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Как долго смогло бы продержаться в бизнесе казино, если бы большинство его посетителей не проигрывало, а выигрывало? То же самое и на рынке. Для того, чтобы продолжать существовать рынок должен действовать таким образом, чтобы участники проигрывали. В противном случае откуда брать деньги, чтобы платить победителям, если выигрывает большинство?
Казино имеет определенные преимущества по сравнению с рынком - оно может заранее установить такие правила игры, которые обеспечат хозяину математическое преимущество. Рынок же не может прямо контролировать то, как будет играть каждый индивидуальный игрок. Большинство трейдеров - это умные образованные люди. У них есть практически неограниченные источники с информацией о том, как торговать. У них стоят мощные компьютеры с умными программами, предназначенными для того, чтобы завоевать рынок. Почему же тогда так высок процент трейдеров, несущих убытки?
Хорошо известный ответ состоит в том, что трейдеры не могут в достаточной мере управлять своими эмоциями для достижения успеха. Это безусловно верно. Другая менее известная причина состоит в том, что рынок постоянно дезинформирует участников. Я не хочу сказать, что рынок обладает своей волей или с…
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tdbatinkov avatar

very good written

Natalia_Kisenko avatar

правильные мысли!

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Olkiss70 21 Feb.

неплохо описано

Sharpshooter avatar

Только человек может победить этого воображаемого соперника. Торговый советник слишком "глуп" и, даже, скорее деревянный для такой работы.

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Nihad 28 Feb.

Good Luck Marinok

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August 22nd, 2199 – Year 2, Day 1 Today, a hot August day, the entire population was celebrating the first anniversary of the liberation, and the president of the Unified Nations (UN) was doing a celebratory speech. "Brothers and sisters ...” he started "... today, Aug. 22, 2199, we are gathered to celebrate the memory of our fallen brothers during the 185 years of war in which we have suffered, fought and finally won, what we can now say as the worst enemy of the human race ... ". It was during these words that a soldier took me aside with my team. Accompanied by the roar of the crowd, entered the meeting room where we found the Commander with a woman in uniform and three soldiers. I sat down in front of her: she had a decorated uniform for the event, wearing several medals. While sitting down motionless with impenetrable black eyes, her appeal was likely to pass everything else into the background. Alan sat down at my right hand, Keyra and Joshua on my left. "Gentlemen - began the commander - few hours ago an important rescue mission was accomplished. I will not go into details now, because we have very little time before the President ends his speech and give off the festiviti…
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SpecialFX 25 Jan.

LOL original article that's for sure, I'm waiting for the next episode! :) We will all be living in the Worldwide Republic of China in 2199, in my opinion. And there will be no forex market because the chinese yuan will be the only currency in the world :P

Likerty avatar
Likerty 25 Jan.

SpecialFX mus be seen movie Looper..?:))

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scramble 28 Jan.

Thank you all for the comments and likes! Sadly I had no time to finish the 2nd and 3rd part since last weekends i was too much busy. Hopefully next month will be better...

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 31 Jan.

Are you trying to write a book here Scramble? Congrats for the mice article. :)

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Fiscal Cliff - what the Fuzz is Happening?Hi everybody, I hope you're all OK. I know I promised that we're going to continue with the series of Candlestick Patterns, but coming to the end of 2012, thank God nothing Apocalyptic happened yet, we are due to another very important date. And that date is midnight 31st of December, 2012. This is the night where everything could change regarding the US economy, or the World for that matter.The budgetary troubles and debates all over the world's countries never get agreed upon with ease. The problem is that there's always somebody with a "better" idea of how to solve one country's fiscal issues. In a general normal case, basically the governing administration comes with a budgetary proposal on how the money's going to get spent, what kind of investments the country is going to make, what figures in terms of GDP, cost borrowing, inflation adjustment etc. is the country going to see for the near future. Then you got the opposing parties that basically "never" agree. Understanding that the democratic system provides a field for such debates and controversies, which whether it is healthful or not, that's totally debatable and another realm of …
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Koko avatar
Koko 24 Dec.

Nice article as always. Yes we should be more careful this week as you mentioned, cause things could turn for the worse at the end of this Year. Hope not

gjimi avatar
gjimi 24 Dec.

good job... plako

GicaEric avatar
GicaEric 24 Dec.

Thanks guys. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer.

@Koko, agreed buddy, we should be very careful. :D

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