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Year 2017 is closing and I am in mood for some light-hearted banter yet to write meaningful article. So here I go talking about some behavioral economics and its implication on forex trader and his trading. Behavioral economics in essence is a method of analysis that applies psychological aspect of human behavior on economic decision-making.
Although the terms mentioned in this article have wide implications in different economic decision making process, I will keep the scope of these terms to forex trading and investing only.
  • Framing

Fig. 1
Framing refers to how a trader perceives a forex movement of a pair. It’s a glass half full or glass half empty kind of situation(same as above comic strip). In last 2 weeks gbp/nzd is correcting from 1.98 to 1.90 zone. So when price retrace to 1.93, a trader may think, wow the pair is at 3% discount and will try to buy only to find price go even lower. So it is important to see that pair is in strong corrective mode after more than 10% rise in last 2 months.
The key is to perceive the market correctly and never feel that “I am most intelligent”. Follow technical’s and wait for the pair to form a support/resistance in strong correction / r…
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Yuliya_N 3 Jan.

Very nice article. Good job friend!

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Annyrio 3 Jan.

Very good!!!

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Well written article!

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Vlad73 8 Jan.

well done

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Siarhei89 14 Jan.

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Investigate the advantages of financial markets and look at your capital. You've seen changes in the lives of those who succeed, and you said, "I can do that." Investigate your research and decide which market to invest in. You have gained experience from demo accounts and have made your first investment by analyzing a wide market. You have already become an investor! You have begun to win with the right things you do. However, as an investor, you suddenly pulled out or denied that you might be in danger. You've lost ... Do you feel regret for being in financial markets, right? You are convinced that investing is a dangerous thing, and you should be careful not to drop your hands on financial markets. Well, do you ever think of your reasons for losing it? So before you throw all the sin in the markets, have you ever questioned yourself?
To be confused with the markets
In fact, this is exactly what constitutes the psychology of many investors. Do not be able to see your own mistakes and be self-confident. Being convinced of the strategy that he designs and persuading the markets will cause the investor to make mistakes. An investor, who is confident in himself and his strategy, or …
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RahmanSL 11 Sep.

Yes, a positive psychological state of mind is important for us to succeed in all that we do.

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JuliannaS 11 Sep.

Like in my mind now

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FXRabbit 15 Sep.

Well written article!

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BIGBO 12 Oct.

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Bottom line: if you have your heart set on becoming the next Paul Tudor Jones, George Soros or Ray Dalio and if you know how to generate profits from the markets you should consider starting your own PAMM account but first you have to know how to start, manage, and grow
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Thank you guys for your support, I hope I'll meet your standards in next months as well. Cheers

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MightyMo 26 June

Great article. Now I know how good to have PAMM account at Dukascopy. Thanks

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alphahavoc 25 Feb.

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balabinba 22 July

Is Dukascopy's PAMM compatible with the high watermark principle (

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As you can see, lot of changes and features coming out there. Guys from development team starts new project, and we are part of it as a signal providers. For this reason let me introduce one of the youngest part of financial services.Network trading is a model of trading, where traders, signal providers (SP) are connected with investors, which would like to participate on trading skills and trading strategies. All of these participants are creating trading network. SPs on the one side and investors on the other side. And somewhere in the middle is network provider.Benefits for all:SPs have interest to share best signals for investors, and benefit from service fee.Investors need best trading signals for funds allocation, which can brings income.Network providers have fees based on commission from brokerage seems like win-win-win situation for all of them. But many times in real world, things are not how they look like. And I would like to talk about responsibilities of all participants. First think what I have to say is, that I have been discovering this type of financial services about few years. To be honest, there was not much to do, when whole industry exists just 7 yea…
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alltrade 18 Apr.

It's a nice idea where broker brings together talented traders & investors & everybody benefits but any smart investor isn't going to invest just like that, they would like to see solid risk-adjusted performance & about that, I've already made my feelings known on Trader Contest forum -

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Airmike 18 Apr.

alltrade - U see just brokers part, I would like to say, trading networks are not only broker based business, its just marginal part. This is not theory, proper trading networks already exists, with hundreds of millions funding. its alternative investment same as investing to hedgefunds. and yes, you are right about risk-adjusted performance. this is key point which make differences between poor trading networks and leaders in this bussines. other thing is that some of these trading networks are hiding, because they are not interested about retail funds.

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SpecialFX 30 Apr.

So if I understood correctly, the investors would fund the traders, and it would all be done in a centralized way via the network provider, which is the broker? :) I guess there would need to be extensive track records, etc

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Airmike 30 Apr.

no thats misunderstanding. traders have own accounts, with own funds, investors have own accounts with funds. SP means signal provider, so traders are providers of signals. These signals are visible in real time in SP profiles. if investor see good performance, good risk management, then he can participate on this signals. he can subscribe full automatic service for signal execution.

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Moving average is an important indicator. There are various type of moving average like simple moving average (SMA), Weighted Moving average (WMA), Exponential moving average (EMA) etc. Great details are available on the web regarding moving average. If we read about moving average, we find that they confirm trend as they are laggard indicator. Moving average can be used as support, resistance. We find how to calculate moving average, types of moving average and strategy to trade with moving average. We find numerous strategies on the net regarding use of moving average. However nothing is told actually why do they work? Why common N or time is equal to 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200? To find the answer, I searched for net but found nothing.  Most people will say that N is smoothing factor. You need to find proper N for your strategy. If so, why n= 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 are very common worldwide? To answer the question, I made following hypothesis. Not sure, if it’s ok or there are some mistake or whether anybody have worked before. To my opinion, the answer lies in investment horizon and accounting cycle. Investors can be classified mainly short term traders, mid term traders and lon…
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Thanks both farhana and crazy trader .

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Omar_faruk 29 Nov.

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