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► IntroductionThis article is a continuation of "Profit from Trend Lines' Confluence". In the previous article, we talked about how to profit from trend lines' confluence. We learned to draw trend lines and mark an area around two trend lines' confluence point. Then, we just wait for price to test the confluence area and enter a trade.In this article we will take a closer look at trend lines. I would like to suggest a better way to draw trend lines. This lets us draw trend lines more correctly. It also helps us find more trend lines and confluence points on a chart. Therefore, the number of potential trades increases too.Also, I have done some back tests on Daily charts. I tried to test different aspects of this strategy: the confluence area, test candle, trade rules etc. I wanted to see if any of them can be improved. I hope the conclusions will help us make this strategy more precise and profitable.__________________________________________________________________________________________► Old Rule For Drawing Trend LinesIn the previous article, we drew trend lines by simply connecting candles' lows for an up trend, or candles' highs for a down trend. The problem with this approac…
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geula4x 19 June

@David_ Thank you :) Same wish for you :)

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AdamFx42 21 June

Extremely tidy - well written, you must be a scolar of some kind -- do you study a language/ or economics?

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geula4x 21 June

@AdamFx42 Thank you :-) I'm actually a software engineer by profession. I try to use a simple analytical approach of price action in my trading and articles.

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deliriou5 27 June

Nice post! +1

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geula4x 27 June

@deliriou5 Thank you :-) Happy trading today :-)

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► IntroductionTrend lines are one of the most important technical ways to analyze a chart. As traders, finding and drawing trend lines correctly is very important. Trends usually act as moving support and resistance levels.Price often keeps above or below trends, for an extended period of time. Trends are usually good entry points for trade positions. Also, they help us gauge the general direction of the market and how strong the move is.In this article we will discuss how to profit from trend lines' confluence. This is a complete strategy with entry, stop loss and take profit levels. We will use a simple, step-by-step approach for achieving this goal.We will analyze the Daily time frame. However, you can use the same technique for any time frame you trade. Some recent charts of EUR/USD are also included, for a better understanding of this method and how easily it can be used.This is a very technical method. So perhaps it can be automated. If any JForex (or Visual JForex) programmer is interested, please feel free to automate it. I think that many traders, including myself, could benefit from it.I hope you find this article helpful for your trading. :-)_____________________________…
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geula4x 28 May

@Ahmed4x Sure, my pleasure :-) Happy trading today :-)

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Panzer 31 May

Nice article, good luck +1

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geula4x 31 May

@Panzer Thank you :-) Happy trading today :-)

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Trend lines are very useful in trading, so thumbs up for a good article explaining a strategy with them :) Just be careful with "I am quite sure that I've seen this setup work again and again in live trading", our brains usually fool us by showing us mostly the good trades and ignoring the bad ones, I've been burned by that in the past. Always fully test a strategy, don't rely on what it may seem you are seeing, it may be wrong... :) I also like your little arrows to separate topis, I think I've seen then before :D ;)

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geula4x 2 July

@SpecialFX Thank you for your comment :-) Happy trading :-)

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I want to share  my experience  doing  swing trading  since  2003  up to now,  I think  Swing  strading  for me  is very interesting  because  for me  this  trading  not  like  trading  but  like  saving  or even   investment  in  bank,  so   I manage  the  risk  became  so  minimum  risk  and  maximum  profit  monthly.  Because  my  motto  in forex  trading  is MINIMAX,  minimize  loss  and  Maximize  Profit/gain.Reasons:1. To  avoid   so many  pshychological   tension  when  I  trade  forex,  so I must  minimize  face  chart  and  this   kind  of   portfolio  but  still  investing in it2. To minimize  cost  of  trading monitoring (internet  broadband  fee,  electrical  bill)3. To  minimize   wrong   analysis  or   minimize   wrong  analysis I use   only   Support  and Resistance  and  Trend  line  that  is modified  in Semafore  level 3  indicator   TF  daily  and  Weekly that  for  me  can  help me  to make  profit  because  of  it  accuracy  and  it  strong  signal  to  entry  position4. To avoid  negative floating that    exactly  came  I always  do  averaging  around  300  pips  from  first  position  5. Risk  minimize,  I used  this  indicator that  if  even  I wrong  positi…
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Good choice..swing trading..more money, less trading.

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In this style of trading you should try another pair which will give you more profits per week. Guess which pair USD/

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Swing Trading is my favourite trading Style, and the most suitable to the technical analysis.Keep it up+!

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ritesh 26 Feb.

awesome writeup buddy.

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Bluedragon 29 Feb.

good article . +1 ;)

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