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Трейдеры с малим опитом а так же те, которые только изучили азы торговли и начинают практиковаться в этом деле, используют специальный демо-счет. Он создан для того, чтобы потренироваться открывать позиции и заключать сделки. То есть на таком этапе нет реальных денег. В рамках демо-счета все происходит безопасно и без потерь, зато этот период практики является подготовительным и очень важным для перехода на реальный счет.
Цель этой статьи - объяснить что такое демо-счет и понять когда переходить с демо-счета на реальный? Эта статья поможет вам понять , когда же следует оставить демо – счет и начать зарабатывать настоящие деньги.
Демо – счет необходим потому что благодаря нему вы:

  • получаете начальные навыки, изучаете технику работ на рынке валют;
  • узнаете, как выставить и поменять ордер и как правильно выставлять стоп-лосси и тейк - профыти;
  • научитесь регулировать обьем сделки и как грамотно работать с ней.
Эти знания необходимы для любого начинающего трейдера , потому что каждая их этих функций понадобится в настоящей торговле.
Торговлю на демо счете, в обязательном порядке, должен пройти любой трейдер, который серьезно относится к торговле на валютном рынке, но этого конечно…
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Adi001 9 June

Отлично, и неплохо переходить на один маленкый реальный счет первое, если и тут все будет хорошо тогда enter big money :) удачи!

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alphahavoc 10 June

Great advice

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Vlad73 12 June

good article

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tow 22 June


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As someone using multiple brokers, I can confirm Dukascopy has tighter spreads and commissions. I'm not cheer-leading just honest opinion from a high-frequency trader – where tight spreads matter. Consider screenshots from other two brokers I use versus Dukascopy.
Spreads 2nd Nov 2015
Volume Commissions 2nd Nov 2015
The spread difference isn't impressive, but note the difference in commissions between Dukascopy and my other broker. Such pricing is the reason I may consider moving my accounts over to Dukascopy if JForex4 meets all the hype.
This article is about lowering overall charges not comparing brokers so let’s get into it.
Set Reasonable Global Stop Loss on Your Account

This won’t lower your charges per se, set a conservative stop loss on your live account. This applies to total drop in equity not per trade.
In the image, I'm not willing to lose more than 20% of a 20,000 account so, stop loss is 18,000.
It’s up to you to choose partial hedge or total close on …
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SikmaN 26 Nov.

Thank you. A useful material))

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PipNovice 30 Nov.

Hi All, I'm a novice in trading.

I'm using the Jforex platform. I downloaded the Pipx 1Min Scalper, it is installed on my platform as can be seen on screenshot. I've also opened it to run, but that is just all I can understand so far.

I would like to be assisted as to how I actually trade using the strategy. Does it work on it's own. Do I have to look for something else on my chart to see that it is working/to get it working... or the fact that now it is running is enough it will just make pips rain into my small account? 

Please explain in "English", not some coding language. Lol... Thanx

PipNovice avatar
PipNovice 30 Nov.

Oops, sorry screenshot doesn't show the strategy on above image... but I have installed and it's running as I post, so I would like clarity on how Pipx 1Min strategy works. Best regards,

pipx avatar
pipx 30 Nov.

PipNovice is the strategy running - either in remote or local? If yes, then all you have to do is let it open trades and manage them itself.

pipx avatar
pipx 30 Nov.

PipNovice Read the description of the strategy on JStore: You will get a better understanding than what I can write on the comments. Also test it on a demo to see how it works.

