We start our story back in 1929. On October 24, 1929, also known as "Black Thursday", the US stock market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 11% at the opening bell. In the following days the market kept falling precipitously.…
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Ifuga 24 Feb.

Good article, good principles, good luck!

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SpecialFX 25 Feb.

I have the book and I love it! :) It's not a technical book that describes indicators or specific strategies, but there's a lot of useful information there. Plus the version I have has some cool illustrations :) Having said that, a 30-day period is not long enough to evaluate a trading strategy/approach. The principles you describe do work in the long run, but it all depends on the markets if they work in a specific month. Some months the trends are good, others not so much.

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments :) I agree this strategy, like any other cannot work in every type of market. Curious if any of you trade in a similar fashion?

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SpecialFX 28 Feb.

Jesse Livermore, Richard Donchian, Richard Dennis, my trading approach and philosophy is a mix of the three. They have quite a lot of similarities between themselves, so to answer your question, yes I do trade in a similar fashion :) I finished 2nd in the trading contest in December using this approach. It obviously won't work all months, because I trade long term, so in 30 days anything can happen and a lot of luck is needed to win a prize. If the contest lasted for say...6 months, anyone trading in a similar fashion would have better results than they do now :)

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citikot 4 Mar.

Good reading! Good job for systemathizing! Old dogs can fight effortless and by more efficient way. +1

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