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Hello friends, this time I am here with an article on Dukascopy itself, which provides a launching pad to various Forex traders and career seekers.
I believe Dukascopy is doing enormous job in providing fabulous and amazing opportunities in the shape of Dukascopy contests.
Good thing which I like about Dukascopy is that, that if you have talent in you, you can prove yourself on a platform given by it.
Show your talent and get rewarded handsomely

I do believe it’s a great opportunity to participate in the contests and win positions (Lacs of Dollars in the offing as prize money). Specially for those who doesn’t have much funds to invest in Forex Trading. Here you need to invest your time and skill only. With no fear of losing money gives an extra weightage to these opportunities provided by Dukascopy.
Below are the contests which are offered by Dukascopy:
**Trading Contests**
Manual FX trading
* Trader Contest * Signal Provider Grand Prix * Trader of the year
Automated trading
* Strategy Contest
Signal Trading
* Social Trading Contest
Binary options trading
* …
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Nihad 30 Aug.


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отличная статья !

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И снова здравствуйте!
Можно сказать здесь в конкурсе затронуто уже все теми для статей и придумать что – то новое не так уж и просто, как кажется со стороны. Но как бы не было постараюсь внести и свои коррективы, так сказать свой маленький вклад в это Сообщество и буду надеяться, что моя робота сделана не зря.

Для начала разберём, что же такое бинарные опционы?
Бинарные опционы – это финансовые инструменти, который дает право, но не обязательство произвести куплю или продажу определенного актива по определенной цене в определенные сроки и обеспечивает фиксированный размер дохода, либо либо не приносит ничего.
На скриншоте показан пример бинарного контракта, как это виглядит в Dukascopy Community, — ставка на понижение цены или Put:
И на повышение цены или Call:
В случае если вы угадали с направлением — получаете назад размер вашей ставки, плюс 70-90% чистой прибыли. Ошиблись — теряете размер ставки.
По сути все просто и достаточно прозрачно . Здесь не нужно заботиться о поддержании позиции. Все риски вам известны заранее. Сделали ставку в определённый момент и по истечению срока экспирации контракт закроется автоматически. Экс…
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alphahavoc  thanks

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very good

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It's well done! And even well presented!

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A great article!

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  • Abstract:
Investments on Forex Markets require experience, knowledge, technique, but most important a trading plan.
Before to risk any capital, investors keep searching opportunities that seem attractive to get in.
When the investor has work usually on demo accounts by few months or even years, the next step is to jump into live accounts.
But at this time, working on reading charts maybe is bored by the mechanical procedure to follow a defined plan.
The proper option could be, to put this knowledge into an automated strategy or script that contains in code lines
the trading idea to let the job to a machine.
Also, this could help to avoid things like to be watching the charts every time and or make decisions by emotion.
So, now the new goal is to find how to make this, and best how to improve performance and more over profits.
  • Automated trading on Forex Markets:
Working on automating a trading plan, can sound hard job but maybe it's simple. It depends on most cases of a previous
background and the system to use.
Perhaps people doesn't like to risk your capital on systems because is very difficult to put in lines code a detailed sequence tasks.
Others maybe opt by purchase scripts to…
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RahmanSL 13 Dec.

Jforex vs MT4 trading platform.....I have never been much of a fan for robot/auto-trading...but that doesn't mean they are not good because each Forex Trader will eventually developed and settle down to his/her trading system  that they are most comfortable with in which to be consistently profitable.

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Interesting article about MT4, is it possible to export the code from VJF to MT4 ?

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Nice one, Good luck :)

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FXRabbit 14 Dec.

Well written!

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Muy útil! gracias

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This article is about to use the belt in ‘tool’ in JForex which will allow changing custom period selection on time base period and price base period. It is our (traders) normal tendency to use the default values of any platform. This practice limit us to use only common values/seating of the platform, although platform has many other options available that may be used for to test some new strategies and implanting new idea. Jforex is powerful forex trading platform that can give us a very flexible trading environment, with many other features it also provides a comprehensive selection of customized period selection.
Types of Chart Periods
There are two basic types of charts Period.
  • Time based chart
  • Price based chart
Time based chart
Time-based chart draws a new bar after a set number of Time intervals, for example after every 5 minutes. All bar, line, and candlestick charts are time base charts.
Price based period
Price based chart draw a new bar after a set number of trades, for example after every 50 trades. All Renko,
Line Break, point and Figure and Tick bars charts are The examples of price base period charts.
Default charts values of J forex
By def…
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fx211pips 20 Oct.

superb article

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Boznow 22 Oct.

interesting article!

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Adi001 24 Oct.

Surely many are not aware they can set a custom timeframe, you thought well.

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geoma 25 Oct.

That's a cool one, is it possible to drag the s/l and t/p to adjust on JF?

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Natasha888 10 Feb.


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1: Introduction

In this report, we would like to talk about how to use my plugin for manual / auto tweet on the JForex Platform. You can get that plugin from JStore. Please search the "PluginTvvitter" at Plugin category of there. This plugin can do 2 things. One of that is manually tweet (or email). Another one is auto tweet (or email). You can easy tweet with chart image by this manually tweet function. And also you can easy manage and control the tweets (or emails) from the plurality of strategies by this auto tweet function. In this report, we would like to focus on tweet functions. Firstly, 2: Instruction Manual; we explains how to tweet by manual and auto in this section. Secondly, 3: Conclusion; we summarize what can do by this plugin's manually / auto tweet functions in this section.

2: Instruction Manual

2.1: Initial Settings
In this section, explain about setting an initial settings for manually tweet or auto tweet.
2.1.1: Password
When you activate this plugin for first time, you need to input the new password for the settings file.
2.1.2: Main panel
Next, please look the following picture, it is main control panel of this plugin.
Fig. 2.1.
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never thought of that

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Nice explanation

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Great article. Really interesting and useful...

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great work

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like this article!

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