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How To Select Forex A Trading Broker.
Forex trading brokers provide a vibrant & strong place for small traders, individual investors & large traders. There are both thrilling experiences faced by people who trade. It is not possible to begin trading without the support of a forex brokerage account. There are many stock market brokerages which enable a trader to do business in mutual funds, bonds and financial institutions. Some points to remember while opening an account are as follows:
One of the advantages of transacting in currency is the facility offered even for a small time trader to trade more for less. The normal leverage offered is 100:1. This implies that for one dollar in the brokerage account, you can trade up to 100 dollars in currencies. 1000$ would help you trade 100,000$ currency worth. Hence, if the value of currency goes up by 1%, your money is doubled. In case the value falls by 2%, you would lose out on all the money. This is where a brokerage firm comes to your rescue and helps you tide over the loss.
You need to decide what leverage level you want to go in for. Leverage depends on the creditworthiness. Hence, if the credit report is not good, you wo…
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shivraj 3 July

very very good

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Gunjan 3 July

Excellently Explained Bro.. Please keep sharing your valuable knowledge and experience.

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AAAnya 4 July

very nice

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Dominos 21 July

good article

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In a definition of Price Action trading (PA) strategy, it is an act of responding to ways and manner that price behaves or behaving during a period in time. With PA, you are going to trade what you see and not relying on any complex indicator that you did not even know how it’s been calculated. You act based on some laid down rules as regards price behavior.
Although, price action is best recommended for anyone who’s just beginning in financial market. I could recall my first encounter with FX market, I was so overwhelmed with a whole lot of different trading strategies. They all appear great in theory, but ugly in practice. Not until I’ve learn to settle down for price action strategy and the reward was huge.
No strategy is fail safe, price action inclusive. No strategy or system will single-handedly give you consistent result or profit. Every time we speak of consistency in Forex trading, little do we know that it cut across the way we interpret the market, the way we stick to a strategy over a period of time, the way we keep to a leverage size and the time we open and close the trading terminal every day.
Well, I wouldn’t want to bug you with too much talk. If you’ve been in the…
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JockPippin avatar
JockPippin 13 June

Sound words and a sound plan  .Something similar to my mindset and I have achieved what I set out to do in Forex .

WallStreet6 avatar

If we only knew to which signals we should listen to:)

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This article will help people who are new to Visual Jforex when testing/developing a strategy. It explains the following:
  • How to set up variables that can be easily changed after the strategy has been built.
  • How to view Vjfx strategy source code & test a Vjfx strategy in Jforex.*
*In my experience, Jforex backtesting is faster. It also allows for multiple charts and provides a trade report (showing individual trades) at the end of a backtest.

How to set up variables that can be changed after the strategy has been built.

(All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

Global variables are variables that can be changed after the strategy has been built, without the need to go back and edit the strategy. They are very useful during testing or if you need to make regular adjustments to the strategy.
When a strategy is executed a window will appear. Every strategy starts with 6 default global variables. If it is run in Visual Jforex it will show a "Global Variables" window. If the strategy is run in Jforex it will show the "Define Parameters" window:
The “defaultPeriod” variable indicates the timeframe on which an indicator runs, i.e. Simple Moving Average on Hourly timeframe.
As yo…
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piter44 30 Sep.


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Thank you to everyone for your support and comments.

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honamkts 31 Oct.

good luck this month

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JanHetzer 20 Nov.

good job , please do some more articles!

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anasm87 4 May

good articale

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Trust me, there are many traders who have been trading in forex or CFD market for couples of years . But they didn't get any satisfactory success in forex trading. The Maximum traders out of them completely following technical indicators for trading. I obeserved three methods to trade in forex market in order to trade successfully. The three methods do not require to use any technical indicators to trade in forex market. My three trading methods are as following:1. Following a trend trading method2. Breakout trading method3. Chart Pattern & Channel trading methodLet me explain respectively how do the methods work in trading. Using of technical trading indicators is a very usual matter among the traders but you can trade with the methods without using any technical indicators.1. Following a trend trading method: It is saying that trend is your friend whenever you are in forex trading. I extremely emphasis at following a trend in order to make a successful trade. I had to pay big cost for being against the trend. There is high possibility to kick off from the market. Sometimes a number of traders got in danger to find the divergence in trend. I think traders should wait until they ar…
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Efegen 10 Apr.


scramble avatar
scramble 24 Apr.

i agree, these are fundamental methods. recognizing them is 30% of work done. trading them is just not as simple as written on textbooks :)

valentine avatar
valentine 27 Apr.

1st and 2nd should be enough for any trade with a good risk management and which doesnt overtrade

Likerty avatar
Likerty 28 Apr.

There is much more in wave PA analysis than just H&S.. But tis a good way to start digging in to the ocean of trading knowledge. Amazon chart that you showing - it made lower low before forming right shoulder - this LL act as bearish confirmation and bounce after that (righ shouler) is doomed to reverse and entering short position somewhere in the middle of previous swing range (head) would be fine enough and with much better RR than waiting for a "neckline" tp broken and retested

alifari avatar
alifari 28 Apr.

Good one +

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   This article is determined mainly
for beginning traders because experienced traders know traps of backtesting
process very well. But as I found, there is not very much information about it
in the literature or web pages about trading. Everywhere you can read that
backtesting is essential for your trading and that a lot of people are going to
underestimate it . But to be honest, I can’t remember a single good article where was written “How to backtest”
and of what to be aware during this process.
    My thought on this theme starts when one friend
of mine asked me to show him how to trade. But trading isn’t something what
can be learn this way. You can’t
 think that you can watch some
traders few times in action, learn his/her strategy and just copy it and be a good
trader. No no, not even exact science like mathematic can be learn properly so
easily. So I tell him that he should stop just reading about trading and start
doing it. Start with demo account, place some orders and start with backtesting
some basic thought (when you beginning you can start with whatever you want).
But beginners do not believe that trading can’t  be learnt easily. So he
wanted me to show him my system.…
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doctortyby 27 June

You are right my friend, it is very important to eliminate subjectivism from the Backtesting Process

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Expertly done

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Forex1234 28 June

Very useful here.

