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Do not do what others do!

This was one of the first things I was taught when trading forex. Indeed, that makes sense as if everyone traded similarly, they would either lose or get a mediocre outcome of trading. Firstly, I developed my own tactics, that proves being efficient. But that was not enough for me. I found out that FX trading drains my strength even after I had learned to manage stress. Additionally it seemed impossible to always get on time with major fundamental events, as they tend not to be at the same daytime. I found out my own way to always be high spirited, focused and energetic when trading. The answer lied in herbs and chemistry- I took scientific approach to emotions. Results outmatched my most daring expectations, especially the side effects are only positive- it is 100% natural, after all.

Herbs for focus:

Ginseng - it is a well known energizer and memory enhancer, easier to find in a form of addition to tea in supermarkets. Though if you are lucky to get a pure root, you can simply chew it for best effect.
Side effects: Body ages slower.
Siberian ginseng - increases focus and strengthens organism. Wears of fatigue. Also helps to maintain stress.
Side effect…
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good job!

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Wow! Very interesting!

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anna_n 25 Dec.

very nice article!

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rh6899 27 Dec.

interesting thanks for sharing

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MarisaG 28 Dec.

Great article!)

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Muitas vezes para quem está a iniciar o seu percurso nos investimentos financeiros e no forex depara-se com uma panóplia de conceitos e siglas. São conceitos que vamos aprendendo e interiorizando ao longo do nosso percurso enquanto traders. Como uma das melhores formas de aprender é testar os nossos conhecimentos, o que é pretendido com este artigo é apresentar uma pequena revisão de conhecimentos para os iniciantes no forex.
Esta revisão de conhecimentos é do tipo “escolha múltipla” onde o leitor tem de preencher cada espaço em branco com uma das opções que são apresentadas como possíveis respostas em cada pergunta. Algumas das perguntas podem ser do tipo verdadeiro ou falso, e nesse caso não existe nenhum espaço em branco para preencher.

Revisão de conhecimentos:

1) As moedas são transacionadas em _______
Grupos - Conjuntos - Pares - Sequências
2) O Mercado Forex está sempre aberto 24 horas por dia de segunda a sexta durante todos os dias do ano?
Verdadeiro - Falso
3) No EURUSD, EUR é a _____ moeda e USD é a _____ moeda
Sinónimo, antónimo - Objetivo, subjetivo - Primeira, segunda - Curta, longa

4) A diferença entre o ASK e o BID é conhecida como ______…
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Great article.  An original ideas, and really impressive approach! Thank you for sharing this information.

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How I began my Trading career
My journey as a Trader began 5 years ago when an Investment Club was offering some unbelievable returns on Investors money. Naturally I had to dig deep to find out exactly what could possibly generate such rate of return and hence my introduction to Forex Trading.
Much to my demise I ended up being one of his Investors and ultimately lost most if not all of my hard earned savings accumulated over the years.
Determined to succeed; I involved myself in a number of onsite and online courses whilst applying the tools on both a Demo and Live Account. The experience has taught me many lessons from my failures and mistakes but one thing I know is crucial for your success and that is "KNOWLEDGE". Education is the best gift you can give yourself .
The Importance of a good education to become a FX Trader
Currency trading is the most high risk form of trading to be engaged in. Whilst the potential is there for high returns, the same is true for huge losses for Investors who are not disciplined and educated.
With a solid education, you are prepared to make informed trading decisions instead of impulsive emotional ones that can often lead to major account disaster…
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samme 7 Jan.

i am happy you found it useful Ange

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Great article.  An original ideas, and impressive approach! And yes, its motivate the beginners, Samme, thank you for sharing this information, and the best of luck with it :)

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samme 9 Jan.

Thanks Victoria

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Good article! I think this qustion is important not only for beginner, As I see, education in trading must take some part in trader's life even if a trader already has big baggage of knowledges...
Thank you for such motivation in formation!

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MobNaga 25 Jan.

I think, money management is most important thing to survive.