Best Regards

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Back in March when I posted the results for one of my simple systems, there was a lot of disbelief. How can such a simple system possibly work? If there’s no logic behind the strategy, then it can’t be profitable. You must’ve curve fitted the data somehow. These are just some of the comments I got when I posted this simple trading strategy.
In this article I will provide an update that shows how the system performed this year. I will also go over the process you should undertake to evaluate trading strategies and the steps needed before including a system in my trading arsenal. But first, a brief recap of the system and the backtested data.
Simple Set and Forget System for EUR/JPY
The rules for this set and forget system are very simple. It’s a weekly breakout strategy. After the markets open on Sunday at 23:00 CET (17:00 EST) we wait for the first 4 Hour candle to close. This happens at 3 AM CET on Monday, or 9 PM EST. If your broker has different 4 Hour settings, just use the hourly chart and draw a breakout box from 23:00 to 03:00.
For longs:
Place a Buy stop order at the high of the 4 Hour breakout box + 20 pips (+2 pips added for the spread)
For shorts:
Place a Sell st…
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I didn't realise 'naysayers' was a dictionary word in the capital markets. I spent 4+ years investigating market behaviour and micro-structure referring to absolutely no one even remotely involved in trading.  Always trust your instincts and if those fail, you still have your own eyes :) Good job with the article!

driven avatar
driven 2 Oct.

Very interesting article. It does seem though that you have a very small margin for error here. You did 125 trades and needed 25:100 win:loss to break even and you got 28:97, well within the realm of random variance. Also, you have to account for the fact that you need more than a 1:4 ratio to allow for the occasional slippage and black swan event (where your risk is asymmetric) which weren't in the backtesting. Not to say this system can't work, but you either need a much larger sample or a much higher win:loss ratio to make a strong case for it. Maybe with more testing. High quality article!

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very very very very good article. Tres bien, excellent &  дуже гарно

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I have been trading for about 4 years. This is my first article for the contest. I would like to share some of my trading experiences and lessons I have learnt. Part 1: My first trade. I discovered forex trading while searching the web for something related to economics. I had no idea how to determine when or what to buy or sell but I knew that it was something I wanted to learn more about. I opened a demo account, spent a couple of minutes exploring the platform and started experimenting with different indicators. After a while I found a linear regression tool and used it to determine that the trend was moving down for EUR/USD. I opened 3 sell orders and after about an hour the demo account was up around 10% from those trades. An example of linear regression in JForex using an indicator from the JStore. My first trades were based on a similar situation to the one shown above. (Click to enlarge image) Even though I didn't really understand why those trades won, I was excited and told my friends and family about trading and how I thought I could make a lot of money from it. They didn't seem to think much of it. Nevertheless I knew I had to learn more about forex trading.Part 2: …
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Erialda 31 July

Thank you , by remembering me old memories of my past ...

Erialda avatar
Erialda 31 July

Good article, and good luck

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Good one, wishy ou many pips

alifari avatar
alifari 31 July

Well done +

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Thanks everyone!

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Happy New Year to all of you from
beginners to the top of the most experienced fellow traders! I wish you in 2012
year to gain the success and the knowledge you never gained before and to use
it for good and fair causes!
 In this series of articles I will show you
some aspects of my live trading activity. I will try to extract the most
important part of the rules that I use in my real trading in details that will
give you the confidence and the instrument for your personal success in the
career as a trader.
Firstly I will explain in more
details the basics of my trading statistics diary. That is the only most
important component of my trading strategy and now you will see why! I have a
track record of every trade I made during my journey as a trader. I do that not
for a reason to remember my good or bad days, but for one simple reason – to be
able to process statistically all my trading history and to evaluate all the
factors which affect it. Only with a detailed statement I am able to calculate
the parameters of my trading and to check am I doing it better or worst as
compared to previous period.
For every single trade I put in my
worksheet I note the parameters explained below:
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quantum_fx avatar

Thanks LinnuxFx I will read it with interest!

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 10 Jan.

A Trading Journal is a Must in every Trader's activity. I agree with your points and I think You should keep up the Great discipline. Maybe you are interested in my Analisys and Constant Range Bars Charts Explanation and Examples, good luck, +3

ritesh avatar
ritesh 20 Jan.

yes quantum, you're true. and these days i'm trying to use jforex history tester to see different indicator values at trade entry/exit triggers, to know what works or not, using message export. it's similar to trade log.

ritesh avatar
ritesh 21 Jan.

Waiting for the part-2 :)

quantum_fx avatar
quantum_fx 23 Jan.

Yes ritesh there is a lot of usefull information in the jforex history tester and I also read your nice article on your first steps in algorithmic trading. I will make my first steps there very soon!

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