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In this article I will show you how to prepare your charts before news releases, what to expect, how to react and most importantly help you to understand actions the market makers are taking.
Before I start going into details I just want you to think about this quote and keep it in your mind:
“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
- Mark Twain, an Author.
1.The reasoning.
First of all you have to understand why there is such a volatility during these news releases and major events.
Is it because the majority of retail traders do the same things and simultaneously open identical trades across many currency pairs? If so then they all should be making money. And if they are all making money then market makers are losing it as this is a zero sum game.
Are you starting to see the point I am making?
It is estimated that the average daily traded volume currently amount to around 5 trillion $ however at the same time the average daily traded volume by retail traders is merely 0.3 trillion $.
Who has the power to influence the market?
It is also very hard to believe that large corporations and financial institutions would rush to exchange the cur…
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klintons 5 Aug.

Sehr analitische artikel !

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adiray 18 Aug.

great article...havent finished reading yet but thought i might point that out.

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great article, news trading is tricky and this article is very informative

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Vain 26 Sep.

very good

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very good

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In this article I will show you the way I look at the market now. At the very beginning when I started trading I was excited about all different kind of indicators and strategies. Time went by and I still could not figure out what am I doing wrong as I had read lot of text books and watched hundreds of videos. I studied candle sticks, price action , then combined everything together and still could not figure out what am I doing wrong. I have always wanted to know a reason behind everything what happens, including the forex. I started to ask myself what is really moving the price. Not having much trust in many things in this world, I also started to question all the information regarding financial markets and trading that is so easily available to everyone. Basically I started to think outside the box and sure enough, I started to see things the way I never did before.
Forex and any other markets are manipulated 24/7. You can see the same patterns over and over.Only few major banks control almost 80% of all Forex market. These banks have even admitted rigging markets and have been fined for that with billions of $, but all that is quickly forgotten and practically not covered by …
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Interesting! The big fish inevitably have an inpact on the market.

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i dont understand why you call it manipulation ... because it's not , it's just banks who enter and exit positions simple as that , but sometimes when we loose money that conspiracy theories who have been in our heads from all the crazy youtubers and they'r "inactive" brains who have nothing to do than to imagine things ... in my opinion this is not manipulation , and its something normal ... you can't expect the market to move just in one direction or to be simple as 2+2 to trade ... then everyone will be rich and this is not good :)

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Do the banks rig the game, well this article suggests they do.

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How do you see "current" stop orders of all types for any given market or currency pair?

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How do you find out what stop orders exist in the market?

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In the last years and in particular this year, the London FIX has been on the front page of mainstream media but not for the good reasons. Trials and allegations involving various big banks is under developing right now as they are accused of artificially fixing currency rates and rigging the FX market.
This growing scandal suggests that no matter how big is the size of the FX market the fact that the market is controlled by a small group of traders at a handful of large banks it makes the FX market prone to manipulations.
Lack of regulation is one of the other reason why FX wrongdoing is possible and what makes FX market the most opaque market of all financial markets.
Before going any further we must address some serious questions like: What is the fix?; Who uses the fix? How is the fix manipulated?; and the most important question is: How can we make money of the fix?
Although there is no doubt the London Fix has been manipulated, by answering the above questions and knowing the mechanism behind London Fix we can create a profitable strategy from a risk to reward stand point of view. It's like in Poker, if you have the possibility to know your opponent cards you know which cards…
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Ifuga 28 June

Excellent! Now I know.

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Des1 1 July

Daytrader21 are you interested in co-operating with me developing a London fix  EA

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Des1 I'm open to any kind of suggestions, you can fell free to send me a PM. Actually, my intention was to develop the EA using JForex and write my next article, with an easy step by step guide on how to do it.

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great idea  Daytrader21 

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      FOREIGN EXCHANGE and the other FINANCIAL MARKETS (precious metals, commodities, bonds, stocks, options) may be the ONLY WAY to get FINNANCIAL INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM in today's ECONOMY... (Financial Freedom means to be able to sustain your living and comfort financial and survival needs, for you and your family - from your current savings, for the rest of your life even if you don't obtain other income from that time on. Ex: if you have 500.000$ in your savings, and your monthly needs expenses are 1000$ , you have insured 500 months, or about 41 years an a half for your current living, if your savings gain at least the yearly inflation to protect them, even if you don't obtain any other income for the rest of your life)      Next to Real Estate Market (which has a long time to even start recovering) and Businesses (which are harder and harder to manage because of the law environement and the lack of support from governements for small and medium companies), the FINANCIAL DERRIVATIVES are the best way to keep track with the growing inflation of the world currencies...      However I strongly believe there is no such thing as FREE MARKETS (With the PRICE formed freely from the…
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Eclipse 20 Sep.

Nice article +1

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Some good pointers here. +1

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doctortyby 27 Sep.

Guys, once you realise You sell your TIME for Money, you will know that you are not free... Preapare yourself for the type of Trading that gives You freedom, not for that Time consuming Trading that Consumes all your TIME (Full Time Trading)

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Good insights, but if you're not able to place your order at market when you want to that means your broker is crap not that its a general problem :)

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