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This new idea of a market (or bazaar, or exchange, or any other name it might go by) seems great to everyone. Everybody leaves the meeting and spends the rest of the week preparing for the big Saturday ahead of them. The sun rises Saturday morning and the town square is full of excited participants and the air is filled with the buzz of buying and selling. Many of these people will be doing plenty of both since they need to sell their items for florps and then buy the things they need with those florps. (I know, I know. Just stick with me here) Aaron Applegrower is eager as his first customer approaches and sees his basket full of apples. Of course, the first question is, “How much do you charge for an apple?” Again, remember that there’s no magical force dictating price: The power of pricing is in the hands of the two parties who are trying to exchange something. Up until this day, Aaron has always traded with Frank at the rate of 2 florps for 1 apple. That still seems reasonable enough and so that’s the price he quotes to this new customer, who is happy to pay that price. He only needs 1 apple for now, so he hands over 2 florps and gets his 1 apple. Aaron is the seller, this ne…
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I like your funny charts :)

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Why does the price of anything change? Forget the fancy things we trade like currencies, stocks, or commodity futures, but why does anything change in price? In fact, back up one more step: Why does anything even have a price to begin with? If you haven't taken time to devote yourself to learning this topic, you're leaving a giant hole in your knowledge base. It means that you're currently attempting to make a profit from the change in price of something without even knowing why its price is changing. It will take some time to help explain this concept from the ground up, but it will be well worth your patience. To start, I'm going to take you back in time. It's a time where there are no computers, no phones, no communication devices of any kind. If you need to interact with somebody, you'll have to meet them face-to-face. Because of this, any exchange of goods or services (food, clothing, house cleaning, anything) has to be done directly from one individual to another and that has to happen in person.During this time, there are no such things as stocks, bonds, options, equities, or futures, and the only currency is called a “florp”. Florps are a universal currency used by everybod…
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Thanks for the support, guys! Part 2 will be out by Monday next week at the latest :)

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And part 2 is up :)

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True, this is aimed to help build the important basic concepts, so it might be nothing new to someone who is already very knowledgeable. I will be leading this into how to use all of this information in a modern, fast-paced market, though. It just takes some time and needs to be broken up properly and introduced step-by-step.

Hopefully it was still a good read, though! :)

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Nice pics!.+1 If you comment on my trader cotest profile, I will aprecciate!

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i love this article, well done!!

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- There is a big opertunity right now if you are a swing trader. We just made a bottom on the weekly chart. And that bottom is a higher low then the previous one. Combined with the fact that the EURO/ USD pair is a very explosive pair makes it the perfect chance to place a mid term trade..We are litle bit overextended right now and in my opinion it is a good idea to wait for the next dip to get in... My target is going to be around 1.40 but this is not sure because of the complicated EURO zone situation right now so we might fail reaching the top trend line and turn around somewhere in the middle... But considering that the summer passed (the strongest time of the year for the US dollar) this is less likely. - For the fans of the technical studies this is a chart of the daily chart. ADX just turned up and the MACD is pointing up... on top of that we are at a crucial 200 MA and there is clear that the price is trying to break that level. - Also the weekly chart is poinging us that the main direction is up. As we can see we just broke a downword channel and the ADX just turned down above 30 and the price action is above the 21 EMA which in my books means buy.Furthermore the FED is p…
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SpecialFX 18 Sep.

Several EUR/USD articles this month, they were all very bearish and so far they are all wrong, so thumbs up for being the only one with a positive outlook on the euro :)

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alifari 24 Sep.

short and sweet - well done

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captain 27 Sep.

I agree that it is about time to go long on EUR/USD

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So many traders enter the market with some strategie that they herd on youtube or red on the enternet but little do they know that two weeks later their accounts are going to be at zero! I know that because i am one of those people. I can share some knowlage that i learned the hard way that will help you so you can view this article two ways: You can say to your self who the hell is that guy telling me how to trade or you can read it, evaluate it, learn it and actually apply some of it to your strategie. 1. Know your personality type: Meaning are you a hyper guy who likes adrenaline flowing trough his body or you are a guy that wants to keep it slower. Based on that decide the:2. Timeframe  that you want to trade on. Also:3. Know what is the risk/ drawnown that you are going to feel comfortable of taking.4. Keep the timeframe and risk the same for a predecided period of time. That way you will see your true skill level and quality of your system .5. Spend alot of time creating and refining your own strategies because what works for someone else might not work for you.6. Momentum is your friend (enterpret it your own way). Also you must understand that there are two types of people …
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Cfandesh 27 Mar.

Nice article. Like to see more from u in the future.

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Fandango 28 Mar.

Hope to see more from you +1

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