Many traders are surprised with the things they see in the market, while some will ask themselves while the market turned against them, because they believed they had perfected the analysis already, why could then could the market go in such manner since they still lost the order? This losing is possible in many way and for many reasons, and best thing for traders to do is to make sure they are only trading when they have the major breakout in the market, and they can make other analysis count in combination to what they are doing.
I love to do my trading only when there is a major breakout in the market, and by this, i will not be baffled by any uncertain movement in the market, because lots of noises would have been eliminated, and the market would have a clearer direction with a percentage of about 80%, this is good for any trader to take advantage of. Also, i see trading as a professional thing that needs the professional dealings of the trader, this is more than mere trading the indicators of the trend, it is more on the breakout, and the right recognition of the true support and resistance in the market. And this is very simple, in fact, it is one of the most s…
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