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In the world of trading, you have to be ahead if you want to have the potential to succeed. If you interview successful traders or investors in the Forex market, they will undoubtedly highlight their audacity, ability and knowledge of how to predict the future price action in the Forex market.
But what must be remembered to answer the question?
Above all, you should know that Forex is a decentralized and global market for currency trading. It's the largest market in the world, dealing with trillions of dollars worth of transactions every day. Notable players are central banks, hedge funds, governments, trading companies, investment institutions, global corporations and, of course, retail brokers and traders.
To predict price movements in the market, we recognize that a trader needs to have a thorough understanding of the factors that can influence future movements in the exchange rate of a currency. And to succeed, remember that there is no prediction formula. In the ultimate forex, it all depends on your skills, your experiences and your commitments to succeed.
There are factors you need to understand to predict well. For example, they are: Economic Growth, Recessions, Geopolitics…
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Good job! :))

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Thank you my friends for your kind attention ! on my article! Be blessed! I wish good trading for all of you in this new month!

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It's very interest for me!

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Hi Pip Warriors,
Welcome to another new month, Forex is not magic but it’s full of logic and people sentiment where god will also fail to predict market direction. Let’s assume god decided to start forex trading without experience/knowledge, money and risk management then god will also hit rock bottom within months. I am going to tell a new pip warrior story which is worth listening.
When I started to trade, I was scared and felt like entering to some unnatural world where life is full of unexpected traps so started to meet new people in the new world to understand and to start new pip warrior life.
I am always excited to meet new people in Dukascopy because I love to listen their trading life cycle by asking questions like how they came to know about forex, how is their trading life and much more. Final and my favorite question is please can you give some suggestion for successful trading.
From every people I met in Dukascopy always took something good from their trading life and trying to adopt to my trading journey. As usual met one guy in Dukascopy and like same asked about his story where I learnt so many things so I thought to share his story because it will be lesson for…
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iiivb 30 Apr.

great and thanks for sharing!

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One of the most popular contests in Dukascopy is Fundamental Analysis. May be that is because it looks very easy at the beginning. But experienced members of the community already know that it is not easy as it seems. Of course for some it is just gambling. Some just follow majority, others go against majority, even some people predict in one direction. I decided to share my way of prediction in Fundamental analysis.
1) Analyzing fundamental indicators
First of all we are looking into historical data of the indicator. Most websites with economic calendar provide historical data and charts of economical indicators. You can use Dukascopy economical calendar or other websites. I mostly use calendar.
By checking historical data we are looking for trends, cycles, seasonal patterns. Is it rising or falling? How the data behaved this time in previous years?
IMPORTANT! - Forecast numbers are very important. Does it supports the trend or is against the trend? Is it too high or too low? Market ignores small differences in trends but surprisingly different results can shake the market.
2) Trend making and changing factors
It is very important to pay attention to…
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Yes, you are correct in their thinking on the subject ... I support))

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and indeed in the FA is important to consider all the items that you specified in your article!

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but, unfortunately, even the most careful analysis can be false ...

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