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Hi friends, thanks to all for your kind support to my previous article.
Today I decided to make you familiar with Dukascopy TV
It is a very interesting thing Dukascopy offers to us and I am really very much thankful to them.
It offers very rich choice of content as per our wishes from entertainment to market analysis; from fashion world of Miss Dukascopy contestant to Forex world of successful trading contestants; from latest press releases on Forex market developments to in depth analysis. As you are done with your busy day in Forex you can switch on Dukascopy TV and simply relax
Lets look at the featured content on Dukascopy TV.
Here you can find some of coolest musical bands sharing their amazing musical journeys which also inspires us to dream big and fallow our passion.
You can find some of the greatest songs here. Love and U is one of my favorite.
Featured Programmes
If you are looking for in depth analysis on most important happenings in Forex world you need to look no further. I personally tune in whenever there is new development to get to know what the some of the finest minds are up to.
You get to know what some of the most prominent are t…
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хорошая статья

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хорошо сделано)

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Good article

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You "wake up" with music, listening to music in the process of performing, during calculations, feel a surge of energy when listening to music during a workout at the gym, and may have musical background while trading Forex. But did you know that what you are listening to, can really affect your actions, thoughts, feelings and, finally, the effectiveness of your trading.
How can you use music to increase personal effectiveness in trading? What genres are suitable for scalping and which for a long-term trade? These things I want to tell you in today's article.
The influence of music on the brain or the body depends partly on its genre. But it also depends on whether you like this song. For example, fans of Metal music able to hear in metallic song all kinds of emotions, although other usually hears only the aggression.
No matter your musical taste, I will give you some things that are happening in your body and brain each time you press the "play" button.

Thanks to the release of dopamine your brain scrolling memories.
Have you vivid memories when listening to a song? Music contributes to call certain memories, and even the formation of new ones. Nice music promotes th…
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Olkiss70 практически постоянно. Сегодня слушаю Axiom Of Choice - Niya Yesh ))))))))

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