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Although Forex markets are open 24/7 there are certain periods of increased activity. These periods occur within working hours of different equity markets across the globe. And increased activity in Forex market reflects capital flows between all the financial markets of the world. By analyzing these periods separately trader can get additional understanding about sentiment and market direction changes which doesn't occur in charts, displayed using traditional time frames like D1 and H4. The problem with medium-term time frames, like daily (D1) and four hours (H4) is that these are calculated differently according to different time zones. I‘ve seen professional analysts/traders display their analysis with three different time zone settings for H4 time frame: GMT, EST and DST (GMT+1). Because Forex is not centralized, for every trader is up to him self to decide how to set up H4 and D1 chart to align with one of the main sessions: Tokyo, London or New York.So every time when I see a red H4 „spinner“ on the top of the swing – I‘m not in a hurry to place short orders . I‘m always checking other H4 or D1 settings (usually I check EST time zone as my trading platform is aligned with GMT…
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PPandM 30 Oct.

Nice article, good luck! +1

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Likerty 6 Nov.

Daylight saving time was applied last week so now European and North american session hours changed GMT: European from 8:00 till 16:30 and North American: 14:30 till 21:00

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Likerty 6 Nov.

And GMT H4 time frame candles makes more sense now as these align with European opening and with Tokyo

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Likerty 14 Dec.

For any additional questions/suggestions please contact me via twitter -

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velldes 13 Sep.

Nice article. Inspired to create new "Trading Sessions or Market Hours" indicator in JStore
or read about it in my blog

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                                                                                                  Unheard London Trading Strategy          Before we move on to the London session, let’s take
a look at the same pair we’ve covered here
you can see in the above slide, the Asian session didn’t meet our requirements.
It did not open at the 61.8% fib; it opened lower, therefore the setup hasn’t
been met for a long trade.
the next slide, the setup is clearly not there; remember the rules, check my
previous article, reread it until you learn the rules by heart, then and only
then will you be able to master the trades.
slide is the follow-up of the previous trades, and again the setup is too weak.
Still no trade, but remember to check other pairs (aussie, swissy and
everything that you find to work well during the asian session).          Now
it’s time to move on to the London Session. This strategy is more like a
continuation of the Asian Session. The rules are as follows:
            Entry should be between 6:15 am London and 7:15 am. If…
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Milani avatar
Milani 10 Jan.

Interesting article.

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corneliu 10 Jan.

Interesting :) +1 good luck

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doctortyby 10 Jan.

I also Trade London Opening. I think it is an interesting strategy. Mult Noroc+3

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ovidiu_gnt 13 Jan.

Interesting! Good luck !

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