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Hello, my dear fellow community members and my dear readers.
Today I am going to talk about the greed and fear. I am sure that most of you are already aware of these two emotions.
  • FEAR
Many of us, in fact, all of us have a fear when we are trading in the markets - the fear of losing. But why does this fear arise? when we say that we have no fear of anyone then how come that we have a fear while trading when there is no one around us? Well, the answer to this question is- this is the fear of losing, the fear of losing the money. In today's world money is the most valuable asset. Losing money seems to be losing the very important asset in your life. When we have this feeling of losing something which is very important and dear to have, we tend to be afraid of it. We have a fear in mind. This is what happens in the markets. We don't want to lose the money, but the decision that we made is going against us and we may lose money in the process. This fear shadows our mind and we tend to take wrong decisions in the market resulting in the loss of the capital.
Greed is another most important factor or the emotion. It is something that we all have encountered. Greed comes into bein…
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TInna 1 June

well done!

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Yuliya_N 1 June

It was interesting to read about the ghosts haunting traders

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anna_n 2 June

very nice article!

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Adel55 11 June


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sharpsense 16 June

well done;)

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bdpips 21 Oct.


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good strategy for trading

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Yuliya_N 24 Oct.

Well done!

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FXRabbit 25 Oct.

Well written!

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ak10 25 Oct.


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Good job!

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Sennna88 7 June

good job! keep it up!

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