1. Overview
As far As I know, Dukascopy Community is only one which offer such wide variety of contests. It is a great and useful place for all real traders to test their trading ideas, to get, collect, share information, to improve knowledge and even try trading automation and create automated strategies. As I trade for several years in live and for the last few years I trade only currencies and only few pairs, I'm always thinking ( as I think all the others traders) how to improve my trading results and to get better profit from trading. In Dukascopy community I found very interesting contest for me, which gives me possibilities to search better trading ways. From the beginning I didn't know how to create automatic strategy, I only had an ideas. Step by step I learned to create simple robots, which fit my ideas. As I trade manually in live very simple, my automated strategy ideas are also very simple.
2. Strategy performance
I decided to share my automated trading idea about most popular pair EUR/USD. I am taking part with the same strategy for a few month, improved it a little, and for some time it gives quite good results.
On February of this year my strategy finished at …
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