Although it is a matter of taste, I can't feel the truth from some article based on very few past chart. I want to read an article which has something real for improve my trading. So, at first, I try to write a something like that. And I hope that many articles based on long term back test at short period chart will be show up on this contest...
It aside this article's research theme is Simple Volume Average Indicator. Many FX-websites says that "Look the volume". But is it true? Does volume indicator has a something meaning? I can't believe that without any back data. So I did check that with back-test in decade by myself.
Back Test Settings
At first, this chapter explains the strategy which was used for get the default back-test data.
Fig 1: Trading Rule Sample: BUY
Fig 2: Trading Rule Sample: SELL
  • Trading rules of the sample strategy for this research is “MinMaxBoxCounter”.
  • Chart is EUR/USD 5 minutes bar.
  • SL is 0.5% of the close price.
  • TP is 0.1% of the close price.
  • Filter is ALL_FLATS.
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