one day we are faced with a choice of investments, where we know it,
that the emotional state we are not good as we expected. Perhaps
this is a frequent cause of why we are always doing strange habits and
sometimes make us to take something that is not rational.Actually, if you include people from the rational part? may be of a question, our own sometimes less understand it, then to be able menjawabannya you can find on the description below.-OO0-Fear of Regret-0O0-Feelings
of fear of a regret is a condition in which a trader's emotional side
of being affected, a trader will realize when he had made a mistake.Example: A trader has to open a Buy position, and fixated on the price at which he did buy. When prices move far down, he unconsciously emotionally involved with the price at the time he did open a Buy position.So, he tries not to cover the trading position. Due to avoid regret trading has made a wrong decision. He was also embarrassed when a loss position known to other people.With such circumstances, actually what we should do ...?You can illustrate these conditions by asking yourself, "Am I going back to buy again in a position of this loss is my cap?"If the answer is…
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