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На сегодняшний день существует очень много торговых стратегий для торговли внутри дня и очень большое количество трейдеров используют краткосрочную торговлю, но мало кто из них задумывался о её эффективности.
Что же такое внутридневная торговля?

Внутридневная торговля (дейтрейдинг, интрадей, торговля внутри дня) представляет собой краткосрочные сделки, которые, как правило, длятся от нескольких минут до нескольких часов и очень редко выходят за пределы одного дня.
Особенности краткосрочной торговли.
Во внутридневной торговле заложено намного больше рисков, чем в среднесрочной или долгосрочной. Связано это с тем, что при такой торговле нельзя выставлять большие стоп-лоссы, а если он находится недалеко от цены входа, то существует большая вероятность того, что его зацепит цена на коррекции или же просто шум рынка.
Так же особенностью краткосрочной торговли есть совершение большого количества сделок, которое в свою очередь тянет за собой большие издержки на комиссии и спрэды.
Все мы знаем основные принципы успешной торговли такие как «следовать тренду», «давать прибыли расти», «правильно управлять рисками» и т.д. Но при торговле внутри дня мы не имеем возможности их соблюда…
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kosmos53 22 Mar.

Интересная статья

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owltrade 23 Mar.


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That is why I suggest all to stay away from intraday trading and focus on daily charts. Very well explained my friend.:)

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vikagrim 26 Mar.

good job

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WonderM 29 Mar.


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This article is a continuation of "London Box & London Breakout" published last week, where essentially I introduced the code used in this strategy, and how it finds its base logic in the London breakout strategy. So please check it since some parts are not repeated here.
The 'iLondon'
You can download here the first .zip file, and extract the content on your preferred strategies folder. Once loaded and compiled the code on JForex platform, you will have to set some parameters:
  1. Select the instrument to work with. In the downloadable file however, you will find a file for each of main instruments.
  2. Set the opening time of the last 30 minutes candle opening before the session you prefer to work with. So, considering London session starts at 7.00AM broker time, here you will have to set 6:30AM.
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scramble 19 June

Thanks CharmingRimma :)

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Good article!

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1.0 Brief Introduction
Dukascopy offers a wide range of tools, for free, that can help you tremendously and take your trading to the next level.
This article will help you to identify which tools may increase your strategy's success rate, especially an intraday trending strategy.
Since Forex is an over the counter market, which means there is no centralized market (like the NASDAQ or NYSE); there is no official info about volume or interest. Therefore, we'll have to estimate the liquidity by the spread and the price ticks. We'll assume that the bigger the broker is, higher is the correlation to the overall aggregated data (and Dukascopy is quite big).
2.0 Market requirements for an intraday trending strategy
If you're using an intraday trending strategy then you'll be needing a market that moves, otherwise you'll be stuck in a range and buy/sell into fake trades. By identifying if a market is moving and is liquid, you'll be able to avoid dead markets and keep out of bad trades.
With that in mind, we'll be looking at the following data in order to scan and choose an appropriate pair to trade:
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Thank you so much for all the support, everyone! I've just written a quick blog post with 2 more tips to help find intraday trending entries!

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good work!

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TaniaMilan 12 Feb.

good job )))

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Well done!

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Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood indicators in the western world. Many people believe that is too complex and therefore turn to traditional oscillators and indicators like RSI, CCI etc. At first it looks intimidating due to the number of lines on the chart, but if anyone dedicates some time to study it, he will find that it is actually quite simple and that it can be an almost perfect tool for trading in any time-frame. These series of articles will try to make traders familiar with Ichimoku and hopefully help them to be successful in one the most exciting, but difficult professions in the world. What is Ichimoku Kinko Hyo? Ichimoku was created by Goichi Hosoda in Japan almost a century ago. It is a trend and breakout indicator that besides identifying when to open a position, it also shows support and resistance levels. This is how it looks when plotted on a chart, (if the images do not show right please use the zoom option of your browser)It looks complex and later in the series there will be a full explanation of the indicator together with trend and breakout strategies. This part focuses on breakout, intraday trading using just the Cloud (Sen…
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Likerty 29 Sep.

Congrats with your first article! Thus I hope to see more original insights from new writers about the markets, than yet another single indicator analysis... After more than a year in article contest its becoming really boring seeing same views about indicators or traders psichology again and again...

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It looks quite interesting and insping...

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CENTRAL BANKS & BIG PLAYERS (ZERO STOP LOSS)   Introduction   The year was 2005, the place, New York, big city of dreams. I began trading the USD because it started to devalue too much. 5 years of extreme and intensive trading lead to an equivalent of about 8 years of experience in forex trading. I spent an average of 12 hours per day in front of a tick chart and the 5 seconds chart. Analyzing, thinking, thousands of trials and errors, billions of seconds invested for no return or gain at all in the first years. It was all worth it. Compound interest growth of a well managed and well invested bank account could not compare to any business wealth on this earth. We can build skyscrapers with this. The sky is the limit. Enough history, let’s look at the present and get this money because you will soon realize that seconds are more precious than pips, no matter how much you win or how much your pip weighs. Let’s get this $$$, together in the same direction.   Conclusion   Central banks and “Big players” with big money manipulate the stock market and the currencies market. The best way to see it is through the seconds chart. Big 8 to 10 plus pip candles on the seconds chart …
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Livornese 11 Sep.

Hej! Keep waiting you!

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LinnuxFX 19 Sep.

Do you really trade with 2 pips stop loss? Have you this system on your live account? Good for you...

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quantum_fx 19 Sep.

Interesting article! I also think on such strategy but never succeed in real time, because you have to be patient to win

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doctortyby 25 Sep.

couldn't agree with you more on the market conditions... but you have to have iron nerves for this strategy to succeed... +1 for your article ... I wonder what win/loss ratio you have with this strategy??

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ritesh 27 Sep.

Great article and last week of competition, so best of luck buddy +1

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