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Hi friends, as we know that in the New Zealand national party is ruling from the since 9 years and they have done nice job overall and New Zealand elections have a reputation of a bit boring but not this year because of the leader of the opposition Labour party resigns after talks in the polls.
New Zealand has using the MMP voting system mixed member proportional since 1996 means, voters are asked to vote twice once for their preferred party and then second time for electoral.
There are two major parties in New Zealand: National and Labour Party.
National is a centre right and Labour is centre left. The latest polls show that this one will be a really close one. It is a bit unstable as the country has seen economic growth under the current government (National). Labour tends to care about the struggling people which are as equally important. Then again, no matter who gets the highest votes, there is a party that can join with one of the major 2 to form a coalition. So it will be a close one. Winston peters New Zealand First party often plays the role of king maker in New Zealand elections.
Business wise, National is good so change in government could drop down the stocks and va…
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Nice article

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well done

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good article

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Dear Valuable Reader,
Have you ever wondered which currencies receive the most trading action? The data for the following chart comes from a survey done every three years by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
Note that trading volume adds up to 200%, because each currency trade has a pairing.
The Chinese Yuan is now the 8th most traded currency in the world, for a total share of 4.0%.
That means its share has doubled since the 2013 BIS report:
But what is bitcoin’s trading volume like, relative to other currencies?
Bitcoin: In the last 30 days, about $3 billion of bitcoin has been traded, which averages out to $100 million per day.

Other Currencies:
The total amount of forex transactions per day is $5.1 trillion. The estimated daily turnover of just the Chinese yuan is $202 billion per day.
That means that the yuan has approximately 2,000x the volume traded of bitcoin, while total forex is 51,000x the size. In other words, bitcoin has a way to go to become one of the world’s most traded currencies.
Almost the traders in the world are trading now EUR/USD , which came in the 1st rank in 2016 for the most traded pair, by which reflects that it is the most volume of money fl…
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good job

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Well written!

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Familiarity with Kiwi
Technical data
Day range of movement of the currency pair NZD \ USD by an average of 90 points in the trend in the 20 days to the flat so it is attractive because of its small volontilnosti on it quite a lot but do not earn less likely to merge the deposit even if you take the EUR / USD as an example.
Correlation with other currencies:
GBP / USD 0.95
AUD / USD 0.94
EUR / USD 0.93
EUR / GBP 0.74
Gold 0.71
GBP / JPY -0.71
USD / CAD -0.86
USD / JPY -0.94
NZD \ USD pair is one of the potdaetsya graphic types of technical analysis and indeed obey Excellent technical analysis more than news, except for the price of metals, raw materials and weather forecast but more on that later. Over the last year, namely from May 2014 to May 2015 has been noticed:
- Head and shoulders, and the inverted head and shoulders 4 times including 3 itself has fulfilled
- Double Top Double Bottom 8 times 6 of them has fulfilled
- Triangles (diagonal shifts, skhodyashie diverging wedge descending ascending, symmetrically) about 25 of them has fulfilled itself patrnam 18
- Other figures (flag, pennant, jewel of, the breakdown of a retreat from the level of Support and Resistance, rectangle)…
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Good information, nice work.

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good article, congrats!

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1.0 Introduction
If we look at the world economy and compare the interest rates we will see that the NZD has the highest interest rate of 3% .While Gross domestic product was only 0.2% and Global Dairy Trade Price Index declining for 18 weeks we can see a lot of room for more rate cut. in the future.In May NZD was clearly desperate decline in employment in the first quarter. All economic indicators point to the poor state of the economy of New Zealand.
In this article I will try to show the fundamental and technical analysis of the NZD currency, and to point out that there is still room for new lower price levels, new bearish wave.
2.0 Fundamental analysis
Rate cut was imminent in July. All analysts had hoped, and as always happens, after such decisions the currency starts to fall further.

Figure 1: Rate cut economic event in July 2015.

But when we make analysis we need to be open-minded. So I will give you in Figure 2. fundamental events for and against bullish and bearish direction.
Figure 2: Economic events which can cause bullish or bearish scenario for NZD/USD

As I wrote in introduction, bad employment data, weak GDP and now rate cut, everything points to the poor state of …
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Great article...

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Do you see fxigor future NZD gain in autumn 2015. ?

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NZD moves down and I'll not trade this "slow" pair.EURNZD & GBPNZDlook excellent for trading.

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NZD is outside my radar now. I do not see any bullish momentum but we will see.

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NZD 'll go down in my opinion. nice work

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In my previous article, I outlined the key themes overriding the FX markets for the beginning and covered a few currencies. In this piece I will look at the remaining currencies.
AUD outlook
The Aussie is possibly one of the most interesting currencies to watch throughout 2015. With so much going on, the AUD stands to have quite a volatile year.
Many of the key drivers of the AUD are expected to have sizeable shifts next year such as US interest rates, or Chinese growth and given so many variables it will be very difficult to have a prediction for the AUDUSD in 1 year time.
Negative factors for the year ahead are as such. Looking at the 5 year real yield, we can see a strong and tight fit to the AUDUSD
With higher US rates, and higher market risks (and volatility), the AUD's yield pick-up becomes less and less attractive.
Furthermore, Weak Chinese demand has led to far far lower demand in the construction sector in the domestic economy. This can be clearly reflected in the decline in Iron ore prices (below) which are down some 40% in 2014 and has a less than promising outlook for 2015.
However it's not all bad for the Aussie. Lets consider for a minute we are a large (non-US) real …
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Good Job

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Introduction:The Australian Dollar is perhaps one the most popular pairs for traders, its nature is fairly simple and provides good opportunities for scalpers and swing traders alike. Crucially in this world with no yield, AUD can pocket you ~3% a year, great for some investors.Because of this yield, the AUD is very prone to changes in risk sentiment and therefore on an intra-day basis is highly correlated to US and European Stock indices. However, the most alarming thing about this pair is the lack of activity in recent weeks, especially since the start of October where the average Rate of Change has been under 1% per day. This compared with the same time last year where there were times of +2% per day.Long Term:As shown here, AUDUSD is at a crucial checkpoint, as in the next few days to weeks the Aussie will breakout and set the trend for the next 6 months or so. While technically the trendlines are neutral there is a bearish divergence suggesting there is a greater chance of a downside move. However this is entirely subjective to the moves that will be see is US equities. More so a member of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has said this;RBA John Edwards - " The currency is m…
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Price action is still in consolidation, the levels mentioned above are getting even more crucial, furthermore on a side note AUD CoT positioning is extremely long which means a sharp fall in risk can cause some heavy long covering and stop tripping.

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AUD broke down lower - but has stalled at 50% fib level and has held 200MA this is likely to be the case until Next year. So 1.043 seems like a decent target as that's a monthly pivot and as such could be a good way to end December.

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