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This article is a continuation of "London Box & London Breakout" published last week, where essentially I introduced the code used in this strategy, and how it finds its base logic in the London breakout strategy. So please check it since some parts are not repeated here.
The 'iLondon'
You can download here the first .zip file, and extract the content on your preferred strategies folder. Once loaded and compiled the code on JForex platform, you will have to set some parameters:
  1. Select the instrument to work with. In the downloadable file however, you will find a file for each of main instruments.
  2. Set the opening time of the last 30 minutes candle opening before the session you prefer to work with. So, considering London session starts at 7.00AM broker time, here you will have to set 6:30AM.
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scramble 19 June

Thanks CharmingRimma :)

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Good article!

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  • Trading "London Opens" is a popular Strategy among the Traders, because of its high reliability.
Everyone knows the simple truth to WIN : Buy Low - Sell High . The Profit is as big as the difference between High and Low - so the Market should be volatile. That is the reason in this strategy : increased volatility .Although Forex can be traded 24 h per day , there are three major sessions and three big centers with approximately traded % volume as follow :
  1. Asia -Tokyo (Japan) : 10-15 % ;
  2. Europe - London (Great Britain) : 30 - 35 % ;
  3. America - New York (USA) : 25 - 30 % .
Moreover , when London opens there is an overlap with Tokyo session in two hours where the trading volume may rise dramatically about three times.
Thisreally is very simple but effective strategy . Applied for some major pairs as GBP / USD , GBP / JPY , USD / JPY , EUR / USD , it uses one of the most popular indicators - Bollinger Bands to represent the Market Volatility. It is essential to know that High volatility have to be preceded by Low volatility , so BB Indicator should have narrow bands before London opens . The Bands are also used as dynamic Su…
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Nice strategy

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interesting view

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a very informative, useful and practically appliable information derived from the article

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scramble 22 June

tdbatinkov Hi, I published this month a tool that will automatically draw the london box in your charts. Eventually, the code can be modified to automatically open orders based on your strategy :) check it out :)

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Average True Range - ATR indicator determine the size of the daily trading range.
ATR indicator is developed by Welles Wilder and represents the Market volatility by using historical data and calculating it ; so lower ATR readings mean low volatility , high readings- high volatility. ATR indicator looks like we know it, because Wilder applied the Moving Average to smooth the value. Standard setting is ATR(14). Intraday trading is well known style among the traders- using Time Frame less than 1H to open and close the position within the day. ATR indicator will not change its Trading Strategy but may timing it a bit for better performance. ATR indicator does not generate trading signals, nor determine the direction of the movement; The core idea is that more than 66% of the time, daily volatility reaches 80% of previous day's ATR value. For example if today's ATR(14)= 100, there is more than 66% probability the next day's volatility to be 80 = 100 x 0,8 .
FILTERING ENTRY SIGNALSIt is obvious that if the Price is already reached its Daily Range, the probability that movement to continue its development in the same direction is reduc…
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Great article!

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Useful concepts, very well explained, great article!

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В техническом анализе существует множество паттернов торговли. Одни являются более прибыльными, другие не очень. Зная их и особенности их использования можно значительно повысить профитности вашей торговой системы.
Одним из них является паттерн "рельсы". Данный паттерн относится к разряду свечных. Рассмотрим наиболее классический случай на историческом графике пары EURUSD:
На рисунке видно, что данный паттерн есть не что иное, как две разнонаправленные свечи, причем Close первой находится примерно на уровне Open второй. Рассматриваемый паттерн является классическим медвежьим.
Для того, чтобы правильно войти по данному паттерну необходимо выставить ордер на продажу ниже минимума паттерна. Stop уровень для данного ордера будет точка чуть выше максимума паттерна. Где именно выставить Take Profit? Для ответа на данный вопрос построим для данного паттерна линейку Фибоначчи с точкой 0, соответствующей максимуму и 100%, соответствующей минимуму. Уровень Take Profit будет находиться в районе 161,8 Фибоначчи. Здесь же мы видим четкую отработку уровня 423,6 с последующим отскоком от него.
Также необходимо отметить, что возможен некоторый откат в противоположном направлении(обычно в район сер…
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Спасибо хорошая статья:)

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Interestingly enough – there isn‘t almost any information on the internet about the most fascinating habit of EUR/USD pair! Often it is so obvious that even a child could recognize these rhythms in price action. Well maybe not a child but a man with a few thousand hours of staring at intraday charts in his pocket should really notice that. How often did everyone of us sow trades in profit of around 40 pips dissolve right till the zero!? Or when price hits 20 pip stop loss and then turns right back at your direction/entry point? Well that is because EUR/USD moves in 20 pip (+- 2 or 3 pips) beats. Lets call them step-levels in order to separate these from other technical levels.40 pips also plays important role in the pair‘s character. 40 pip distance often acts as exhaustion limit for the short term intraday movements. Very often pair takes a breather here or bounces back before continuation. Even after most notorious one-way  movements with over 140 pips during the day it just bounces for a 40 pips and then moves further again.. You can always find one technical level or another at the peaks of intraday swings but the 20 and 40 pips intervals just keeps coming out.Here are some exa…
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Congrats! Nice article.

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nice forecasting technique,

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Not bad. Levels are the best approach to forex.

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For any additional questions/suggestions please contact me via twitter -

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Trigger-happy definition from Tending to resort to the use of firearms or violence irresponsiblyTending to act rashly or without due considerationNot very nice right? What is trigger-happy trading? Two pages daily trading reports Trade with M1, M5, and M15 time frames H1 and longer time frames definitely only for “chickens” (long term traders) High risk tolerance Price action is the greatest  forex  god Trades duration: several minutes mostly, but some maybe takes an hour or more. Never waste leverage offered by the broker (the higher the better) Hate to pay overnight interest (swap) High probability to blow up accounts Possibility to doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling accounts in very short period. WARNING: This section forward is not for everyone! So, you read the definition, you know what it is (read point 9 again!), but you still want to trade with this trading style? (Point 10 really tickling your greedy nerve right?). You reading the right article, below are guides for you how to (relatively) safe trading Trigger-happy style. Step 1 - Preparation Learn about scalping techniques, and choose …
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Another good article, good luck for the contest...

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Our only fear should be to die without trying! Nice one. thumb up!

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Great article and last week of competition, so best of luck buddy +1

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