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Para la mayoría de traders que empiezan en Forex y para algunos veteranos el "London Fix" es un gran desconocido , últimamente tras unas investigaciones de una posible colusion entre algunos de los principales bancos que operan en forex se ha hecho famoso, la mayoría de retail traders desconoce de que se trata o como funciona, por lo que en este articulo voy a intentar explicar que es,porque tiene tanta importancia y como afecta al trading en forex ,todos los traders tendríamos que conocer estos datos ,ya que puede afectar a nuestros resultados en el trading.El articulo se desarrolla en formato de Q&A para que muestre un formato mas abierto y de lugar a otras opiniones que espero que mostréis en los comentarios.
Es el tipo de cambio de referencia que se establece todos los días a las 4 pm de Londres para las 21 divisas principales, popularmente es conocido como la fijación de Londres pero su nombre real es WM/Reuters benchmark rates , este tipo de cambio de referencia es realizado por las empresas World Markets y Thomson Reuters, para ello durante una ventana de 5 minutos , 2 minutos 30 segundos antes y 2 minutos 30 segundos después de las 4pm de Londres…
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Thank !!!

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Olga18375 26 Apr.

Good job! Thanks for that!

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Sveetlana 29 Apr.

good article. thank you

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Faster 4 May

very good

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varunk80 30 May

goo job!

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Not more than 3 months ago I've been writing an article about how you can trade the 4:00PM London Fix, giving out an easy step by step guide on how to profit from the price action around that time. You can read more about it here: London Fix Strategy
In this article we're going to make one step further and automatize the whole process by using Dukascopy Visual JForex. This will be one of those strategy that will require no indicators and I'm going to use some of the blocks that I've already been using them in my previous article, and you should be already familiarized with them. I like to keep things simple so in this regard even if you don't have any programming skills whatsoever you will be able to understand the whole process.
Lets proceed first by giving a short summary of our strategy:
  1. Currency pair: GBPUSD;
  2. Time Frame: 1h;
  3. Target= 16 pips. Since beginning of the year the average pips volatility at 4:00PM was around 16.6 pips (see Figure 1);
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MobNaga avatar
MobNaga 13 Oct.

Nice work. FYI, Counter strategy (for GBP/USD) is good between 17 - 25(LondonTime) in last 10 years.

Likerty avatar
Likerty 23 Oct.

I'm sceptical about historical testing of volatility based trading systems as trading already formed candles and ones - still in the making (real-time) produces very different results..

Jignesh avatar
Jignesh 25 Oct.

Congrats Daytrader21 on finding a strategy and automating it, not an easy endeavor.

Daytrader21 avatar

MobNaga Thanks for the info I'll check that out. Likerty So far I've seen big difference between the backtesting results and what I get in real-time environment. Jignesh Thanks buddy.

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Stix 31 Oct.

Interesting and useful Article. Thank you very much. :) :)

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In the last years and in particular this year, the London FIX has been on the front page of mainstream media but not for the good reasons. Trials and allegations involving various big banks is under developing right now as they are accused of artificially fixing currency rates and rigging the FX market.
This growing scandal suggests that no matter how big is the size of the FX market the fact that the market is controlled by a small group of traders at a handful of large banks it makes the FX market prone to manipulations.
Lack of regulation is one of the other reason why FX wrongdoing is possible and what makes FX market the most opaque market of all financial markets.
Before going any further we must address some serious questions like: What is the fix?; Who uses the fix? How is the fix manipulated?; and the most important question is: How can we make money of the fix?
Although there is no doubt the London Fix has been manipulated, by answering the above questions and knowing the mechanism behind London Fix we can create a profitable strategy from a risk to reward stand point of view. It's like in Poker, if you have the possibility to know your opponent cards you know which cards…
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Ifuga avatar
Ifuga 28 June

Excellent! Now I know.

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Des1 1 July

Daytrader21 are you interested in co-operating with me developing a London fix  EA

Daytrader21 avatar

Des1 I'm open to any kind of suggestions, you can fell free to send me a PM. Actually, my intention was to develop the EA using JForex and write my next article, with an easy step by step guide on how to do it.

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great idea  Daytrader21 

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