Trading for beginners by Warren Abels

Many people are afraid of trading on the stock market. Some are put off by horror stories of someone losing all their life savings, some are intimidated by the amount of jargon and information related to trading, while others simply never think of it as an option. The average person with no trading experience envisages a Stock Exchange as an institution accessible only to professional stock brokers and rich old men with nothing better to do. Obviously there are many different strategies and options available, but this is a general guide for the layman on how to get started. It’s not as complicated and unfathomable as you might think.
Firstly, as a novice, you should definitely think about getting yourself a good broker. You will benefit from having their advice at your fingertips (because at first you will second guess every decision you make) and they should also supply you with educational material and reports that will enable you to get comfortable with trading with a bit of a safety net.
Secondly, start with an exchange traded fund (ETF) that will expose you to a range of top companies. ETF’s are investment instruments that give investo…
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