No more than 2 weeks ago I've made an analysis over Ukraine crisis and what does it means to the market, if you wish you can read my blog post here: Olympics and Stock Market Correlation. Cycle of War
I've also draw a parallel between: "1980 Moscow Olympic game, Russia invaded Afghanistan. 2014 Sochi Olympic game, Ukraine next? I seepatterns everywhere" I have to say that I'm just amazed by the accuracy of my prediction and how things have unfolded.
Also another remark was that we have to keep an eye over the currency market as this geopolitical event will trigger massive outflows from Ukraine’s currency Hryvnia, and since than we hit historic new lows almost each day as the Hryvnia was in a free fall (see Figure 1).
Another remark I've made was about what tactics Russia will engage in:"It seems Russia has learned from the 1980's boycott and that's the reason why they didn't demand action in Ukraine before the Olympics." basically I was saying that any Russian intervention will only take place after the Olympics. I'll have to say again that I'm very impress by the accuracy of my predictions and my thinking. I've…
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