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Very good and insightful

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lkubanek 30 June

Thank you all people

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How To be a Pro-trader (part I)
I will start this article with “ahhh..that’s my dream…”
(ups  forget the rule
“"i started trading..... and... it was
good!!!?!?!??!?!"” **by dukascopy)
Heh, but that’s true, to be a pro trader maybe the dream  that all trader want to be, which is, in some
case  that dream grow and become  an obsession.  How pathetic s/he is.
To be a pro-trader really needs a huge effort, extra ordinary
work, and will spend so much time to reach
 Statistic say that 95%
trader fail , so why that’s happen?
I believe, all of you people that trading or i just call it
a trader (don’t care even he could make profit or not) are mostly a smart
person. They could be high educated, talented, have a strong motivation, kind
of person that always want to know, curious, but with that extraordinary characteristic
person many trader still lose money, Why?
Because Trading оn margin carries a high level
of risk to your capital and may not be suitable for all investors. 
Yes, you can read that statement in almost all broker risk
warning. (hahahaha)
Don’t laugh but that’s true, trading is not suitable for all
peoples, especially if you are using ‘leverage’.
Part I Leverage
Trading wo…
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marius24 22 Mar.

nice job brother..keep put other studies

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      Week-end Analysis -19-23.12 - Daily and 4H    This is the second article from My week-end Analysis Series (Technical and Fundamental), Analysis that I UPDATE (almost) DAILY, through the comments of the article for each Pair analysed, and also in my Trading blog and in the comments of the Trades.      You can read my first article, as a model, of how a Week-end analysis should look like, here:Week-end Technical Analysis for Next Week in Dukascopy Contest      This week We will analyse  the most important Currency Pairs pairs traded in Dukascopy Trading Contest:- EUR/USD,- GBP/USD, - AUD/USD, - NZD/USD,- USD/JPY, - USD/CHF, - USD/CAD,As a Reminder from last week, My Week-end Technical Analysis is based mainly on:- Dialy Pivot Points, Supports and Resistences,- Weekly Pivot Points, Supports and Resistences,- Monthly Pivot Points, Supports and Resistences,- Fibonacci Retracements,- Trendlines,- Channels,- Crosses between Simple Moving Averages on 4H, 1H, and daily charts( 30,50,100 and 200 SMA) - for trading signals,- candlestick formations - trading signals,- crosses between 5 and 13 Exponential Moving Averages on 1H, 4H and daily charts - trading signals.- I also use indicators…
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doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 23 Dec.

FRIDAY UPDATE - USD/JPY: If price breaks Daily S1 Level standing at 78,04, could reach 77,918 (Daily S2), or even weekly Pivot Main Line(77,85). Upside resistence 78,12 (Weekly R1 and Daily Pivot Confluence), and further 78,24 (Daily R1). Happy Holidays everyone and Happy Trading

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 23 Dec.

FRIDAY UPDATE - USD/CHF: Is accumulating strenght trending inside a congestion area. A break under daily S1 (0,93) or upside 0,9386 (Weekly Pivot) would signal higher amplitude moves. Neutral Right now on this pair.Happy Holidays everyone and Happy Trading

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 23 Dec.

FRIDAY UPDATE - USD/CAD: this pair had the highest amplitude price action yesterday (about 70 pips). Price is trending in a downtrend on 1H chart with the first support at Daily S1 (1,0182), next 1,015 (daily s2 confluence with uptrendline on higher time frames). If price will break that trendline, look for signals for a higher amplitude bearish move. Upside we have an important Resistence area between 1,0225 and 1,0238 (Monthly Pivot Main Line and weekly S1). Happy trading and Happy Holidays

musmus avatar
musmus 29 Dec.

nice article.congratulation

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Drackyboy 31 Dec.

frumos articol+1

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   Hello My Friends,This week I have decided to start a series of week-end "silent" technical analysis. Most traders start trading on Monday Opening, based entirely on "Gap filling" or "naked trading" Price Action, acting by emotional trading decisions. I said Monday opening because in my country, Market opens exactly at 00.00 o'clock on Monday.I personally, strongly believe that a Minimum "cold" Technical Analysis, for a better understanding of price action is needed. Surely this analysis has to be correlated with fundamental analysis and news announcements, to find the higher probability of successful trading in the right direction.Always we are required to Follow the Market, and wait for clear technical signals for a higher probability of bearish or bullish moves of the price. Of course we have to pay attention to news announcements that occure during the week-end.Let's Proceed with our analisys.I will make the tecnical analysis for the currencie airs that I mostly trade:- Eur/Usd,  - Gbp/Usd, - Eur/Gbp, - Eur/Chf, - Eur/Jpy,   - Usd/Jpy,  - Usd/chf, - Usd/Nok, - Usd/Sgd, - Aud/Jpy,  - Usd/Sek, - Chf/Jpy, - Usd/Cad, - Nzd/Usd,  - Aud/Usd.I will also make a brief analysis of USD …
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MyiDEA 18 Dec.

good wishes for this competition...and you..

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men79 18 Dec.

Yeah, really interesting ...

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Eclipse 20 Dec.

Very good analysis. Thank you doctortyby +1

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Eclipse 20 Dec.

Best wishes:)

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musmus 29 Dec.

very good article +1

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