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Hello Community Members, this is my very first article. So, I want to start with the basic strategy which is the base of the Forex trading. The following pivot point trading strategy has been around for a long time. It was originally used by floor traders. This was a nice and easy way for floor traders to have an idea of where the market was going during the course of the day using just a few basic calculations. The pivot point is defined as the level at which the market direction changes for the day. Using some simple math and the previous day's high, low and closing prices, a series of points are set. These points can be critical support and resistance levels. The pivot level, support and resistance levels calculated from those prices are collectively known as pivot levels.
The Pivot is the point around which market moves

Every day, the market you are following has an open, high, low and closing price for the day (some markets, such as the Forex market, are open 24 hours, but we generally use midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) as the open and close time). This information basically contains all the data you need to use pivot points. The reason pivot points are so popular is tha…
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kish 3 May

хорошая статья

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very good

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Good article

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ochiki 1 June

great stuff...keep it up man!


Good work

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Success is not in the simplest attitudes?!Which of us does not walk in search of the Holy Grail? We all seek ways to negotiate, that we can bring fortune to our pockets ... but is that deep down, we believe that this is possible?!I walk in the Forex markets since 2006 and in truth I have to tell you, it took me 3 margin call, I've been through different trading strategies, I've lost, I won and I'm back to lose, repeatedly questioned the possibility of quitting, either because I thought it was not my thing, either because I felt that the levels of stress and anxiety rose to the point of forgetting and despise everything that was around me. However, with the passage of time have been mature, I have looked at things another way and I believe increasingly that the solution passes through Discipline, Money Management, and by the simplest strategies. Obviously I am only a simple trader as others here, however is my intention with this article explain a strategy that I have been using and which I consider for each moment that passes as a good way to earn what they me proposed. I assure you, I have no idea of ​​making fortunes with it, but with discipline, without much greed and good manag…
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Bluedragon 13 Sep.

higher you climb the greater the fall, this movement has improved a bit over our PIVOT.
Monthly Pivot at 150 pips (down)
Weekly Pivot at 70 pips (down)
Daily Pivot currently 35 pips (too down).
Right here we have a nice trigger to sell. I just put a sell order without SL and TP 50 pips pointing. We shall see.

good trades

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 14 Sep.

If with all the problems Europe faces the Euro still goes up considerably, way above the 200-day moving average now, then the market is telling you something, but it sure is not to sell... The markets are always right, even when they're not, there's nothing to gain in arguing with the markets. The trend is friend...or your worst enemy if you go against it, just my humble opinion :)

Bluedragon avatar
Bluedragon 20 Sep.

As you all can see, in trends always reversal happen. And this is a prove of that. Pivot W1 was get it, now we continue moving down to MN Pivot... Pacience is our best friend...even more than trend ;) Good trades to all

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alifari 24 Sep.

nice strategy and well explained

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juandata 21 Sep.

Hi Guys, it looks like a profitable strategy, (thanks for sharing it bluedragon) but for some reason I cannot draw the EMA1, the minimum I can choose is 2. Has this happened to someone else?

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My manual trading system is 70% based on price levels. I think that most traders use some kind of levels – pivot points, Fibonacci retracements, trendlines, price action levels, etc. Of-course there are profitable traders, who do not use any kind of levels. But in my opinion levels do increase odds to be profitable. So in this article I will write about different price levels. I will try to give basic understanding about levels and how do I classify them. Methods of finding price levels 1. Every trader is aware of Fibonacci retracements. There is a GBPUSD 1 hour chart with Fibonacci retracements in an image below . As seen in the image some levels are respected, some not. Basically Fibonacci is nothing special or magic – it's just a tool to devide recent price move into percents. And according to Fibonacci some numbers are important in our universe. It's 0.236 (23.6%), 0.382 (38.2%), 0.5 (50%), 0.618 (61.8%) and so on. I would suggest adding 1.236 and 1.5 – this would add some more levels to watch. My observations show that these levels are respected often enough. 2. Pivot points. The name tells a lot – pivotal. This means, that pivot points are levels, where…
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aurelijus 28 Apr.

Not bad, will be waiting for next one.

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gintaras 29 Apr.

Never thought about magnet levels. Interesting approach! Sekmes!

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adask 30 Apr.

Thank you all for a kind comments. Will be posting next article about price action levels this week.

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blackjack 30 Apr.


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blackjack 30 Apr.


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Pivot Points:In this article, I am going to explain the use and effectiveness of pivot points in day trading.What are Pivot points?Pivot points are horizontal levels of  Support and Resistance which are used by traders from retail level all the way up to institutional levels. The beauty of Pivot Points is down to the fact that every major trader uses it and therefore it becomes even more useful.Along with the Pivot Point, there are levels of resistance which are placed above it and levels of support below. These act as leading levels where price is likely to stall or reverse.When using the Indicator on JForex they appear like this;They have coloured horizontal lines with the numerical value of each level listed above it.How pivot points are calculated:When calculating Pivot Points you use the previous time period Open (O), High (H), Low (L and  close (C) data. The previous time period is normally the previous day, however it can range from daily to monthly.There are 4 methods : Normal, Camarilla, Fibonacci and Woodie. Personally I think Normal is the most profitable and therefore I will cover that during this.To calculate the pivot point you use the formula - Pivot Point = (O + H  …
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Schaolin avatar
Schaolin 10 Apr.

very interesting article, you must put them in practice +1

AdrianWS avatar
AdrianWS 13 Apr.

Yeah, I do use them a lot in trading and they are very useful, good for Stop loss positions and Take profit areas.

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